Albion Online Android

Albion Online Android

In this article, we present the game Albion Online Android. What is the history of this game, the features of the game as well the thing included in the interface of the game which makes the game more exciting and fun at online android?

What is Albion Android???

Albion Online on android is simply an online game that has the accent of medieval fantasy. It is merely a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Play Game (MMORPG) which is developed by the gaming creators known as Sandbox Interactive, which is a gaming studio and they are from Berlin in Germany. Before this game came into the picture or we can say when before it was launched, when it was in beta stage, then the players interested in this game can buy Founder’s Packs which can be used for access to the beta playtesting by the seller by this studio.

After a successful beta version of the game, the game was launched after several months of Beta testing. At that time, supervillains were not available. At that stage, this game had deleted the free version of this game for some reason on the date 30 December 2015.

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History of the Game

The rich history of the game Albion online android consists of some great heroes and some of the most dangerous but compelling villains as well as supervillains. It also some of the best ruthless wars as well as fights and battles. It also has fought for peace and republic the sacrifice of many creatures for different purposes.

The gameplay is designed as the forms of old of new-fashioned graphics. The main aim of this game is to a step to a new world. This world needs to be more discovered and carved to know the things and the truth better from the other world.

Platforms available for Albion Online

Albion Online is the game that is available on all the standard operating system used by the consumers, or we can get by the people. Albion can be applied seamlessly in Windows, OSX as well as Linux. But if. We talk about smartphones, and then for Android as well as iOS, the full version will be available shortly if all the things got right in the movie.

Also, there is one crucial thing that for the iOS by Apple, the beta versions, or we can say the testing is not available. The reason for this is that there were holding issues while publishing it on the Apple Store on iOS devices. But if the problem gets fixed, then soon, iOS device users can download Online and play this game seamlessly.

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For Downloading in Android

You can download the application in the form of an all file from any corresponding browser.  However, there are some of the requirements that should fulfill your Android device. 

  • ARM (Cortex) (or Atom CPU)
  • 2GB or more RAM. (Increase up to 3 GB RAM in redeveloped)
  • Support of OpenGL ES 2.0 (or higher)
  • A tablet having more screen size than 7” (Phones are not officially supported)
  • Android Version 5.0 (Lollipop) (or higher)

You can download the game for other OS also: Click here

How to play Albion Online?

Albion Online is now available in Android. For an iOS user, you will have to wait for some time but you can maybe on the beta version available on iOS device. This game may be working on some phone, but for now, it is not officially supported on the phone, but it can be played on the tablet having size more than or equal to 7”.

The reason for this requirement is that it can be played with a better experience for the user. If it is performed on the phone less than the screen size of 7″, then there can be the possibility that user or game may experience the worst experience. The studio expects to get full MMO support.

You can download this game by the given link below by any of your devices, whether it is Android, iOS, Windows, etc. But after downloading you have to purchase the Pack for playing the game.

Here is the link Click Here

Inside the Game

The New World

Albion Online Android: The New World
The New World

From all over the world, people become travelers, and they come to the land of Albion. They are mostly the humans who have come here from the Old world that exists. But there are many living creatures in this world which include dragons, demons of good and evil as well as many spiritual things. We should consider this place as the world of creatures. By the user interface of this game, the gaming experience tells us how now it is easy for humans to live freely alone in this real world.

The Old World

The world which is very old from now is massive and consists of infinite creatures. There are many islands in this age inside a single continent which is an integral part of the world. But due to some bang in the continent the whole scenario had changed. Due to this disaster now the world looks like a ball of fire or we can say an asteroid which has a thick land surface and the tiny islands are flowing out of it.

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The Old World
The Old World

Now after this havoc happened, the old world has a very high temperature and a dehydrated type of climate. Due to this, the most common natural disaster is drought. Due to which there had been a shortage of food as well as resources. The main thing due to this situation is that there appear the conflict and wars between the lords.

The Demonic Planes

One of the scariest and dangerous places in the world of Albion is the planes of Demonic. The sky here is icy, infinite and having the unique types of shapes that can be seen from seas of lava and there are the bubbled faces that will burst, and there will be the outcome of inconsiderable screams. Some demons live here which had a large number of different generations.

Albion Online Android: The Demonic Planes
The Demonic Planes

In this place, the most found creatures are the ghosts. The spirits of the ghosts are rolling around this place unless and until the correct ritual has been performed. In this place, everything should be perfect as the right gatekeeper because some strangers as well the ghosts came here. The different locations are occurred by the clouds of the storm in the beautiful sky.

The Dead Land

This land is k, known as the land of the undead. But from the actual scenario in this place, we can say that the name of this place should be the land of the undead. The reason for this I,s that here the creatures did for and we can also say that they didn’t move a single inch from their place. From million years ago, this place consists of the ghosts, spirits which are very free, and there are also wraith’s in this place.

The Dead Land
The Dead Land

There are many different types of shades of the trees available here. This place is so bad that you can find the ghosts of the animals and other creatures. But some of them are faint.


The total number of camps present in this game is seven, and it is stable and a long story as well a history for these factions. There are as follows

Avalonians, Royal Expeditionary forces, The Colonists, The Disciples of Morgana, The Keepers of Albion, The Heretics, The Undead


The first fight battle of the Albion was a failure, but it was a success on one of the most critical fights when the king of the Old World was wealthy and had the ores as well he had the world most productive natural resources and minerals as well ax the metals as non-metals. So we can say that the king had made the wealthiest person of this world in terms of the natural resources available.

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Game Languages

Albion Online is a game that is available in many languages. It is available in different languages like Brazilian, English, German, English, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. This club always wants to add more and more styles to this game.

The design section of the game want to add all the national, regional as well as local languages intends to increase the popularity of the game.

Technical System

The technical department of this game is trying to make the game better and better at the latest. Also for fixing and game and seamless experience of the game, they are trying to do their games best of the possible they want.

But there are some situations in which there occur some issues with the game. So they try their best for fixing the issue like bugs, connectivity problems, a slow refresh rate of the game.

They also ask the feedback from the users for addressing ta he problems and the technical team will solve the problem as soon as possible.

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In this article “Albion Online Android“, we discuss the interface of the game. Also, factors and thing that makes this game more exciting and fun to play and why us this so addictive game. Also, we discuss the platforms in which the game is available and also the requirements.

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