Android 12- The new update for android 2021

The new update for Android is coming soon. The world of technology that we all currently live within is based on new android 12 inventions and discoveries. Without anything new to try out, this huge realm will instantly collapse in just a flick of a second. We will not be even aware of it, but it will happen. But as we know, bringing forth new inventions is relatively more difficult than presenting a discovery. Though the great developments in technology are going off on these both factors (invention and discovery); we can more likely see a discovery rather than the inventions. In the dimension of the virtual world, this discovery is known to us as the “Updates“.

android 12
android 12

Android 12- The new update for android 2021

           The faces of all the users brighten up when they hear about a new update of Android 12. That is because it might roll out in just a small time period. But for this pleasure, there must be something new and exciting for the users. It must be unique. If the creators of the technology and the carriers of its development stop making the existing things better and instead focus on making all things from the starting, something very disastrous might happen. First, we will talk about the users.


       With no development in technology, the user will have to keep on changing the mode of technology they are using. For instance, if a user is using an app called X today that gets no update, then he will be compelled to switch to another app Y. It might be giving an extra feature. But if that second app Y also gets no update, then he will have to change to another app. And this cycle would never end.


         Now, coming to the creators, they will face even a greater challenge. With no updates coming out in the existing services, the creators of technology will start everything from scratch. And it takes an enormous amount of time to make a new technology from the scratch. So, it is desirable that upgrading of the existing things and coming out of new things should happen together.

What is an update?

When the developers of a particular app or a system want to introduce some new features or want to make some changes to the existing ones, then they give out a new package. This new package has to be installed and it makes the changes to the system or app. This package that you install is known as the Update. And because there have been some changes that have been made to the system, it gains a new avatar. This new avatar is known as the new Version of the system or app.

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Inter-connection between the two

            So, we can simply say that an update of a system or app brings forth a new version of it. In this article, we will be talking in-depth about the new update and new version of the Android operating system. But first, you will read about some basic things about the Android operating system.

Android, what is it?

We all have different electronic devices in our homes. Some of them simply run on the principles of electricity, while some others run with software. This software decides how our devices will work and perform. You might be thinking that why this software is important. But without this software, our devices would not work. The manufacturers of our devices build and give us the hardware and the accessories. It is same case as the car manufacturers give us the cars. But we will need a driver to drive the car. In the same way, an operating system is required to run our devices. Android is also an operating system just as other operating systems such as the IOS and Windows.

How is Android different from others?

The Android operating system has many unique features that are not present in any other operating system. It is used in many different devices of various brands and companies. And not in just a single company’s devices like in the case of IOS. The android operating system is very flexible in a sense. It means that it can cope up with different situations. It is also compatible with different types of services and is very easy to be used. For instance, in the IOS operating system, the user can install something from the app store only. The system will never allow you to install anything from unknown sources.

Installing of third-party apps

           Files such as APK cannot be installed. But in the Android operating system, there is no such rule. You can download any type of application including the APKs. And any other file also that the user wants to install. The user has the complete freedom to install apps. Even from third-party sources instead of confining them to the Google play store only. This gives the user the permission to get any service or app from anywhere he or she wants to. Android provides many good features and is above others in some parameters. But still, there are also some parameters in which it lags. But we will not be talking about it in this article.

What is the new update in Android 12?

The Android operating system is very popular and is used by different companies and users. It is due to the list of the new features that it keeps on adding at equal intervals of time. The updates are rolled out only after proper research and good development. Every single line of program added in the update gives rise to a newer version. This solves many problems that were faced in the previous version.

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The fixes brought by the update

      Whether it is the problem of lagging or the problem of sounds in different apps, all the problems get solved up to a certain extent. This is also the reason that new version or update of the Android operating system is highly anticipated. It is installed by almost all the users, even if the size of the update is relatively bigger.

What are the new and amended features in the new update of the Android operating system?

The Android OS has been going through many tests and experiments. And the result has been a boost for the new update. The new update has got many new features and has also got some very small but important changes. The new update is very helpful and is also full of exciting and amazing features. Some of them have been talked about below in the article.

The whole new and exciting split-screen mode.

One of the most surprising and useful features in the newer update of the Android operating system is the feature of splitting the screen. This can be done to use two apps at once or to use two different apps that can improve the performance of the other. This can also be done to carry out tasks such as downloading something in two different apps at the same time. If the requirements of the app you want to run are low and your mobile can hold more than two apps of such kind at the same time, then you can also use the split-screen mode for working with more than two apps at the same time.

Two apps or three apps?

         But usually, the requirements of the apps are high and the capacity of the mobile is not so high. Therefore, you might be able to use only two apps at the same time. For this, you just have to start one of the apps you want to run together. Then you just have to split the screen by resizing it and then you can just simply open the second app. The apps will then start running together and you will be able to use both of them without any problem.

The different unique color themes other than the older ones.

The new update android 12 will also allow the users to use any pair of colors on the screen. Earlier, the users could use only some themes of colors that were pre-fitted in the operating system. But the new update will break this convention and the users will be able to choose any pair of colors they want to. Then one of the colors will be used in most of the area and the other color will be used in the remaining area. The colors can be surely different from the older pair of black and white. It can be red and green, or black and grey, or indigo and blue, or pink and yellow. You can simply choose any color of your choice.

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The option of “Network restriction”.

There are many apps in our mobile that keep on using the internet and ultimately exhaust it up. This is highly undesirable as we do not want our mobile data to dry up early. Well, the newer update of the Android operating system gives an amazing feature to handle this problem. The new update has introduced a new feature of network restriction. With this, only those apps will work which have the permission to access the network and the rest will not work. This will do two things, one to save the data and another to save the battery.

What is the release date of Android 12?

It is reportedly said that the Android developers will follow the last year’s schedule. The Android 11 update was released in February of last year and maybe the newer update, that is the Android 12, will be released in just a few days. But is also being said that the new update will roll out in late August or September of 2021.

Some more anticipated features

1.) It is also expected that the new update will include a feature for gaming. Also, the game controllers connected to the device via USB or other mediums will give faster and precise feedback.

Wi-Fi passwords

2.) With the new update, the Wi-Fi passwords could be shared within a certain distance over Android 12 phones only. Thus, the phones with Android 12 will be connected in a better way.


The Android is an extremely amazing system. Throwing almost all other systems out of the race, it provides its user memorable experience. The fast and precise actions make Android a perfect choice for anyone who wants to enjoy some unique features. The quick operating speed helps it to deal with any kind of problem that it faces.