Best blogging platform

Best blogging platform

Hey guys, today, in this article, we are going to discuss the best blogging platform. Guys, if you want to start your blogs, and you don’t know which blogging platform is best for starting your blog. With this article’s help, you will get to know about different blogging platforms through which you can easily judge which blogging platform is right as per your needs and blogs. It is very difficult to choose the best blogging platform because everything that we choose has some pros and cons, and we will also discuss the pros and cons of the different platforms we discuss in this article. We will also discuss the features of different platforms of blogging.


As we are discussing the platforms for blogging. While creating a blog of your own, there are two options. Firstly I will tell you what blogging is? Blogging is a platform, or we can say a source that connects us with the world daily. For example, with the help of blogs, we can promote business, we can able to connect on a personal level with others with the help of blogs, etc. And now I the two options for creating your blog are simple to create a website and post your blog on it and keep maintaining those websites. This is an old and successful option. This is done through some software like Wix, with the help of word press.   

And the second option is the use of such platforms like medium, Instagram, Facebook, etc. These are not the blogging platform, but we can use it for hosting blogs we can quickly get our blog within millions of people through this platform without any much effort.

Choosing the best platform is one of the important things for blogging as blogging is not just writing and adding photos. Here are some blogging platforms.

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Major Blogging platforms

As said in the introduction choosing the best platform for blogging is much more critical. Different blogs have some positivity and negativity. It depends on you, which blogging platform that takes your blogging skills to a high level. You have to choose the platform that changes the type of service of yours so that you have to be served better you need. Different blogging sites provide both free and paid features. It depends on you that whether there is any plan to make money, so through paid features, you can get many latest and the features that make your blog too much attractive.

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The following blogging platforms are:

Word press 

Word press is the most flexible software used for blogging. It is used to create the website, and within site, we can host our blogs. You can easily fulfill your need with the help of word press that what all you need in your blog. 

It helps you to build your website within a minute for that you have to buy your domain name, get web hosting, and log in to your word press account.

You can easily control your blogs with the help of word press. 

For using the word press, you have to perform routine backups and maintain your daily blogs.

 With the help of word press, you can easily install free themes, custom plugins, etc. that make your blog the same that you want it.

It is used for online business, mostly used by professional bloggers, for promoting offline business also. 

Now we come to the cost of word press. It is free. Only the user has to pay for a domain name, premium themes which used for adding the flexibility to your blog, which makes you blog best for the others who read.

Pros of word press

  • You can make your website and control it on your own easily
  • It makes your blog flexible, as it is an excellent platform for blogging.
  • It is friendly with a search engine.
  • We have to pay less for themes in word press which helps in starting the business there are also free themes for making the blog as you want.
  • We also find millions of plugins that provide some sorting features.

Cons of word press

  • Beginners cannot use the word press easily they have to learn it first
  • The responsibility of security, maintenance is yours, as it is your website on which you host your blog.


Wix is also known as a website builder; it was introduced to build websites. And it is used to start your blog as it provides an easy way for owing your blog.

Wix was introduced in 2006. In this, for creating the website, the skills of coding are not even required. The users or this software was also increasing day by day and reached over 110 million worldwide. The key feature of this Wix is that the web pages or blogs you create can be supports by the device, which can be ported that is portable devices. With the help of these portable devices, you can display your blogs to anyone on your smartphones or tablets.

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Wix also supports its users by providing the information which helps them to make their blog more meaningful. It is easy to use Wix as it provides a solution to use it easily. There are great looking templates in Wix, and through drag and drop editor, it can also be customized by you. You can also add some basic features in your blog as per your wish, like comments, hashtags, etc.

Now come to the cost of Wix, so it is almost free to use. For adding a custom domain, you have to pay for Rs $4.50/month, and the premium for this starts from Rs $8.50/month to $24.50/month.

Pros of Wix

  • It is faster and more comfortable as compared to word press.
  • There is no need of coding skills.
  • There is a lot of design to make your blog as you want.
  • A person with no web developer can use it easily.

 Cons of Wix

  • You can’t change the template once chosen
  • There are limited free third party apps.
  • It shows ads on your site, which you create, which gives too much disturbance.


The medium was introduced in 2012. It is like social networking sites firstly. We have to log in it and then post the blogs in it. The address after signing in the medium is like

In this, the commenting part is twisted as compared to other platforms of blogging. With the help of a medium, the one who is reading the blog can like share and can also comment on margins.

With the help of this platform, the person who is reading the blog also gets to know that how much time it will take to him to read this blog if the reader has that much time he/she will understand it otherwise add it into their bookmark.

This platform is very much suitable for beginners. And there is also no need for coding, and it is straightforward to use as compared to other platforms.

It is also recommended for the small business to promote it.

Pros of medium

  • The user can have a complete focus on the blog with the help of a medium.
  • The beginners can easily use it.
  • Easy to use in small business to promote it.
  • Fast and can easily be signed up.
  • It has an excellent user interface.
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Cons of medium

  • It has limited social marketing features.
  • User doesn’t have control over their content.
  • As it is free, so it has a limited customization option.


Tumblr is also known as microblogging. Compared to other blogging platforms, the Tumblr platform is slightly different, with social networking features and reblogging. The basic motive of this platform is to concentrate on the community of bloggers. So there is a lot of variety for sharing and reblogging your content. The main focus of this platform is on the photos and gifs, which help the user to understand the content very clearly. Most of the time, visual bloggers prefer this platform writer does not favor this.

Pros of Tumblr

  • The focus of this platform is on the community of bloggers.
  • It prefers photos and gif in the content which help the reader to understand it easily.
  • And beginners can also use it easily as it is easy to use and signup. 

Cons of Tumblr

  • As compared to other platforms, it has limited features.
  • The backup is not possible on this platform.


At the end of this article, I want to conclude that if you starting with the profession of blogging or the passion writing blog for that, the most important thing is to choose the platform which helps you to make your blog as you need. In this article, some platforms are discussed, which is most used and trending, which can easily fulfill your need and make your blog as you want. Pros and cons are also mentions of the platforms mentioned above, which help you choose the platform. And the information on price is also available.