Turn off two factor authentication

In this current digital era Computers, smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets have largely taken over our daily lives. These gadgets keep records of our personal and professional information including contact lists, passwords, emails, texts, and other data. Before moving on to the ways of security we must know the importance of security for our phones because people take this issue so lightly sometimes. In this blog we are going to learn how to Turn off two-factor authentication.

Due to the quality and quantity of data, it holds within itself it has become much more important to provide the best security to your mobile. Luckily, we have been provided with the best and most phenomenal ways to secure our device. One such security process is two-factor authentication. The second-level authentication process offers additional security which makes it quite difficult for attackers to enter your device.

Turn off two factor authentication
Turn off two factor authentication

Working on two-factor authentication

  1. Generally, if any user wants to open an account through an app or a website; he needs to log in on that application.
  2. He will gain access to the account just by entering his basic info which includes username and password, the search engine will provide you access to the account after the information is correct.
  3. The above two steps are part of single-factor authentication.
  4. Under two-factor authentication, a user needs to complete the second login step. The process of second verification depends upon the type of application on which it is being performed. The user must demonstrate that they possess something that only they possess, such as biometrics, voice recognition, face recognition, a security code, or an identity card.
  5. The user needs to enter a temporary code or an OTP that will be given during the previous step.
  6. After completing security checks of both the factors the user is granted access to the particular account or an application.

How secure is two-factor authentication?

Yes, it is far safer than single factor verification but it does not guarantee 100% security. The idea of using many factors might significantly lessen the vulnerabilities of mobile and web applications. After all, preserving customer privacy is of utmost importance. Talking about code-based authentication processes, it is not as secure as you think. A professional can easily collect such information through ways like SIM swap attacks. But that does not mean you should deny the use of two-factor authentication. It makes your information resistant to many other risks. You can use other sources for additional security like hardware security keys.

Before turning on two-factor authentication it is important to make yourself aware of certain risks regarding it;

  • Unavailability of factors: There are times when you cannot access your authentication factors due to many reasons. if your phone has got damaged or has got misplaced then you are unable to receive security codes for verification. If you use a pin or password as second verification there might be a possibility that you may forget the pin or it may get leaked to other people. Biometrics or face recognition can also be unavailable at times you meet with an accident.No doubt there are chances of your account being recovered but with a lot of difficulties. You need to recover all the applications linked to two-factor authentication.
  • Fault in security: Due to the unavailability of any of the authentication factors you fail to complete second-factor authentication. As a result, you will be considered an attacker trying to hack your application to get your data. As mentioned earlier you can manage to recover your account without the availability of factors. Does the question arise that if you can recover your account without an authentication factor then why can’t a hacker? There is a possibility of your account or application being hacked even after two-factor authentication.
  • In access to your account: The basic purpose of setting two-factor authentication is to keep the attackers or hackers away from your private data. But what if exactly the opposite happens in your case? A hacker after successfully gaining access to your account sets up two-factor authentication to keep your account out of your reach only. In this case, not only your privacy is disturbed but can also use your account for the wrong purposes. So before surrounding yourself with a bundle of problems you must be aware of the right use of such features with a backup solution. Certain apps won’t let you regain your account via a password reset email. This emphasizes the value of maintaining a backup even more because losing your second factor could result in the permanent loss of your account if you don’t have a backup.
  • Overconfidence makes you careless: You might have heard the saying that a person who uses a seatbelt for safety tends to drive faster. The same case is with the user who does not pay much attention to the security after setting two-factor authentication. Users don’t pay much heed to the security and choose a weak pin or code. Also, they use their account from other people and trust them blindly. Users should not completely rely on a single feature. We may never know how our bit of carelessness could be an opportunity for attackers.
  • Using security keys: Provided you carry your security key everywhere you travel. There are chances that it may get lost or anyone could steal it to get your private information. Although the security key that you have plugged into your computer is safe, still your data may get leaked. After knowing your security key info an attacker can log in as you on any application.
  • Unaware of the limits of two-factor authentication: If you carefully examine the limits and perks of this feature you can make the best use of this feature. Before you add a second factor to any accounts, do some research on the recovery process. Use the functions that generate random passwords for you if you use the free built-in password manager in Google’s Chrome or Apple’s Safari browser.
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Turning off two-factor authentication for iPhone(Apple)

You cannot turn off this feature in an iPhone if you are already using it. Some functions in the most recent releases of iOS and macOS require this additional degree of security, which is meant to secure your information. You may withdraw from the program within two weeks of enrollment if your account has recently undergone an update. To return to your previous security settings, only click the link in the registration confirmation email. Keep in mind that by doing this, your account’s security is compromised and you are unable to use features that require higher security.

Apple has developed a new feature which is a two-step alternative. This feature has replaced two-factor authentication. If two-factor authentication is not turned on permanently, you can disable it. The following steps can be used to disable this feature:

  • Open Web Browser and sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Open the Security section on that page.
  • Just make sure that two-step verification is ON in that section.
  • Select Edit from the menu.
  •  Next tap The two-step verification option should be disabled.
  • Tap Confirm to turn it off.

Turning off two-step authentication in android

These are the following steps that you may use to disable the two-step authentication in your android device;

  • Open the settings app on your android device and tap on the Google option.
  • Tap on Manage your google account option.
  • Tap on the Security option at the top of the screen.
  • Find the Signing into google option in the list.
  • You may need to sign in. it may ask to complete two-factor authentication depending upon the settings of your google account.
  • Tap Two-step verification and press the Turn off option.
  • Tap Confirm to see the changes.

Let us have a look at the methods to turn off two-factor authentication on some popular and most commonly used apps;

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Instagram’s two-factor authentication entails sending a text message to your phone that contains a code you must enter to access your account. This is a possession issue, so you must have your phone with you. If you no more want to use this feature for any reason you can turn it off through the Instagram app by using the following methods;

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Tap on your profile at the right bottom of the screen.
  • The three lines that you could see in the top-right corner of your screen should be touched.
  • From the provided selection, select Settings.
  • Go to the settings and select Security.
  • Tap the Two-factor authentication option.
  • Disable all the options that are enabled generally the text message option.

You can also turn off this feature from the Instagram site using the following method;

  • Open the Instagram official website.
  • Tap on the Profile icon on the right corner of the screen.
  • Tap the Gear icon and open Settings.
  • Open privacy and security option.
  • Find a Two-factor authentication option.
  • Click on the Edit two-factor authentication option.
  • Edit the authentication app and text message option.


Within WhatsApp, you can modify the two-step verification settings. The two-step verification mechanism can be enabled or disabled. Also, other changes can be made including the PIN can be modified and the email address linking. In order to disable two-factor authentication, use one of the following methods:

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Click on the three-dotted icon on the right top corner.
  • Click on the settings option.
  • Tap on the account option.
  • Tap on two-step verification and disable it.


Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your Twitter account. You’ll need to provide a code or other security in addition to your password to log in. By taking this extra step, you can ensure that only you have access to your account. You can easily turn off two-factor authentication by the below-mentioned steps;

  • Open the Twitter app.
  • Click on More on the side menu.
  • Then click on Settings and the privacy option.
  • Tap on your Account and choose Security.
  • Tap on Two-factor authentication and do the required changes.
  • Uncheck the type of authentication you want to disable.

Microsoft account

In addition to being “something you know,” a password might also be something that someone else learns or comes across. Anyone who knows your login and password could access your Microsoft Office account without two-factor authentication being activated and use your mailbox identity inappropriately. But due to any possible reasons you want to turn off two-factor authentication then you can do it in the following ways;

  • Open Microsoft Office.
  • Sign up with your Microsoft account after going into security settings.
  • Turn off Two-step verification under the Two-step verification section.
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When it comes to breaking into mobile smartphones or any other technological equipment, hackers are quite skilled. Since hackers are more knowledgeable about security risks than any other mobile phone user, you should educate yourself on the ways your device could be attacked by one. Do not blindly trust any feature when it comes to the security and privacy of your data.

Any new security features that your mobile device’s manufacturer may offer should always be kept up to date on your phone. Many modern mobile devices provide storage encryption as a standard feature. Many hackers were surprised by that. Hackers have a harder time breaking encryptions. Ask your mobile operator if your storage is encrypted if you’re unsure. Keep discovering more about the best ways to safeguard your smartphone. 


Do all applications need to use two-factor authentication?

Only your web-based applications, such as email or cloud software, or your corporate network when you access it from off-site, will require two-step verification. You must implement two-factor authentication more broadly for businesses in regulated areas, including desktop apps. Work with an IT professional to ensure the setup is suitable to accomplish this. On programs you use to access the internet or a VPN, you should enable two-factor authentication. Analyze every software that your company uses to create a comprehensive list of those that require an additional layer of security.

Do alternative two-factor authentication programs exist?

SMS Type: You’ll be required to enter a brief code that is sent to your phone the next time you log in with your login and password. Since many individuals have phone numbers that can send and receive SMS messages, this option is quite popular with websites because it doesn’t call for the download of an app.
Push Based: This type of two-factor authentication outperforms authenticator apps in two ways: it is a little bit more convenient to acknowledge the prompt than to type in a code, and it is a little bit more phishing-resistant.
Security keys: Tiny USB, NFC, or Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) devices, also known as “security keys.” They are used as a second-factor authentication. You register your U2F gadget to put it up on a website. The website will ask you to connect your device and tap it to approve the login on subsequent attempts.

Why is biometric authentication considered more secure?

They are solid and long-lasting. In spite of minor differences, it may still identify a person.
Strong accountability and authenticity that is unrepeatable. They use a tiny amount of storage and relatively little database memory. They offer protection and are not transferable like other factors. It is the safest and easiest method to use.