How to delete a PUBG account?

How to delete a PUBG account?

How to delete a PUBG account? PUBG may be the most popular game across the world.  But the negative effects of it are numerous.  Whichever country people are involved in that gaming, their country faces social problems due to PUBG like suicides, attacks on the family, and fights between two groups.  It is considered as great harm.  If you are addicted to such a game, it is preferable to avoid it.  Take your decision quickly and be safe.  Even after deciding, do you need guidelines to delete it?  Here, you are in the right place.  Follow the steps given in the article to delete and unlink all your social media accounts with PUBG.

Player unknown battlegrounds is a video game series, developed and published by PUBG corporation.  This online multiplayer game is a subsidiary of a South Korean video game company named “blue hole”.  It is based on previous modifications and inspired by a Japanese film “battle royale” and designed as a player versus player shooter game. 

How to delete a PUBG account?
How to delete a PUBG account?

Why should we delete a PUBG account?

Firstly, as per the new Indian Guideline, it is announced to remove/ delete a PUBG account immediately. Secondly, it is creating physiological effects in youth.

Mental and physical issues:  If a person is more addicted to the game, their game victories or losses can disturb their mindset.  If they lose in the game, they may sink in sad mode and it stimulates angry among their surroundings.  Continuous sadness and anger separate them from society and can lead to depression.

Loneliness:  When people play PUBG not only this one but any other video games that are addictive, they are busy with that game and reduces contact with people even with family members.  They forget the real-world and fully mesmerize in the game itself.

Emotional outrages:  A victory or a loss can have deep emotions on someone who considers the game very seriously.  It is accepted as normalcy until it is done as an expression of emotions.  But when it outrages as a mental breakdown it can affect the individual and the society.

Criminal behaviors:  When the players are upgrading in the game, after a limit they may need to do some in-app purchases for which few gamers involve in stealing money from their parents.  It also leads to anger and outraging fights between opponent players.  

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Suicidal attempts:  Gamers prioritizing the game more than their real-life or people who have a bad personal life and involve in gaming for a mental relief give over importance to it.  If they are unable to pursue it or if they face any disturbances which stop them from playing leads to self-destroyable. 

Beyond all these factors, many professional players spend their whole day in gaming and at the same time being clear in the difference between real life and the virtual world of gaming.  They understand it and work accordingly. 

How to create a PUBG account?

PUBG accounts are created to save the progress of an individual player in the servers even after the uninstallation of the gaming app.  It can be created with a Facebook or Twitter account.    

Game procedures

In this game, 100 players parachute on an island and search for weapons.  They use it for self-defense.  If they aren’t well-equipped, they will be killed by others.  The safe zone of the battle game deduces by increasing time and opens up the chances to kill the players by the opponents.  The last individual or team that survives in the ground is decided as the winning team or individual.

PUBG gains more popularity than any other FPS game in India because it doesn’t require gamers to play for the whole day. (Fortnite demands for hours of gaming)

PUBG gamers can even finish a match within half an hour.  Also, purchases made in PUBG are cost-efficient than Fortnite and other games.  That led to its popularity.

Lively gaming:  In PUBG, the voice chat feature is available by which teammates speak with each other.  They feel as if it is a real-life situation.  We could have seen many people playing Candy crush a few years ago.  But it didn’t create such an impact in society.  But this liveliness in PUBG has made it popular and led to real-life changes.    

Tournaments:  PUBG Corporation organizes various tournaments across the world to encourage gamers.  Their attractive cash prizes have led to such popularity towards PUBG.

Conditions to know before permanently deleting your PUBG account

No retrieval option available:  Account recovery is not possible in PUBG after deleting it once. 

No refund:  while playing games, you may have subscribed or involved in any in-app purchases.  If you are willing to delete your account before optimum utilization of that purchase, you cannot claim a refund to the PUBG.  It is up to you to delete it now or later after the subscription or purchase ends.  But no money returning policy is available in PUBG.

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No access to Steam wallet:  Most of the gamers will own a steam wallet account to pay for their subscriptions and other premium activities.  But once a gamer deletes their PUBG account, their steam wallet is no more utilizable.  He should forget his account after account deletion.

No more CD keys:  You may have accessed your PUBG account using CD keys while creating that account, by purchase.  But after deletion, it is not allowed to usage by you.

No steam account inactivation:  Your steam won’t be deactivated at any course of time.  The community wall holds all the posts uploaded by you when you’re using it. 

No similar ID:  Once you have deleted a PUBG account, then you cannot create another account with the same login ID.

How to delete your PUBG account?

Procedures to be followed:

  1. Open PUBG mobile app if you’re using it in your mobile or else in your device in which you do your gaming activities app.
  2. Log in with your account
  3. Go to settings.
  4. Tap delete account.
  5. After deleting your PUBG account, don’t log in for 7 days. 

Seven-day security:  The act of deleting your account won’t get completed until you don’t log in it for seven days.  If you change your mind to use it again, you can just log in which automatically helps you to continue with your old account without deletion.

A way for permanent deleting of the app

When creating an account in PUBG, you would have done it using your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Removing the game from that social media account can help you delete it permanently. Here are few steps which guide you to remove the app. 

  1. Facebook
  2. Log in to the Facebook account.
  3. Open the main settings.
  4. Go to the app and website field.
  5. Search for PUBG in it and tap remove.
  • Twitter account
  • Log in to a twitter account.
  • Go to settings.
  • In the account’s session, select the apps and sessions field.
  • Select PUBG mobile.
  • Tap on “revoke access” to delete the account.

These steps will delete all the syncs from the account.

Why only PUBG is facing opposition from society?

As we all know, PUBG starts with 100 players and everyone rushes to save their lives.  During this game, the adrenal gland rushes to produce higher levels of it.  It has bad effects on the mental and physical health of a person.  A feature named “loot boxes” appears in it, it requires purchases to upgrade their gaming.  Curiosity towards gaming and high levels of interest on it makes a person steal.  It can lead to personal problems and can even end in life threats.

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WHO about gaming disorder

WHO includes a new health problem named, “gaming disorder”.  It is included based on widespread research and surveys taken all over the world by its representatives.  Over prioritization and control, less gaming has great effects on the daily activities of those gamers.  That is the reason why gaming disorder is defined in the International Classification of Diseases.  This gaming disorder is seen in many countries.

How to get rid of addictive games?

Not only deleting accounts can help you to come out of the addiction caused by it. 

  • Reduce gaming time:  All of a sudden you cannot delete your account and forget it.  First, reduce the count of matches you play.  Then reduce it step-by-step.  If you feel you cannot follow this process, then start any other activities.
  • Involvement in other activities:  When you have deleted your PUBG account, you may not be able to play it again unless you create another account with a different login ID.  All these days you would have spent your whole day in gaming and now withdrawing it suddenly, may create a time gap between your daily activities.  To clear that time gap, involve in any other creative filled works.  Try doing painting, drawing, or writing poems.

Not only art forms are the only way.  Doing your works by yourself is a great improvement.  Even if you change your bed cover by yourself, your time gap will be filled and whenever you see that bed cover you can gain positive energy.  Coming to the point, fulfill the time gap by other useful works.

  • Communication:  Start communicating with your friends and loved ones.  Make them your priority.  Daily communication with people can help you to forget gaming.  Change your negative mindset on people and involve in parties and get-togethers.

PUBG, like a gaming application, serves as a leisure and mental relief for those who use it with their limits.  Whatever limits you follow, taking a gap in gaming will surely help you to segregate the virtual world from your personal life.  Take a break, understand, analyze, and then pursue…