How to index a passage/paragraph in Google

How to index a passage or paragraph in Google? Now you will get more and more traffic opportunity by the new Google artificial intelligence update 2021. If you really want more organic traffic from your site, then do watch our video on youtube.

In this competitive world every one more and more traffic from their site, So a lot of advance SEO learning required to the blogger . We are very well known of off page, on page SEO, still we required to keep our eye on the google updates. Because a small update can drop or rise your site rank. In this small article, gossipfunda is trying to express very powerful SEO tricks in very few words.

How to index a passage in Google

If you want to index your passage or paragraph on Google, you need to follow 10 certain rules:

  1. Make sure your passage starts with the H2 heading.
  2. Write your Passages in between 150 to 250 words, not more than 300 words for better SEO.
  3. Make a unique solution to the heading.
  4. Insert keyword smartly, no keyword stuffing.
  5. Underline, bold, italic the main points.
  6. No spelling and the grammatical error should be there.
  7. Passage must be very clear, understandable, and answer to the question.
  8. If you are a beginner then add the “How to” word before the heading.
  9. Do on-page and off-Page SEO to that paragraph.
  10. Ping to the different site.
How to index a passage/paragraph in Google
How to index a passage/paragraph in Google

Meanwhile, you have understood how to do this. One best tip for you: Watch your competitor website on Ahref or SEMrush tool. Observe carefully how he has done this, try to do better than that.

 First, you satisfied with your passage then thought to index.


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In conclusion, A small update can change your life, So move towards the best and apply these changes on some of your previous article and gain a lot of organic traffic without any investment. Hope you like this short article, if you have gain any success or need some more tips, then post your comment below.