Network Security Key

Network Security Key

Network Security Key: The authentication key to the network is best recognized as the password for the WiFi or Wireless network. That is the name you use while linking to a wireless network. — access point or router comes with a default network protection key which can be modified in the device’s settings tab.

The secret to network protection is critical as it defends our network from intruders. You can not link to the Wireless network without the switch. So, it is necessary to keep your network protection tight. Now it’s relatively normal losing the wireless network’s protection key. Most of the default keys aren’t easy to recall so you only join one or two of them a year.

Types of network security key 

WEP also known as Wired Equivalent Privacy

Some of the oldest types of keys used by wireless networks are the encryption key WEP. This uses a 40-bit key to encrypt the data between your device and your router.

WEP keys are no more, and can no more be used. The code will fail within a minute, revealing the intruder to your network. Some of the new routers and access points no longer help WEP.

WPA also known as Wifi Protected Access

WPA 2 is being used more these days then comes the turn of WPA 3. Network authentication keys that are authenticated with WPA2 are stronger and more challenging to crack. The protocol to the WPA uses a temporary key (TKIP) which varies with each packet.

WPA2 is still being used to secure hoe networks. You can see the first machines to support WPA3, although it will take a few years until it is completely backed up.

WPA-2 also known as Wifi Protected Access 2

Uses a protection protocol for authorization of pre-shared key (PSK). WPA2 provides an application authorization system for business applications. Through accessing your router, you will verify which protection method is currently allowed, and find the network security key.

Finding Network Security Key


3 G and 4 G indicate Mobile phones powered by LTE allow the usage of data or the internet on the phones themselves. Network services should be allowed via mobile data in android phones.

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However to render a mobile hotspot from an android phone, a network protection key is needed to pair it with certain other devices from which that user can still access the Internet.

Although these days the smartphones have the icon to activate the mobile hotspot in settings, we can require them to be combined with android phones from there. Note the mobile hotspot can only function when the cell data is enabled on the phone.

Here are the steps

  • Go to the Android phone’s Cellular and network features. Then select the choice of tethering and the portable hotspot.
  • Click on the Wifi hotspot button and turn it on.
  • Then go to customize and pick a WLAN hotspot choice. When you click on the following option, your network name, secured ID and the network access key will be displayed. By design the SSID and password network is identical for any Android handset. This means you will figure out the protection key for your Mobile phone on the network.
  • You may alter such specifics if you like, and then save the improvements you have made.
  • While entering the wireless network settings, the chosen computer will access have access to the internet. Now hotspot between smartphone and network computer is enabled.
  • The mobile hotspot can continue to function until the utilities are removed from the Android handset, or before the data cap on the exhausts of the Android devices.
  • If any unwanted user accesses the Internet, so you can remove it from the hotspot settings as well, because this is just a mobile app where you can see how many user numbers are connecting to the network.

iPhone or iPad

Here are the steps

  • Open the Settings screen on your iPhone, press iCloud, and select Keychain. This makes for the keychain attribute.
  • Switch to the Settings screen and trigger Private Hotspot.
  • Sign in to your iPhone’s Private Hotpot on your Pc.
  • To access the Searchlight app, click the CMD and the Space keys on your Mac. Select keychain control in the search area, and click Enter.
  • Select the name of your Wi-Fi (SSID) network, then double-click the SSID.
  • Click the checkbox to the Reveal Password. An admin password will be required to make the password visible.

Now coming to PCs


On the Windows PC or tablet, the network protection key is the WI-Fi password on connecting to the Internet.

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Here are the steps (windows 10)

  • Go to the Start menu and choose the setup choice, then pick the default Network and Internet to go to the Network to Communication Center.
  • Choose the name of the network you wish to link to in the network and networking section, and then pick the wireless assets in the Wi-Fi category.
  • Pick the network protection key alternative in the property of the wireless network, and enter your password, then press the next icon. You should be linked to the internet after testing the network specifications, and after receiving the IP address.
  • Then you’ll connect to the Internet network and then it’ll light up as linked. You can test the property, too, by pressing the mouse.


Accessing the network password on your Mac is as easy as that. On Mac the connection to the network is in Keychain Entry.

Here are the steps

  • Click Go and pick Services, then choose Control by keychain.
  • To locate your active network, click Username, and browse through the network connections folder. Pick Device if you don’t see the active network, then consider the active network there.
  • Under Code, pick your active network’s network tag. Click the checkbox beside Display Password under the Attributes tab.
  • To access the network secret, you’ll need to type your Mac Manager or Keychain secret. Join it, and pick OK.
  • The Network password can be found in the Display Password area.

Apart from these devices, you can find your network security key on your router

When you have a new router or access point, you can much of the time locate the default wireless network key on the device’s bottom or back tab. However, the distributor uses a specific logo for it, but look for a key labeled with one of the following phases (similar):

  1. WPA key
  2. Wireless password
  3. Password also is known as key

You can consider it below the name of the (Wireless) Network. To link to your wireless network using this main word. Changing the default key now is necessary so make sure you start reading this post.

If you’ve ever changed your wireless network key when you don’t have a network-connected device, the only alternative is to look up the router’s password or the connection point itself. Take some moves to get the key back.

You cannot stop after looking at your network security key. You have to change it in order to protect from the threats.

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How to change your Wifi password

Once you get a new router or access point, it’s essential that you update the default WiFi Password (Network Security Key) Your wireless network is distributed to anyone in the vicinity of your computer, so it is essential to provide a good password.

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Any router or point of access now is special. But I’m going to show you some of the first steps to sign in to your router and send you a specific course. Router’s IP address should be known to its owner only. The location of 90 percent of routers is or In the manual you will look it up, or locate it on your computer.

Select IP config in the black command box and click < enter >. You can see the address behind a few gateway lines in different sections.

  • In the address bar, open your window and enter (or the address you find with IP config) and click Enter
  • You can see the router’s login tab. For manual authentication keys
  • Locate a Cellular, Cellular or Mobile Safety link
  • Use WPA at least but WPA2 is perfect security.
  • Adjust the wireless network passphrase, key or password to something powerful (at least 10 characters, a symbol, and a number)
  • The new password reconnects the computers.

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We grasped the term and the specific forms of network protection link. We have already seen the numerous network protection key implementations for the specific forms of network equipment and networking setting. We’ve discovered few helpful ways to overcome a security key issue and quick measures to customize the security key in Windows PC, Routers and android phones. I hope the given information is useful and used for good.