Minecraft adventure maps: Download the Latest Version

Want to play Minecraft adventure maps? But cannot decide which map to choose? We made a list to make your work of finding amazing adventures in the blocky world of Minecraft. Get ready for some amazing maps with a lot of WOW moments. Download the Latest Version. Best Minecraft 2 player/Multiplayer adventure maps only for you.

Get it to enhance your gaming experience. Don’t worry if your last experience was not good as we make sure this time you get to have your awesome Minecraft moments with or without your friends. Check out our article on Minecraft Adventure Maps on Gossipfunda.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox video game with survival elements developed by Markus Persson and later started a studio “Mojang Studios“. Minecraft was created with Java programming language, which is used for making various others such as Asphalt, Castlevania, and more. First released in 2009, it had minimal features with limited blocks used to build structures like grass, sand, etc. But the game was officially released for all to enjoy with much more enjoyable things in November 2011.

What is Minecraft

Minecraft Gaming Community

Minecraft since 2011 has been a massive hit in the gaming community and even used in classrooms now to teach. Also, has been ported to various devices and becomes the best-selling video game of all time. It has over 126 million monthly users as of 2020, 200 million copies sold across platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, etc. It was acquired by Microsoft for $2.5 Billion in 2014 and has kept the game updated and new features.[ref]

Minecraft Gaming Community

Minecraft is a pretty straight forward game with two main modes by default. You can create grand structures with creative mode and have to survive as long as possible in survival mode. You can explore the never-ending blocky world and create craft tools, weapons, keep pets, items, build structures or earthworks, etc. Depending on the mode, you can keep it to single-player experience with enemy “mob” or play multiplayer. With different people changing the world around you all the time.

In survival mode, the player has to search and fight for resources to survive with shelter building. In creative mode, resources are unlimited, with you being able to do anything with ease. Note that the landscape can be changed as other players are also present in the same world. They are making the game much more chaotic. But also more enjoyable with the best revenge traps for the person who set fire in your sweet home.

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What are Minecraft adventure maps?

Minecraft adventure maps depend less on creation and more on storytelling and exploring. These are self-contained experiences which are not part of the original game, involving traps, puzzles, and secrets to find out. However, you can choose to find out mysteries alone or with your friends.

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The best part about this is these are created by individuals or groups. Which means there are thousands of amazing Minecraft adventure maps to try out for yourself. But before you go jumping for adventure maps. Note that you have to follow certain rules for them to work as expected and give you a good experience. Also, you can play with multiple people as some of these are Minecraft multiplayer adventure maps.

11 best Minecraft adventure maps


Are you fascinated by the psychology behind dreams and nightmares? If you want to know what happens after you fall asleep, then Minecraft map makers made this map for you. You get to experience amazing fun romp through space and burning buildings, the Nether, and much more. You need to check out this map if you want to know that answer.

Asleep Minecraft adventure maps

Download the Asleep Minecraft adventure maps from here.

Kingdom of the sky

Kingdom of the Sky gives you the feel of you being in a novel with kings and lords. But you have to see a series of YouTube videos to find clues and key points. It’s like listening to audio files that home in many games such as audio logs in BioShock to find out the full story and put pieces together. You can play the game as the narrator talks to you, but not in the game. You will be required to listen to a series of YouTube videos, as we told you before. But even if you ignore all the hassle, you also have an amazing and expensive high fantasy world to explore.

Kingdom of the sky Minecraft adventure maps

Download the Kingdom of the Sky adventure map from here.

Wrath of the fallen

Another excellent Minecraft adventure maps 1.4 by Hypixel, which lets you hack-and-slash your way through enemies’ hordes. The adventure map is full of beautiful structures, secret sections to explore, custom weapons to craft, epic boss fights, potions to brew, and easter eggs to find. It is a lot to be handled by yourself alone. But we would suggest you and your buddy pack your bags for an epic adventure in the world of Minecraft.

Wrath of the fallen Minecraft adventure maps

Download the Wrath of the Fallen Minecraft adventure map from here.

Deep space turtle chase

Now, after all the castles and medieval, it’s time for a sci-fi trip to space. It took the creators 3 months to build this from Minecraft’s blocky world with you having to catch intergalactic criminal Dr. Earl. You just got a lead for his location in Tarsus 3. Catching him will not going to be easy as he knows how to evade and give you a rough time.

Keep in mind that to bring your game back to its original state. Follow all the instructions properly because this game changes the core Minecraft.

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Minecraft adventure maps

Download the deep space turtle chase from here. You need to download MCNostalgia and extract to the folder.

Star wars

You CAN NOT resist saying STAR WARS !!! when it comes to space. This fantastic map is also by Hypixel and uses the Mine Wars texture pack for all the shaders. Map is packed to the brim with Star Destroyers, stormtroopers, blaster rifles, Jedi knights, and did we mention diamond lightsabers. With this map, you will be full of your Star Wars quota when having to fight your way through deep space. A lot of fun for true Star Wars fans, we can say.

Star wars Minecraft adventure maps

Download the Star Wars Minecraft adventure maps from here.

Firework Parkour

Here’s another fun little map for adventure seekers embracing the white-and-red aesthetic of our favorite game, Mirror Edge. It is your typical map, but with a twist, instead of the timed jumps, they expect from us. You propel yourself through the TNT map. Sounds weird, I know, but who can not launch yourself the TNT. But let us clear that if you start launching yourself with TNT, then stopping can be a little difficult for you.

Firework Parkour Minecraft adventure map

Download the firework parkour adventure map from here.

Pokèmon Jonto

Yup, the name is enough to make us all cry out PIKACHU! But control your excitement and listen to us about what it offers. The map is based on the Gold and Silver Johto region. With a ton of bosses, fully-functional Super Potions, NPC shopkeepers, and a lot more. It gives you a pokemon feel, its soundtrack, and blocky texture are enough to give you nostalgia.

Pokèmon Jonto adventure maps

Download the POKÉMON JOHTO Minecraft adventure map from here.

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Zombie apocalypse

Now it’s time for a little scare with the zombie adventure map. It may have the most horrific reskin of Minecraft’s zombies ever seen by anyone. But it is entertaining like hell with the epic combination of hack-and-slash and surviving the night tension. Somewhat resembling the Left 4 dead game. But it is no less fun than the original with ambush inflicted panic, and from panic, means fun here. Keeping friends is a must as it is Minecraft 2 player adventure maps. Also faint of heart, killing hordes quicker and solving its co-op puzzles need company.

Zombie apocalypse adventure maps

Download the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE Minecraft adventure maps from here.

Herobrine’s return

You could guess who made this another map. Hypixel did it again with this the most interesting character of the whole Minecraft community. We all can agree that we want to see Herobrine and maybe even fight with him. Well, this game is the sequel to Herobrine’s mansion, which you will see further on the list. It offers incredible experiences like big boss fights, magic spells, NPC-crewed shops, and more. There are side quests for you to complete and great scripted moments that will leave you amazed at what Hypixel did with their map and story.

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Herobrine's return Minecraft adventure map

Download the HEROBRINE’S RETURN Minecraft adventure map from here.

Herobrine’s mansion

As we mentioned before, it is made but Hypixel and is a prequel to Herobrine’s return. The storytelling is not great as the sequel as Hypixel always got to do themself. The map is Jan packed with six bosses, special items to be made, and unique potions and reskinned enemies. It is made to be played with friends but solo play is always a different experience. But we would suggest you grab your friend for this one.

Herobrine's mansion adventure map

Download the HEROBRINE’S MANSION Minecraft adventure maps from here.

The tourist

map have very impressive structures compared to previous maps, and also it is one of the longest adventure maps out right now. It can take you anywhere from four to six hours to complete the map from start to finish. We would suggest you give it a shot and explore the map more.

The tourist

Download THE TOURIST Minecraft adventure maps from here.

You can check out more maps at Minecraft Maps to download Minecraft adventure maps 1.16 and above.


There are so many adventure maps that we can not even reach the iceberg’s tip. But we have some suggestion maps for beginners. We made this list to avoid the head grabbing reaction for newbies. Also, players leave after trying not great adventure maps without knowing how to play them and with the wrong expectations.

Remember guys, always download maps of the same version as the version of your Minecraft. We included a link for Minecraft adventure map v1.6, if not sure, then use the previous version map. The problem comes when the map uses preset which are not available on previous versions of Minecraft. For example, maps have a herd of goats in one part of your Minecraft version that doesn’t have goat presets.

We hope you enjoyed our little list and stay tuned for more from Gossipfunda.