Google maps not working

Hey guys, today we are discussing Google maps, which is a very popular application of play store. Guys if you love or fond of traveling by road. But you don’t know the direction of the location where you want to visit, then don’t get worried using you can use Google maps. But nowadays, this Google maps application is not working properly. Due to which many people who love traveling are getting into a problem while traveling. Through my article, you will get to know what Google map is and how to fix the errors coming while using the google maps application. Your problem of not working Google maps will be solved to a much extent.

Google maps not working
Google maps not working

Google maps not working

As we all know, we are living in an era of technology and the internet. Through which the lives of people become easier as many applications are developed day by day for making the work of the people easy. One of the applications which make the life of every people or traveler joyful is Google maps, which were discovered about 10 to 15 years ago from now. Earlier people have to carry physical maps to find the location of the geographical region. They have to ask local people on their way, which takes too much time to reach the destination by roads, and that is why there is no fun in traveling by roads as most of the time, people were confused due to direction.

But after the invention of Google maps, the lives of people become easier. They can go anywhere without asking for direction and with full joy anywhere by road. But nowadays, Google Maps is giving problems by not working. So the question arises that how to fix the problem that is coming while using Google maps? And also learn some more information about Google maps and the steps of fixing the problem.

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Google maps

Google Maps is the most popular application in android. It is web-based navigation, or we can say digital mapping. By using Google Maps, we can get the direction of any unknown location through your smartphones. Earlier old school maps were used, but after introducing Google maps the life of travelers become easy to find the right direction quickly. Google maps were discovered in 2005. Google maps have to update from time to time. If a person cannot use smartphones while driving to see the direction Google map guides the location by speaking as technology is becoming advanced latest features are introduced in Google maps. Through this, we can also see where the traffic is or which route is best for reaching the destination.

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With the help of Google maps, we can also see a street view of any place this feature of street view was introduced in 2007. Google Maps also has the feature of an indoor map, which means we can get the direction of the places within the building, such as shopping malls, universities, museums, etc. There are many latest features introduced from time to time; over 1 billion people use Google Maps in their day to day life.

  • The first issue is the map crashes, which are a software-related issue that occurs due to software bugs and malware. When Google map crashes, it stops working after 2 min, and you will come back to the home screen, and there is a dialog box in front of you that Google map is not working.
  • The second problem is blank Google map as said above that billon of people are dependent on Google maps when this kind of error occurs the user gets disturbed this issue occurs when you have too many cached data or bugs in your android, and you are in a hurry to find the location.
  • The next issue that comes with Google Maps is slow loading as many people are in a hurry to get the location to reach their destination on time when it works slowly; they get annoyed. Sometimes it is the issue with software because many people are using it at a time, so it becomes slow or another reason can your internet is not working correctly.
  • And the last issue that occurs is Google maps not showing the right location, and it stops you from going further as there is not the right location.

How to fix Google maps not working

1. Update Google maps

Every application in your android show is updated from time to time as most of the issues related to application sought out after updating of any application, and you can also take advantage of new features if introduces after updating.

Firstly we will update the Google map. Steps of updating Google maps are 

  • Firstly go to the play store of your android. 
  • On the top right side, go to my account then click on my apps and games in it.
  • All the applications will display in front of you, which you have downloaded in your android.
  • Choose Google maps. After choosing Google map downloading screen will open in front of you with two option open and update
  • Click on update wait for 2 to 3 minutes your application of Google map will quickly be updated.
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2. Clear data and cache

Most of the issues related to any application can be solved if we precise data and cache of the application. The problem of Google map will be solved at much extent through this as if bugs are present in the application, it will be cleared, and you will use a new application after clearing data and cache.

 Steps for clearing data and cache are

  • Firstly go to the settings of your android.
  • Then click on apps. All the applications will be displayed in front of you, which you have downloaded from the play store.
  • Then select Google maps, then both the option will be there in front of you.
  • Firstly clear the data and cache.

3. Re-install the application

Re-installing the application can also solve the issues occurring in the application. It is done if all the previous steps cannot solve the problem arising in an application.

Steps to re-install the Google maps

  • Again firstly, go to Google play store of your android.
  • Search in the search bar of play store Google maps.
  • There will be two options uninstall and open. Click on uninstall, wait for 10 to 12 sec the application will uninstall
  • Then click on install it will be re-installed in your android.

4. Check permissions

Sometimes the application like Google maps does not work because your android does not grant the permission of some features. You have to check the permission that all permission is granted or not.

Steps for checking permission

  • Firstly go to the settings of your android.
  • Then click on maps then all apps.
  • After that, go to maps and then tap on permissions.
  • Check that all the permission in the application is granted or not and then re-open the Google map again. You will defiantly see some changes in the application.

5. Internet connection

All the issues are not always related to the software. There is also some issue from the user like an internet connection to ensure that an internet connection is perfect for using the google maps application. And if these types of problems occur of internet connection, the Google map will always crash.

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6. Reset the GPS

Most of the time, Google map stores the wrong information about your location, which creates an issue while using the application. Before searching the application, all ways check the GPS location if it is wrong then reset it.

Steps for resetting the GPS

  • Firstly open the Google map application.
  • In front of you will see the blue dot, which indicated your live location.
  • If you are not able to see the dot, then click on the button and then reset your location.

You can also turn on high accuracy mode, which gives the perfect location of yours by tapping on mode to high accuracy.


At the end of Google maps not working, I want to conclude that Google Maps is the best digital mapping application. You can go through the article and solve the issue of not working Google map application step by step, which will solve your issue to a much extent. Not only Google maps, every application should be updated from time to time so that every application can give its best to you, and you can also enjoy the latest features. Google Maps has the latest feature of dark mode, which seems to be too attractive when you use the Google map application at night while driving and finding the location. It is also used for business purposes in different ways. So go through the article, and don’t get disturbed, simply solve all issues with the steps mentioned above and give the relevant feedback after reading the article.