MacBook Pro: 13-inch 2020 Latest Version

The Apple declared the launch of its upcoming MacBook Pro 13inch 2020 version long ago. And finally, the wait is over. We have got our hands on the latest Apple MacBook Pro 2020. It has performance reinforced and will blow your mind with its superb features. Read the full article to know all about this latest MacBook Pro-2020.

MacBook Pro
MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro Features

The MacBook is one of the most popular laptops that is appreciated by people all over the world. It has been delivering perfection since 2006. It was 10th January 2006, when Apple Inc launched the first MacBook Pro. Since then, there have been numerous models of MacBook like Air, etc. This much-awaited model is finally in the markets this May. Let’s learn the features and prices of the recently launched MacBook Pro 13inch in depth.

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MacBook Pro 2020-21 is full of features. Let’s have a look at some of them.

– Processor

This latest version will have three variants in terms of processor. These have 4, 6, and 8 Intel cores of the processor. More the number of processors, less is the burden on the device. It makes multitasking much easier.


The retina display seems incredible, and this is because of the true tone technology. This lets your device get the accuracy in the colors. It also features a high contrast ratio and LED backlighting that makes your display more vivid. It has the P3 wide color too for better greens and red on screen than the sRGB technology. The best part is that the display with automatically adjust itself according to the surrounding lighting.

-Touch bar

It has got an amazing touch bar on the top of the keyboard. This touch bar will enable you to do multiple things just with the help of your fingertip. You can tap the touch bar to move between the tabs in Safari. You can flick on the touch bar to vary the volume or brightness levels. If you are editing a picture, you can touch and hold the touch bar to view the original picture. And you can easily slide your finger to rewind or forward any video or even change the font color in notes.

-macOS Catalina

These days, usually, all the modern MacBooks are running on the macOS Catalina. This interface may resemble iTunes, which has all the controls on the top and the menu on the left side. It will appeal well to those who are not frequent safari users. 

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MacBook Pro 2020-21 is going to take the laptop’s performance to a whole new level. Whatever you have in your mind, you could accomplish it in a faster way with graphics, memory, and fast processors. The 15inch ninth-generation 8 cores, Intel core i9 processor, will give you a 2.4GHz of speed. While in the turbo boost, it provides a 5GHz speed and a 3.2GB/s as SSD read speeds. The 13inch MacBook Pro has the quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, which gives 2.8GHz speed, and in a turbo boost, it gives you 5GHz speed.


Talking about battery life, MacBook Pro can work all day. It can stay awake up to 10 hours 21 minutes precisely after fully charging that too with Wi-Fi and 200 nits of brightness. This is much better than the usual battery life of a maximum of 9 hours. However, this battery life is less if you compare it with XPS 13 and Spectre that give you a good 12 – 13 hours of battery.

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The memory of the MacBook Pro is run more and wait for less technology. If you want faster performance and need to work on bigger files or multiple apps, this is perfect for you. You just have to configure your device to 32GB of high performance 2400MHz DDR4 memory.


The graphics of the MacBook Pro is surely eye-opening and have 128GB embedded DRAM. It is equipped with Intel Iris plus GPU. Therefore, you have a powerful graphics display to add on details to your work. This will add adventure to your view as you could literally see all minute details so flawlessly.


When it comes to security, the MacBook has always been the best option. It comes with the Apple T2 security chip, which is a second-generation Mac silicon design, that makes your work totally secure. This T2 chip comes with a secure enclave coprocessor that provides the support for guarded boot. This also comprises of encrypted storage capabilities and consolidates many discrete controllers. This includes a system management controller, an SSD controller, and an audio controller.

-SSD storage

The 13 inch model gives you a storage of 2 TB while the 15 inch model gives you 4TB storage. The MacBook introduces a solid-state drive that’s flashing fast with sequential read speeds of 3.2 GB/s. So basically, with so much storage, you can quickly get all the big files, videos, or images in a flash. Also, with the help of the T2 chip, everything’s going to be encrypted.

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-Thunderbolt 3

Thunderbolt 3 combines ultra-high bandwidth along with the versatility of the USB-C industry standards to create a universal port. It is a versatile and most powerful port. It integrates video outputs, charging, and data transfer in a single connector that delivers up to 40Gbps of data transfer. Both the 13inch and the 15inch models have up to four ports on both sides so you could do your work from either side. Also, the best part is that the Thunderbolt 3 is reversible. Therefore, you can insert it anyways. It can sustain two 5K displays. You can also charge plus afford power from any port.

-Touch unlock

Finally, the MacBook has got us fingerprint unlocking on their laptops. Yes! You can easily unlock your Mac using your fingerprint, which has a quick response. You can even access settings and locked notes with your touch. However, you have the option of a passcode for authentication as well.


The MacBook Pro-2020-21 has the perfect balance in the high fidelity sound that takes listening to new levels. This will give you more bass for maximum boom. Since the speakers are connected to the system directly, it makes the same power and gives maximum peak amplification. So you can easily enjoy your videos, movies, or edit a song amidst the traveling noises too.

-Weight and thickness

The weight is an issue with Macbooks, which is why Apple has launched the air version of its laptops. However, for this MacBook pro-2020-21, it has two models 13inch and 15inch. The 13 inch has a weight of 1.37Kg while the 15 inch weighs 1.83Kg. The 13-inch model has a thickness of 14.9mm, and the 15-inch model is 15.5mm thick.


This keyboard will keep your workspace quite as it features a butterfly mechanism. This will actually provide you more key stability than regular keyboards having a scissor mechanism. Also, you have the touch bar for a great experience. Therefore, you can simply type things through your touch only. And the spacious drive perception trackpad that has been extended till ends gives you enough scope for gestures and clicks.


The MacBook Pro has always been a cool product, and yet the 2020-21 version is continuing the legacy. After usage for continuous 20 minutes, multiple areas of the laptop were examined. In the results, the touchpad and center of the keyboard were less than 90 Fahrenheit. Therefore, you will not have to worry about its heating while it has a fan-based cooling architecture.

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The Webcam of MacBook Pro-2020-21 is 720 pixels and perfect for video conferencing. The colors are good during the video calls while you see a bit of dullness in the white background behind. Overall, the Webcam is good.


The main thing lies in the price of the product that you pay for all these features. Though we all know Apple is an expensive brand, hence it continues with the deserving high prices. The MacBook Pro 2020-21 will cost you somewhere around $2155, which may vary according to your place.


The MacBook Pro is a renowned product from Apple, along with many other products like the MacBook Air series. The new 2020-21 version of this pro is almost like the previous model. The stereo speakers, the audio ports, screen size, etc. Even in terms of looks or features. Though the MacBook air had a bit of lag like no ethernet port or microphone port. However, the previous version of MacBook pro was much costlier than this model.


The MacBook Pro-2020-21 was a much-awaited product, and finally, it launched amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Going through the features and looks, everything resembled the previous model of MacBook pro. However, we saw the most fantastic thing, that is the touch bar. It can do a lot of stuff for you, from increasing volumes to changing fonts or even rewinding the videos. We also came to know about the macOS Catalina. The price of MacBook Pro 2020-21 is pretty reasonable if we consider the touch bar in mind. To know more about any updates, keep following and reading our articles.