Avast Mobile Security For Android

Avast Mobile Security For Android

Avast Mobile Security For Android is a software that defends mobile devices against unintended phishing, ransomware, and spyware, as well as harmful viruses and Trojans. Additionally, the integrated Anti-Theft functionality helps you to find and monitor your missing or stolen smartphone on a map using our web-based location mapping, utilizing GPS and other methods of triangulation.

System requirements

The new edition of Avast Mobile Protection can be updated and used on any smartphone running Google Android operating systems 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21) and higher. Avast Mobile Protection covers both tablets and Smartphones. The software is compatible with all Android devices operating Gun. However, minor modifications are made by each distributor or supplier in their products. Certain apps may behave oddly or, in extreme situations, not function. Please notice Avast is unable to protect all provider customization to the OS.

Avast Mobile Security For Android
Avast Mobile Security For Android

Download and installation

The new edition of Avast Mobile Protection from Google Play Store can be downloaded and enabled.

Once you have finished deployment, press Open to operate the program.

Tap Launch, then select Continue with Advertisements to use the free edition of Avast Mobile Protection, or tap Upgrade Now to attach additional apps and enhancements to Avast Mobile Security Premium.

If you encounter any issues with Avast Mobile Protection deployment, we suggest that you uninstall the device entirely, and instead reinstall Avast Mobile Protection by repeating the above measures.


Open the System Configuration, check for System Admin and launch applications for Computer Admin.

Deactivate Avast Mobile Protection App Admin Permit.

Open Settings for your computer, and go to Applications.

Pick Avast Mobile Protection from the System details tab, then press Force End.

Tap Transparent Data and Simple Cache, in the Storage portion.

To switch to the Feature details page, press the back button, and click Uninstall.

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The Search button checks all applications installed on your computer and tells about security threats posed by modifications to Android’s default settings. The first time they operate Avast Mobile Protection scans freshly developed applications automatically. When ransomware is found, Avast Mobile Protection provides the option of uninstalling the device or removing it.

Boost Ram

To disable any applications running in your device’s history, tap the Raise RAM tile on the main app page. This stops devices slowing down the computer and exhausting the power. The sum of space freed and the number of killed apps will be shown when complete.

Clean junk

Tap the Clean Junk tile on the main app screen and Avast Mobile Protection will calculate the room on your computer and show the amount of storage room that junk files occupy. Through tapping the Secure clean screen, you will show the different types of junk files that were found. Untick any things you don’t want to be cleaned, then tap Clean to free room on your screen.

Call blocker

Call Blocker enables the filtering of calls from blacklisted numbers. You may opt to make calls from blacklist:

 All secret digits.

Both numbers covered.

A name you have picked from your contacts folder.

A selected number that you inserted into the device manually.

App Locking

Device Locking is a paid function in Avast Mobile Protection Premium which protects a PIN or pattern for your sensitive apps. If you have programmed your computer to unlock the screen using a fingerprint, this method can also be used for System Locking.

Anti Theft

Anti-robbery is built to secure your private mobile data and in case of failure or robbery, help you retrieve your computer. For eg, if an untrusted SIM card is found, you can customize Anti-Theft to automatically execute such acts, to sound an alarm. Some anti-theft features include-

Camera trap: catches a thief’s shot after inputting an inaccurate Button.

Audio recording: Tracks the background of the handset anonymously at all moments.

Last known location: if the system battery is failing, send a position message to your Avast account.

Safety PIN: locks the computer and triggers a warning after 8 unsuccessful attempts to open it.

Safety SIM: locks your system, and when it sounds an alarm if there’s a change in the sim card

Photo vault

Image Vault provides you with a Passcode to secure the connection to your pictures. Images going to File Vault are protected and tucked away.

Clipboard Cleaner

Clipboard Cleaner is a feature that cleans the clipboard to prevent any privacy leakage. If you do not want to use Clipboard Cleaner, it can be disabled.

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VPN Protection

The VPN Security function enables you to link to the internet-protected Avast VPN servers, utilizing an encrypted tunnel to avoid eavesdropping of your online activities.

VPN offers the following


Criminals may intercept confidential data while several users are linked to the same public network, such as logins and passwords. The encrypted VPN link provides a successful defense against attacks of this kind.


several citizens have fixed IP addresses with internet links, which can be monitored while visiting sensitive pages. The browsing session is essentially anonymized by a VPN link because the IP address the remote server uses is the VPN domain address, not the user.

Open information across the world

you gain exposure to websites that could be limited in your area while you are linked to a VPN server somewhere. That enables you to search freely, including from web-censored countries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to disable or customize notification?

The persistent warning guarantees the full security of the computer by prohibiting Android from halting processes in Avast Mobile Protection. Disabling the permanent update is not a choice on smartphones operating Android 8.0 or higher. The warning may, therefore, be reduced or modified through your system settings for minimal disruption.

What is an activity log?

The activity Log enables you to display all operations through Avast Mobile Protection for Android. This primarily involves alerts and tests. Tap on the trash icon to clear the Operation List.

Why does it show ads?

Avast provides a free edition for Smartphones, as well as the paid Avast Smartphone Protection Package. Avast Smartphone Protection Subscription is ad-free and offers a number of extra bonus functionality and advantages. To support the app’s ongoing development, the free version includes ads that don’t interfere with app usage.

What to do if accessibility permission is disabled repeatedly?

Some Android devices require apps to quit when the computer screen goes off, in order to boost performance. This also triggers the denial of this authorization to applications with the Usability permit. Open your app settings, check for Accessibility, then give Avast Mobile Protection this permission to re-enable the Accessibility code.

What if Avast mobile security crashes?

Uninstall it and then reinstall Avast Mobile Security immediately.

Report the problem to Avast Help so our service staff can perform a more in-depth review of the situation.

Enter Avast Beta to check the new builds of Avast Android applications until release to the public. That means you’ll get faster software changes and bug fixes.

What to do when the software isn’t able to remove malware?

Avast Mobile Protection for Android detects malware in certain situations but can not deinstall it. This is typically triggered by the number of permissions granted to the suspect software or by the deployment of the software as a machine update (for instance on rooted devices).

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How does it protect the android device?

When correctly installed, Avast Mobile Protection defends your Android computer from suspected malware and risks and tracks data that goes in and out according to your preferences.

Why does it require so many permissions and is it even necessary?

Vast Android mobile protection needs a number of permissions that may seem redundant at first. This is because a name is given to consent classifications in Android depending on the most typical case of usage, but it does not define all sorts of procedures that need authorization. Vast Android mobile protection needs a number of permissions that may seem redundant at first. This is because a name is given to consent classifications in Android depending on the most typical case of usage, but it does not define all sorts of procedures that need authorization.

How much battery does it use?

Avast Mobile Protection for Android is planned to influence battery life minimally. Testing through various platforms reveals that this software typically uses up less than 5 percent of power usage across all services.

Keeping all these questions in mind now we all have an idea about what this Antivirus software is all about and how it works. For any further clarifications, you can visit the FAQ section of inside the official page of Avast Mobile Protection for Android.

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Even after having a tough competition in the global market with other antivirus software’s this Security application is standing tough. As mentioned above there are many ways in which Avast provides complete security to our smartphones. In this world full of threats, there is a need for advanced security which I believe can be fulfilled by Avast Mobile Protection for Android

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