Why is google map so slow?

We need speed to find a place but why is google map so slow? From ancient times people have been traveling from places to places. This need compels humans to develop ways of navigation. In ancient times, humans saw stars, and through it find their way late humans develop or invented the compass, which helps them to find their ways. The role of vocal communication in simple terms, speaking also helped a lot in navigation. It was because some people who have visited the places or local are well-equipped with the ways.

Why is google map so slow?

With the advancement in technology, many applications have been developed for various purposes. The apps for navigational purposes have also been developed. One popular is commonly known as “Google maps,” which is widely known and has been widely used.

Google maps have become one of the essential needs of humans. When we are lost, When we want to find some places like Petrol Pumps, ATM, Malls, Shops, Public washroom, etc. then this app. comes in handy. This app is very easy and convenient to use. We just have to enter the location of the destination, and it gives the possible ways and routes to travel to that location.  As the app is very convenient, it also faces many difficulties and may show errors. For instance, if there are large numbers of objects on the screen.

At a specific time, then there may be a case where we would observe some lagging, and the speed would significantly go down. This scenario may lead to the frustration of an individual. To solve this issue, I  have discussed below the ways to solve this problem in various platforms. Platforms such as  Android, IOS  are discussed below, along with a reason why it is working too slow?

Reasons why Google maps may work slowly

  • If our cache is overloaded, then it may cause the maps to run slow.
  • It may be possible that the storage in our device is completely filled up. It will cause

For the system to run and ultimately, Google Maps will also run very slow.

  • Sometimes software failures occur, which may cause the app to stop.
  • If the app is not of the most updated version.
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It may cause an error in functioning properly, and ultimately the speed of the app will go down.

These are some of the common problems which occur which provide the same results the Google map to slow down, and this may make us to ask ourselves,  “why the Google map is too slow?”.

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These were some of the problems related to Google maps now. A question arises on how to fix the issues. let’s begin by taking the problem one by one

1)The problem of overloaded cache

(For Android)

  • HOLD the icon of the google map.
  • Options will appear.
  • Select the “APP INFO”
  • We can select the “CACHE” OPTION

      (Now, For IOS)

  • In Android settings, we go for “ALL Apps.”
  • We can select the APP (Whose CACHE is to be cleared), Google maps.
  • “Clear”  button should be tapped.
  • Then “CLEAR CACHE”

This is how we can clear CACHE from Android and IOS devices.

If the cache is free, then the Google map will work properly and smoothly.

2) A possibility the phone storage is completely filled up

For Android and iOS, we can just uninstall the app which is not required to free up space and, if we want all the apps, we just can the gallery, which has tons of photos and videos and can save them on other different devices. This can boost up the speed of the functioning of the google map.

3) When software failure occurs

At times when there is a lot of load on the software, it may cause the software not to function properly. The causes can be various such as a lot of pressure on the RAM, or more than one command is given, and software could not process it properly. This may lead to temporary freezing of the app, and a pop up will appear asking to wait for the app to respond or close the app. We can clear the background or may try to reboot the phone. This may or may not boost the speed of the google map when we restart the app. If it does not boost the speed, then there is some other issue to be dealt with.

4) If the latest version of google map is not installed

Many apps may not function properly if the latest version is not installed. This may cause apps to work slow or effective speed of the working of the app reduces. The solution to these problems is quite simple. We should just go respective app stores in the specified mobile devices and just update the app.

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In android mobile: –

  • Visit to the google play store
  • Select my apps and notifications.
  • Find the “Google Map” app.
  • Simply click on update if not updated yet.

In ios devices: –

  • Visit the apple store, then tap on the bottom of the screen.
  • Click the user profile pic.
  • Find the apps whose updates are pending.
  • We will click “Update next” to update the respective app. IN this case, we will be updating the google map.

Following these steps will help to avoid the slow working of the Google maps if this was caused due to the use of the old version.

These are some of the significant problems which were encountered when the question ” Why my google map too slow ? ” is raised. Following the steps mentioned above, you can easily avoid the problem of slow functioning of the google maps.

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To do’s when the google map is running slow in PC : –

Many users wish to use google maps in the desktop, and many are using it. They also may come up with the issue of google map working at a plodding speed. So, What shall we do? We can adopt some simple methods to boost the speed of google maps on pc. The ways are : –

  • First and foremost, the user may try restarting the device. In most cases, the method will work effectively, and the speed will boost up to the average speed.
  • Sometimes the map requirements are not met by the system. Therefore, there may be a need to update the policy. After the updation, the google app will work properly and efficiently.
  • If there is a problem, we may ensure that the latest version DirectX, is installed on the computer. It helps to increase the speed of the maps. It can be downloaded online on official site such as Microsoft support.

Another way to speed up the usage of the google maps on the desktop

There are some requirements of maps that may not be filled by the present system used by the user. Even if the map opens and does the work, it may be possible that the speed of the map is not enough for the job to be done.

In this scenario, it may not be the fault of some bugs or due to system failure or may be due to some storage problem. It is merely that the user system requirements are not met. The user requires. The maps are things whose requirements are just unpredictable and may be required by anyone at any time.

The user may simply use the light mode by going to another link than the regular link.

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The lite mode will have the essential features which will be required. Although all the functions may not be available and the interface will be different. It will look dull and boring, but still needs may be fulfilled. The key point is that it would significantly increase the speed of google maps. Thus, a user who has insufficient specs can also use google maps at high speed.

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The use of maps has been a part of a day to day life, and we are well equipped with that fact. It is evident that there will be problems with the product that we require daily. Either it requires tuning through an update or some replacement. The need for navigation will always be needed. The maps are getting precise day by day. In this world of need, we may lag behind if we do not have the proper knowledge of fixing things on the map. We have tried to cover the most recent scenarios where there may be a problem with the speed of google maps.

We tried to discuss all of the issues and have provided a solution in that regard. Our team have classified the problems in the points mentioned above from 1 to 4, offered suited actions or resolutions for the problems, respectively.  We hope that it can be utilized to the fullest, and your map works at top speed.

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