How to connect ps4 controller to android device?

Connect ps4 controller to android

PS4 Controller can be connected to the android device in two ways. One is a wired mode of connection, and the other one is a wireless mode of connection. In the wired mode of connection, an Android device is connected to the PS4 controller with the help of USB to TYPE-C cable. In the wireless mode of connection, PS4 Controller is connected to an android device by pressing and Holding the PS and share button on the PS4 controller and also by turning on the Bluetooth connection on your android device. Now Pair your wireless controller to your android device by tapping ‘wireless controller’ on Bluetooth. Thus it becomes very easy to connect the PS4 controller to your android device.


Nowadays, mobile games are becoming more and more popular and advance. This evolution in mobile gaming came when the high and intense games like PUBG Mobile, COD: Mobile, PES(Pro Evolution Soccer) and more extra. These high graphics games took the mobile gaming to another level. If you possess a console game pad, you might have better control over the game and might earn you a better result than playing with mobile controls. In recent days people are using gaming console controllers such as Dualshock4 controller in PS4 and other gaming controllers to play their mobile games on their Android devices. If you are a gamer and want to know the connection of PS4 to an android device, then this article will be helpful to connect the PS4 controller to an android device.

What is ps4?

PS4 is a gaming console that is exclusively designed for hardcore gamers. Sony Interactive Entertainment developed PS4. This console supports every game that runs with intense graphics. This PS4 comes with Dualshock4 Controller and a PS VR(Virtual reality). The PS4 hardware has 3 USB ports, one ethernet port,1 HDMI port and the i/o port.PS4 relying on 802.11b/g/n radio 2.4GHz-5GHz.The PS4 Dualshock4 controller is designed in such a way that it is compatible with all mobile devices. The hardware charges the controllers via USB cable in standby mode.

The Dualshock4 controller is similar to the Xbox 360 controller, but it is a bit bigger and comfortable to hold.Dualshock4 controller is also introduced with refined gyroscopic and accelerometer-based motion control. The Dualshock4 controller does not support wireless Bluetooth earphones/headphones.

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Cons in Dualshock4 controller:

  1. The main disadvantage in the Dualshock4 controller is the Battery life(7-8hrs standby). 
  2. The share option given in the controller takes too much pressure to use.
  3. The new touchpad works slowly in situations like the latency-prone movement.

            The Operating system is similar to the PS3. It is a rigid version of “Xross Media Bar”.One major change is the PS3 profile can be loaded directly into PS4 and continue with where we left. The operating system in PS4 is “Orbis OS”. Generally, the console does not require any internet connection to play the games; however, we can use the internet if needed for browsing, streaming and downloading. The PS4 can control via voice with the help of an inbuilt Microphone. In PS4 the games can be played with the help of Blu-ray Disc provided from retail stores and also can be downloaded from Playstation store. Overall PS4 is a universal console that can be purchased from any part of the world.

Cool features of ps4

  • PS4 has an integrated Voice chat called ‘Party’.
  • It has an inbuild video editor app called ‘Share Factory’ through which we can edit our recorded Gameplay.
  • PS4 has an inbuild streaming app like Youtube, Twitch, IGN and more extra.
  • The PS4 controller has a ‘Share’ button It can share video clips to the PSN communities.
  • PS4 can operate on Android/IOS devices,PC’s.
  • PS4 has integrated game forums called Communities.


What are android devices?

 Android is an Operating system. The devices which are built-in with Android OS are called android devices. Examples of android devices are Smartphones, Tablets, Watches, TV’s and more extra. Android OS is a modified version of Linux Kernal, developed by Google mainly for smartphones. The latest version is Android 10(Android Q). The architecture of Androidx86 and x86-64. Android devices are a combination of Hardware and Android software. These devices have hardware such as Cameras, GPS, sensors, accelerometers, gyroscopes and more extra.

The android devices are focused on gaming-centric in the middle of 2015-2017. In previously mentioned years Xiaomi’s first gaming-centric smartphone Black shark 1 was released, and followingly Asus released its Asus ROG phone 1. These phones created a benchmark for gaming-centric smartphones. In addition to this, many of the gamepads were introduced for smartphones. Thus the PS4 controller can be used to play games in android devices.

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How to connect the ps4 controller to android?

Connect ps4 controller to android
Connect ps4 controller to android

Steps to connect the controller:

  1. In Wireless mode, First, from the controller of PS4, we need to press and hold the PS and Share button at the same time until noticing the flashing of light in the light bar.
  2. Now press and hold the Bluetooth icon from the quickdraw of the android device to check the Bluetooth settings.
  3. Ensure that Bluetooth has turned on in your android device.
  4. After that scan for available devices from your android phone and you will be able to see the list of available devices.
  5. Now simply pair with the wireless controller by tapping wireless controller in your device.
  6. Now the connected information will be displayed in your android device.
  7. Thus the android device connects to the PS4 controller.

There is another mode of connection, namely wired mode. In this mode, you simply need the USB cord, and the USB to TYPE-C cable which helps in connecting the Android device to the PS4 controller.No problem will arise after connecting the ps4 controller to the android device in wired mode. The common problems arise after connecting to your controller in wireless mode .

Wired connection vs wireless connection

  • In the wired mode of connection, the accuracy rate is very high.
  • There is no lagging issue occurs in the wired mode of connection.
  • The Major disadvantage in the wired mode is that the length of the wire is very short so that the distance between the device and the controller is less than 2 meters.
  • In the wireless mode of connection, the accuracy rate is low and less than that of the wired mode connection.
  • The major disadvantage in wireless mode is that response of the system is slow.
  • The advantage of the wireless mode is that the player can be able to play from a distance anywhere around 10 meters.

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Lagging of control

          If you feel the lagging issue while gaming, then there is a chance of connection that might have been unstable. We can fix this issue with the help of the ‘Bluetooth Auto Connect’ application.

  1. After the installation of the app, the PS4 controller connects to an android device.
  2. Now tap the advance option and then tap debug.
  3. Return to the home page by pressing the back button.
  4. Select the continuous-time and enter any digit up to 10 and hit OK.
  5. After this setting, the automatic connection is enabled between the PS4 controller to an Android device.

Button mapping problem

           After fixing the lagging issue, another issue may occur as the button mapping issue. This issue can fix by downloading an app on your android device. The name of app is ‘Multilanguage Key redefiner’.This app allows you to change the keys according to your preference. This app is suitable only for the devices which connect in wireless mode. Hence the button mapping issue is fixed.

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A common problem in the ps4 controller

1.      Button sticking problem-This issue can solve with the help of applying the isopropyl solution at the exterior button ends of the  PS4 controller.

2.      Track pad not working issue-This issue can solve by Rubbing the touch pad with the microfiber cloth dumped with isopropyl solution.

3.      PS4 controller not connecting to Bluetooth-This issue can fixed by 1.Press and hold the power button on the PS4 controller and release it until you hear the second beep sound. After this unplug the controller from the console and reconnect again. This will help you to solve the connecting tissue in the PS4 controller.

4.      Charging issue in PS4 Controller-The first step is to knock the dust out from the charging port with the help of compressed air. Once the dust is out clean the residue with the help of microfiber cloth. After this, if the issue continues, the second step is to wipe all around the area with the help of brush type equipment. After all this issue if the problem continues then, it is better to change the USB cable to solve this issue.


    From this article, you might have learned the easiest way to connect your PS4 controller to the android device. With the help of this article, you can able to connect your Android/IOS devices to the PS4 controller. And this will help you to play the PS4 games in android devices. This will help you play the games comfortably and also helps you to get better control over the game. After connection, you can change the mapping of the keys and set it according to your preference. With this, you can enjoy playing games with your family, friends and create more joyful moments.