How to screenshot on HP laptop: With Latest Method

If you are looking for a method on how to screenshot on HP laptop, then you are in the right place. Here we are providing the latest method to screenshot that will also work in 2021. The method we are going to apply in this article can be used or practiced in any of the hp laptops. You can also use this method on any of the laptops other than hp. It includes how to take a screenshot on HP, Dell, Asus, Samsung, MSI Laptop, etc.

Initially, in this article, we are going to discuss what is screenshot and need of it. Nowadays, users are using those screenshot methods more often in their devices whether it is your mobile phone, laptop, computer, or any of another device.

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How to screenshot on hp laptop
How to screenshot on hp laptop

What is a screenshot?

Screenshot is made up of two words: “Screen” + “Shot“, which means capturing the picture of a screen or particular area of the screen. It is sometimes also referred to as screencap or screengrab.

The need of Screenshot

Modern-day needs a modern solution to everything. People had been upgrading very fast in the path of technology. Every modern generation needs everything to be fast and smooth. With the change in technology and fast-moving generation, everything needs to be very fast and quick. In this regard SCREENSHOT is one of the high-tech techniques in the modern-day world.

The first-ever screenshot was taken around 1960 on an interactive computer. Though at that time it was very different from what today’s screenshots are. Then only the text could be taken which is today’s copy-paste. However, modern days screenshot can make its appearance as well as its every word, image, and everything that is on the screen.

Sometimes a user needs data, information, picture, or any other thing that is popping up on the screen for saving or gathering useful documents in the mode of the picture. Also, for quickly saving information or any other image, a screenshot is taken very quickly.

It’s very useful for a user regarding any phase, dialogue, pictures, etc. that is on the screen. It captures exactly the same as on the screen. It’s a modern way of capturing directly from the screen without any need for other devices. Before screenshot, a user needed to copy-paste or use any camera to take the picture of the screen.

 If a person wants to save a particularly interesting image and the texts and other objects are not his point of interest then too, he could SCREENSHOT and crop out his interested part. Similarly, he could save any article or picture of his interest in the form of the image by cropping out matters that are not in need.

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How to screenshot on HP laptop

As we know the screenshot is the way we could capture the image of the displayed things of a screen, it is also important to know the way how to take a screenshot on a hp laptop of various operating system and in various models of it. For taking a screenshot on an HP laptop you need to open the page that you want to take a screenshot. So here are the following steps needed to be taken by a user for taking a screenshot. Here are some best methods that you can apply to your hp laptop. These are the methods according to the different versions of the Windows laptops.

Screenshot Using SNAGIT

It is the most recommended app that is built mainly to take screenshots and screen recordings. It is only free for 15 days after that you have to buy it. Lets see the steps to use on the HP laptop:

  1. You could take a screenshot by first “DOWNLOADING
Screenshot Using SNAGIT
  1. Now “installing” SNAGIT to your HP laptop
“installing” SNAGIT to your HP laptop
  1. After that, you RUN the app and SIGNING IN
Sign in to Start Snagit for free trail
Sign in to Start Snagit for free trail
  1. Now after the successful signing you will the capture menu bar
capture menu bar
  1. Click on Capture shown in the circle in red color
  2. Hover over the HP laptop Screen or area to auto-select.
How to screenshot on hp laptop
  1. After that click it to take a screenshot. You can also select a custom area by dragging it.
how to take a screenshot on hp laptop
  1. Now, Select the camera icon of the toolbar popup to save hp screenshot.
camera icon of the toolbar popup to save hp screenshot
  1. The most useful thing, that you can edit the captured image on the popup Snagit Editor. Also, you can insert arrow, shapes, text, callout, stamp or special effects to the image.
how to take a screenshot on a hp laptop
how to take a screenshot on a hp laptop
  1. Use share button to save, share to many possible system and DOC on HP laptop
share button to save

Click to save icon(floppy), you will also get options to compress the image size too

Click to save icon(floppy), you will also get options to compress the image size too

How to screenshot on HP laptop Windows 7,8,10 Pro

There are three different options to do this choose the best one for your HP laptop:

  1. Using PrtSc
  2. Using the Snipping Tool
  3. Advance Method

Screenshot using PrtSc

Here you could take a screenshot by the inbuild windows feature whereby you need to first click “Print Screen” or “Prtscn” on your HP keyboard. After that, you need to open any image editor and PASTE the screenshot in it. You can now edit the screenshot as you want to and save the image.

Screenshot using PrtSc

Note: The Print Screen button is on the first line of the keyboard written as “PrtScr” or “PrtScn”. This key is between F12 and Insert key .

If it is not compatible then follow this step:

At first, you need to press the “WINDOWS LOGO” OR “WIN KEY” and after that at the same time click the “Prtscn” or “print screen” button. Click on “Paint” and open it, after that press on the paste button and then go to the File menu, there you go for “save as” the screenshot image in any image format you want like JPEG, Coral draw, Pdf, etc and after selecting image format you can go to save button for saving the image.

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Note: This method is applicable only for Windows 8 and Windows 10 PRO based hp laptops.


At first click, the ALT key and “PRINT SCREEN” OR “PRTSCsimultaneously, and after that open an image editor and paste your screenshot in it. you can edit or save as it is.

Screenshot Using Snipping Tool

The simplest and easiest way of taking a screenshot on an HP laptop is with the help of the “Snipping Tool”. Go for search and write their snipping tool. This is the most liable screenshot that I have taken using this method. You can see this image below.

Screenshot Using Snipping Tool
Screenshot Using Snipping Tool

After clicking on the snipping tool, choose your interest mode out of these 4 such as free-form snip, rectangular snip, window snip, and full-screen snip. This is the most liable screenshot that I have taken using this method. You can see this image below.

Mode in snipping tool

Here, I am using rectangular mode(default) and selecting a particular image that I want to take a screenshot or copied by the New button.

New button

On the top of the screen there, you see the save button and you can save the image. This is the most liable screenshot that I have taken using this method. You can see this image below.

How to screenshot on hp laptop

Advance method to screenshot on hp laptop

You can say this methods as a shortcut for taking screen shots. It is one of my favorite technique to take a screenshot on HP laptop as well as dell, Samsung, ASUS etc.

Press: “Windows key+ Shift Key+ S” in same instance.

how to screenshot on hp laptop windows 7, 8,10 pro
how to screenshot on HP laptop windows 7, 8,10 pro

You will find four options: free-form snip, rectangular snip, window snip, and full-screen snip

 free-form snip, rectangular snip, window snip, and full-screen snip

I use rectangular( default). It will send you to same editing options too.

advance method to take screenshot on hp laptop


These are the methods that you can use to take a screenshot on hp laptop. But If you want to use these on other brand laptops that are Acer, Lenovo, Samsung, Dell, etc. you can maybe use it. So, if you have any other laptop, you can try these methods on that. It is not confirming that all methods might apply.

Also, you can use these methods on personal computers too. But there might be some change in a computer keyboard rather than laptops. If you are having a MAC laptop, that is MacBook series laptops by Apple, then windows methods might not apply there.


HP stands for Hewlett Packard started from 1 November 2014 which productions are mainly laptops, PC, and accessories. It comprises of various types based on its RAM, ROM, INPUT and OUTPUT, hardware, graphic card, processor, etc. A hp laptop is a handy and very friendly to operate as compared to any other device.

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Hp laptop comprises of various ranges starting from a few thousand up to lakhs. RAM ranging from 512 MB / 1gb up till 4 to 16 GB. HP OMEX is one amazing kind of laptop which is basically for professional Gamers. The OMEX is one masterpiece from hp for anyone who plays and operates a laptop in a professional way.

Graphic cards also comprise of various types and also, we could add additional graphic cards. Hp laptop’s hard drive is also of various kinds based on the model of the laptop. The ranging laptops have up to 1tb memory for storage. For the screens of the laptops, it definitely provides a smooth and quick responsive keyboard.

About Mouse Pad

The pad or mouse of hp is another output that responds very quickly and smoothly. For any user a hp laptop would be very perfect for its wide-ranging of models, ranging from few dollars to thousands of dollars. Also, it has wide shopping connectivity and service which helps its customer for any assistance in a very short period of time.

Hp laptop also provides a bag bagged with the hp logo so that a user could carry it very protectively and also a handful to use. The operating system for hp laptops: hp laptop user could use various types of the operating system accordingly. The windows 10 version is nowadays commonly operated on hp laptops, also windows8, UBUNTU/LINUX are also used by the user’s own choice.

POS systems also play a vital role in programming a laptop based on users’ work and choice. Also, the battery, charger, and adapters are of great quality.  They are also very amazingly built and known for operating very perfectly.


Hence, we now all about screenshot and its uses and also the ways of taking a screenshot. As of now, the screenshot is one of the most basic and common ways of capturing images of screens in the modern high-tech world. Through screenshot, we could easily capture in a matter of seconds or minutes. The era of modern-day technology needs a screenshot on both laptops and mobile phones. Everyone takes a screenshot for editing the image via, Microsoft paint, photoshop, GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), etc.

Since HP one of the global modern-day laptop production hub, we can surely be using one of them in our needs. Coming with all the needed equipment, compiling it in a faster way for taking SCREENSHOT, HP is the one solution for all.

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