Best Android Auto Head Unit 2021

Android Auto Head Unit

An android auto head unit also referred to as the infotainment system, provides a unifying hardware interface for the vehicle with a variety of integrated information and entertainment features, including displays, buttons and control panel.

Automotive Head Unit

An automobile head unit also referred to as the infotainment system, provides a unifying hardware interface for the vehicle with a variety of integrated information and entertainment features, including displays, buttons and control panel.


The android auto head units are centrally positioned in the middle of a dashboard or console and provide an integrated software interface for a vehicle’s sound and information systems.

The control center offers an overview for the user, with details and media on the vehicle: AM / FM radio, SAT, DVDs / CDs, videotapes (but not generally used), USB-MP3, Dashcams, GPS-Mailboxes, Bluetooth and WIFI. The sound features include speed, band, pitch, speaker balance, voice fade, bass and audio features operated by the bass. For dashcams, GPS navigation and DVDs, video screen head units are commonly available.

Android Auto head unit To Buy in 2021

You are sadly mistaken if you believe that Android Auto is only limited to those with enough cash to buy a brand new vehicle. Because the demand for industry-leading units can now be conveniently and rapidly installed in most vehicles, the interior is refreshed and series Android compatibility can be applied to the dash.

Even old cars with a slim sliver can now be completed with a large touch screen that conveniently connects to an Android smartphone to deliver hand-free, quick navigation and on – the-air entertainment on a Google Assistant.

Obviously, this luxury is expensive and enjoying the entire experienced Android car cost a fundamental model around £ 200 / $200, for some fancier systems on the market, to more than £ 500 / $500.

But that’s a little expense, as many of the latest DAB+ tools, the inverting capability of the camera and a bunch of excellent features are also available.


We have an expensive taste, as this high quality Alpine unit sits at the top of the budget, but it’s a good set. It’s amazing HD screen is a joy to look at some of the cheaper models on the market and massively outperform them.

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It boots fast and provides seamless integration of Android Auto when a telephone is relocated. Reverse camera inputs and a lot of subwoofer and additional speaker outputs are available.

It doesn’t fit like other displays into the windshield, that is because it’s built to fit into one single DIN slot, making that compatible, irrespective of age, with an enormous range of vehicles.


The smart modular construction of this modern unit enables customers to benefit from a large touchscreen that even fits in the smallest DIN car stereo areas. Particularly good for older vehicles, in an infotainment system the Pioneer offers almost everything you might like.

The transparent 6.8 “screen is fast and touch sensitive while there’s an impressive list of apps that include the DAB+ Digital Radio and Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. There’s also functions like Spotify, Bluetooth Streaming, WebLink, FLAC playback and much more.

It works better even with reversing cameras and easily hooks up with voice control so that your favorite voice assistant can control a lot of functions and make and receive Handsfree calls.

Those with wide openings for an existing stereo or infotainment system may think it ‘floats’ a bit disconcerting in front of the dash, particularly those with a bit of OCD in their car, but this is a great kit for the price and has a large range of modern functions for an enormous variety of old cars.


Although some head units have been referred to before, this amount of Sony deserves a great deal of applause for its stylish look and physical volume dial. Even more use the more or less keys to detach or the tactile pad to commit volume features.

The dial on this is a joy to use, as is the rest of the device, providing fast and sensitive navigation, Spotify as well as other Android experiences.

The Dynamic Reality Amplifier is built-in with 4 x 55 watts and lets you pump tunes at incredible speeds and also plays nicely with many other sub-woofers and speakers.

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This double DIN unit from JVC is simple to mount and has an incredibly thin instillation depth of 75 mm. Of course you do need a large opening, but due to the lack of height, it can also be mounted where other existing wires are.

When set up, it is easy and simple to work with lots of menu feature control, sound quality and much more. There is just one USB connection on the back, however, which makes you need to plug a cable out of the dash or into the glove box.

This is very common, but there is a secondary USB slot in front of another head unit. Which makes it a little easier to charge additional devices.


When you just can just hit your Smartphone, who needs a big touchscreen? Of course, fiddling is a bit twisted (and extremely illegal) with your on-the-go computer. So Pioneer provides four hard-key buttons to support your app access.

With this one twist access to favorite apps (e.g. WAZE, Google Maps, etc.). The easiest way to communicate with the device with voice recognition is to be sure and potentially better. Bluetooth, hand-free calls and smooth telephone fees on a very limited budget are especially cost-effective and smart.

Certainly, it’s not true to the Android Auto comparability, but on far tighter budgets it is an incredibly cheap choice.

Head Unit On Sale

It’s difficult because it’s budgetary, and then we just felt the Alpine iLX-F903D in love. Only because this 9-inch display is in a DIN slot. It’s the kind of space used to scamper a CD player or, let’s say cassettes.

A crystal clear 9inch touch screen, DAB+ integral tuning system. And three discreet pre-outs for subwoofers are provided in the cracking head section.


The new stereo or headset for most budgets and most vehicles is available, as described above. While you have the cable available for some form of a stereo system. Prices range for the basic unit with Android Auto support of approximately £ 200. While for integrated maps and jazz functionality, the most expensive model is able to easily tickle the £ 1k mark.

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It is in our eyes something trivial because it is more about getting your mobile into the vehicle. Which means that, by using Google Maps, Apple Maps or Waze, you can connect and drive to a destination. Much better than the old sat marine junk you can find on a lot of infotainment systems.

If you just want to have a Bluetooth link for Spotify play, or listen to Podcasts.

The bottom ends of the range ($90-£ 150) are very easy to order.
But actual Android Auto needs a touchscreen, meaning you’re going for more gas.

As regards fitting, for those who have car-related experience. Some equipment and a great deal of patience (check the various How-To videos on YouTube if you want DIY spots). This can be done very quickly, but buy from Halfords for example and it can be installed for you.

This typically takes a maximum of a few hours and £ 70, depending on the length of the fitting process.


Android Auto Head Unit: The best and fastest way of using Android in a car is to run Android Auto. It offers you bigger icons and uses the voice control features of your phone. To take you straight to what your phone can really do.

This features of the car helps you to convert your car into entertainment zone.

Here above i have listed some of the best head units you can buy this year.

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