Mobile network not available

Mobile network not available: Hey guys, today we are going to discuss the very major issue in our life that is mobile network. As most of us are facing the problem of the mobile network not available. We are not able to contact anyone. In this article, we will discuss what different types of mobile networks are; the problem arises with the mobile network, and how to fix the problem of the mobile network not available? Go through it follow the steps discussed. You wouldn’t be able to miss any of your important call or messages. We will discuss the network issue in both android and IOS.

Mobile network not available

Nowadays every one of us is facing a huge issue with the mobile network. As we try to call someone, it does not connect and automatically ended. Or someone else wants to call us. It will give a message whether it is switched off or out of network coverage area. We cannot even attend our important calls properly. For this, it is a great issue, and this issue can arise from both sides, whether hardware or software. As with the increase in technology, the network is also updated nowadays, most of people use 4g. And very soon, 5g is also discovered but not officially used. We will about different methods and steps to fix the problem of mobile network issues.

Types of mobile network

Mobile network is the wireless network available in all devices, with the help of the mobile network; we can efficiently operate incoming and outgoing calls. In cellular phones, the network is operated by antennas, PFO and IC. There are various kinds of generations of network with the development of generation technology has also become too fast now a day’s fourth generation is mostly used also called 4g. There is a different service provider for different kinds of networks.

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An analog cellular network

 An analog cellular network is the first generation wireless network, also known as 1G. It is the first network which was developed in 1980, making people’s lives easier and quickly transfer calls to another. The main difference between this generation and another generation is that the 1g network is analog, and other networks are not.

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Digital networks 

Digital networks are the second generation network, also known as 2g, which was developed in 1990. The main feature of this network is that it is digitally encrypted. 2g network is more efficient, and data services are also introduced with the development of a second-generation network. It was launched on GSM standards. The second generation also provides various facilities like text messages, MMS, picture messages, etc.

High-speed IP data networks

High-speed IP data networks are thirds generation wireless networks known as 3g, which was introduced in 1998. The information transfer rate of the third generation network is 144Kbit/s. The main feature of the third generation network is fast data transfer. That is why it used in smartphones and laptops. It can be applied for video calling, mobile internet access, wireless internet access, etc.

Growth of mobile broadband or fourth-generation network

The fourth generation is also known as 4g. It is an upgraded version of the third generation. They are used in all the latest smartphones and laptops. It was introduced in 2008. With the help of the fourth-generation network, we can also take advantage of gaming services, fast internet, 3d television, video conferencing, etc.

Fifth-generation network

The fifth-generation network is a wireless network that is not introduced. Yes is also known as 5g. It has many new features and an upgrades version of 4g. In the fifth-generation network, the internet data service will be faster as technology has been overextended, and many users are working digitally, so they need an excellent network. So the coverage should be improved, and the fifth generation is the improved version of every generation. It will be much more efficient than the fourth-generation network.

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Problems faced due to mobile network.

 The call cannot connect

This is the fundamental error that if we are calling to someone but the call is not able to connect, it automatically cuts some time we even don’t know that call has not connected, and it cuts automatically. We still keep it near our ears. It is due to an overloaded network many users are using the network at that time.

Call drops

This is another problem that arises that is call drop when you call the person and suddenly call drops. It means that the person you are calling is moving to another network that is overloaded, or you are moving to an overloaded network area even if you try again. It will fail to connect.

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Poor connection 

Poor connection issue is another issue of a mobile network. It is because if a person you are connecting in the rush area or living in a city like urban. Where poor connectivity of the network is there, the call will fail, or you are living in a rush area you will not get the network signal which interrupts your call.

Network busy

This is also one of the major issues that most of you face while contacting to someone when you call some when the suddenly call cuts by showing network busy. It is again due to the overloading of the user network, at the same time it mostly on places like airports, railway stations where many users are contacting each other.

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How to fix the problem of “mobile network not available” in android

1. Update your firmware

In this case, you have to update your mobile phone to the latest version. Because sometimes networks are not available due to firmware issues.

Steps for updating

  • Firstly go to the setting of your mobile phone.
  • Then after going to the setting, go to the about phone option in settings.
  • Then you have to choose the system update.
  • If you have not updated the update will be available there, then click on update to solve the problem of the network.

2. Reset your phone

For solving the problem of a mobile network, you can also reset the phone. It will help in coming out with the issue too much extent. This will make your phone original by default all the things in your will be cleared all the bugs which gives issue will be clear

Steps to reset the phone

  • Firstly go to the settings of your mobile phone
  • Then in the setting go to backup and reset option
  • Then a menu will open in it select factory data reset
  • It will reset your phone

3. Sim card adjustment

Another solution for the mobile network not available is sim card adjustment as many users have improper positioning of sim card which create problem in calling to someone.

Steps for sim card adjustment

  • Firstly you have to turn off your device 
  • Then you have to open the sim slot of your mobile phone
  • Then you have to reposition your sim card properly.
  • Put out the sim card for 2 to 3 min the position it correctly.
  • This will solve the problem of the network to much extent.

4. Restart your phone

If you are in a hurry to do urgent calls, then this is an option which helps you to fix the issue i.e., restarting your mobile phone. It is simple to restart your phone you have to press the power button for 2 to 3 sec the click on the option of the restart it will automatically off and then start sometimes it works for solving the problem of the mobile network.

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5. Manual search solution

A manual setting is an option for solving the mobile network issue. In this, if the mode of the network is automatic, then you have to convert it in manual mode. Your phone could not establish in automatic mode with the network.

Steps for a manual search solution

  •  Again first go to the mobile phone settings.
  • Go to wireless and networks and then click on more.
  • Click on the mobile network.
  • Click on network operator and set manual to automatic, which was fixed by default.
  • After that, you have to restart your mobile phone to see the result of manual mode.
  • This helps you to avail of your mobile network.


At the end of the article, I want to conclude that now there is a need to say a massive goodbye to the issues related to mobile network not available. You can easily solve the problem of mobile network yourself. By using different techniques mentioned above, such as reset your phone, restart your phone, update your mobile phone, etc. by following the quick fixes steps of every technique. You can able to easily able to contact the person you want without any network issue. You can also port your sim to another network whose networks are accurate so that you won’t be able to face the network problem.