How to Replace Batteries in a DualShock 4 controller

Sony’s DualShock 4 is a very nice controller that can also act as the gamepad for your full-time PC. It might bring to your notice that the older your DS4 is more charging issues pop up and you have no option but to deal with it. Often want to purchase one new one when it gets to that level. Although the DualShock isn’t the most costly gamepad on the market, at $60 apiece it’s not entirely inexpensive either.

How to Replace Batteries in a DualShock controller

Unless your DS4 has some stuff wrong with it, since replacing the battery is a quick and simple repair it doesn’t make any sense to purchase one new. Recently, I noticed that each of my controllers didn’t keep a charge for too long and couldn’t understand the expense of removing them.


A Phillips # 00 screwdriver and a nonabrasive prying device are the only devices you’ll require for this fix. You will need a screwdriver and if it is not available with you, you can purchase one at  $3. A prying nylon spudger would fit. The cheapest one we noticed was for around $2 from iFixit.

Or you are going to need a 3.7V battery too. Depending on the model number of your DualShock4 you’ll need one of two forms. Although the battery size is the same, there are various connections so make sure you have the correct one. For the controller model number CUH-ZCT1E or CUH-ZCT1U, the large connector style is needed. The smaller plug has units classified as CUH-ZCT2 or CUH-ZCT2U. The model number is written on the controller’s rear sticker

Typically, commodity batteries can be priced at about $15. 1000mAh is the capacity for portable DS4 batteries. Many generics are of higher ability in the market, which is good. I got a 2000mAh two-pack on offer from The Right Component for a pair of early generation controllers for $13.

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Setting up

We suggest that you function in a controlled workplace. The buttons and springs have a tendency to fall out for triggers L2 and R2, especially the R2. The springs are low and can are difficult to locate, so be cautious.

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You’ll hear sharp, cracking noises as you pry the controls away. Do not think. Nothing cracks, but please handle things cautiously.

The ribbon cord for the light bar of the controller on certain DualShock 4s has a blue plastic border on one side. One faced inward on these two and the other faced outward, but be careful of the direction it is placed before disconnecting. If you cannot find the string attached, you have to search more carefully in the same way and before extracting it.

With all the prep work completed, it takes five fairly straightforward measures to swap your DualShock 4 battery (or nine if you add reassembly). But let’s kick start.

Steps to change manually

  • Attach the four DualShock screws at the top. They are fairly little, but place them anywhere they won’t roll backward or get lost.
  • With the controller front facing you, click the left-hand grip right at the edge on both sides to give yourself a distance. It requires quite a bit of energy if the device was never disassembled before.
  • When you have a void, slide the spudger in at the curve of the surface and pry up a little more. Using the other hand’s thumb to hold the seam open while jamming the spudger up the analog stick to the center. Keep prying, and using the thumb to prevent the distance expanding. The cycle needs a reasonable amount of energy. Repeat the right-grip process.
  • When the DualShock’s top and bottom halves have split apart, it is easy to isolate them. You have to be careful for the ribbons as they are connected to the circuits which might give you a shock if not handled properly. To make it smoother, take the ribbon cord straight up and away from the motherboard to detach. Notice the connection’s direction, so that you may fix it the way it came out.
  •  You have to take out the batteries while holding its sides while you pull it towards you. They are pretty tight, so it might require some coaxing. Insert the fresh battery into the port, so it’s completely installed. Place the battery back into its cradle, then in reverse order conduct measures one through four.

Take a note of

Our main batteries have been completely charged but that might not be the case at all. If the device doesn’t seem to function, first plug it in through the USB charging cable before retrieving anything. The battery just has to be powered to be able to use it wirelessly as long as the lightbar is on so you can power your console when plugged-in.

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We already had the equipment for this easy repair so a simple $13 was the cost of patching two DualShock 4 controller. But if you are unable to locate the batteries on offer, because you do have to purchase the devices, the cost of changing the battery on one controller does not surpass $20.

That is a pretty good deal to pay for a new DS4 to retail. It’s an incredibly simple remedy that just requires about 15 minutes of your energy, so your own reward is the joy of doing it yourself.

Should it actually be replaced?

 The answer is no. You should not remove it which is just the opposite of Microsoft Xbox. Alternatively, Sony’s alternative to continuously switching out batteries is to simply charge your controller through a micro-USB cable on your console (or charging station).

However, that doesn’t mean it can not be substituted at all. You can take the controller out and repair it as long as you purchase the correct charger, and know what you’re doing. That would cancel the guarantee meaning that if you have any issues, you can’t give it back to Sony so there’s the alternative to fix there yourself for those who want to.

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A 1000mAh (milliamp / milliampere-hours) internal battery is used for the DualShock 4 controller but you can substitute it with more efficient batteries like 1300mAh or 2000mAh. Such battery forms are more comparable to what you’d use on a tablet than the regular AA you might pick up from the checkout line when shopping. Using anything that is less than 800mAh will cause a lot of trouble to the battery and might kill it.

You should be cautious about the kind of battery you choose as it does not properly mount to your DualShock 4 depending on the manufacturer. New DualShock 4 versions manufactured in 2016 or later have different connections to the battery than those produced in 2015 or earlier.

How to check the model?

Your controller’s back will have a sticker mentioned along with other facts regarding the bar code. You will see “MODEL” at the top left of this tag, and then a hyphenated string of 7 or 8 characters. Given is your model version. The model number on my controller says, and it was made after 2016, “Project CUH-ZCT2U”.

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How to make it charge properly?

If your DualShock PS4 controller is not charging, then the battery may not be. Start using a separate micro-USB cable and then clean the charging port using a can of compressed air. Whether the cable will no longer operate, or the charging port contains dust which prevents proper charging.


DualShock 4 controller:This Battery Repair Rechargeable comes in handy if the controller battery is no longer operating. If you want to experience continuous gaming sessions with your PS4 Controller than this replacement of rechargeable batteries is what you need. Quick charging within the unit, and a great match.

You will use USB charge cable to connect the USB port on the console or device while the PS4 controller has power off. Then insert the other controller end into PS4. It will extend the PS4 controller’s time of usage. Always run out of battery power as you’re about to score the winning point. With the growing amount of PS4 controllers, maintaining the battery charged is vital.

A battery for the PS4 controller means you still have a replacement on hand. Of doubt, you will use it because the current battery does not work properly. Each battery has a size of 1000mAh and lasts as long as the previous model. This PS4 Controller Repair Battery Pack is best designed to fix exploded or faulty batteries or batteries that do not retain their power.