How to take a screenshot on an LG

Taking a screenshot on an LG smartphone is a quick and convenient way to capture and share what’s on your screen. Whether you want to save a memorable conversation, an important piece of information, or just a funny meme, knowing how to take a screenshot is an essential skill. LG phones, running on either Android or their own UI, offer simple methods to capture your screen. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of taking a screenshot on an LG smartphone, including the use of key combinations and any additional features provided by LG’s software. By the end of this guide, you’ll be able to effortlessly capture, edit, and share your screenshots.

how to screenshot on lg
how to screenshot on lg

Significance of Screenshots

With regards to sharing data present on your phone screen or mirror your screen with others, the screen capture is an absolute necessity. Regardless of whether you need to share a location, a photo, map, or other data showed on the phone screen, take screenshots and act on them. Share your phone screen with others for exploration. LG android phones have the adaptability to your needs. There are various strategies to catch screen on LG portable without utilizing any outsider applications. Right now, we will impart to LG clients multiple approaches to take screenshots on LG cell phones. A portion of these systems incorporates the utilization of inbuilt options like volume buttons or the Capture + utility. Look at the subtleties underneath.

LG is one of the most mainstream cell phones on the planet. Some of the most well known LG phones are the LG Optimus series and G series, apart from these two many other models are also available. These days, cell phones have become the principle stage for conveying. Being one of the imparting implies, telephone screen captures assume a significant job in our portable life. Screen captures empower you to impart entertaining stuff on your telephone to loved ones. Also, screen captures can communicate things and pass on implications superior to everyday words. Be that as it may, are you also having trouble, how to take screen captures on LG cell phones? If yes, continue perusing this article and figure out how to screen capture LG cell phones.

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Different ways to take screenshots in LG

There are sevral way to take sceenshot on LG:

Using the volume buttons:

Similarly, as with most Android telephones, you can take a screen capture on LG cell phones utilizing the real catches. Get the screen that you need to catch on your LG telephone. Press the Volume Down and Power fastens simultaneously until your telephone screen flashes. This shows the screen capture has been taken on your LG telephone. Note that these catches can be found in various spots relying upon your telephone model.

Open the Gallery application on your LG versatile. There will be a collection named “Screen captures” that spares all your screen catches on the gadget.

Using in-built screen capturing apps:

LG telephones accompany a pre-introduced screen catch utility that you can use to catch whatever is present on your telephone screen. You can utilize QuickMemo+ on prior LG models, or Capture+ on late LG models to capture what is present on the screen.

using inbuilt screenshot app in LG
using inbuilt screenshot app in LG

While seeing the screen, you need to spare, slide down the Status bar or Notification board from the highest point of your telephone screen, the QuickMemo+ or Capture+ is usually situated in the upper-left corner.

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At that point, your telephone screen will be caught, and you will get the toolbar at the top. Tap the Edit (pencil symbol) to add freehand documentations to the screen capture. Tap the Save button (check symbol) to spare the screen capture. You will, at that point, be brief to choose where to spare the screen capture, regardless of whether save it to the QuickMemo+ application or the Gallery application on your telephone. Pick Gallery to save it as an image on your LG telephone. Open the Gallery application on LG versatile, select the Capture+ collection. You can locate the images formed by screen captures in the gallery.

Apart from the above two mentioned techniques, there are some other explicit apps available on the play store that can be used to capture screen and develop images out of it.

Using the power and volume down button to take screenshot
Using the power and volume down button to take a screenshot

Explicit apps to take a screenshot:

Apowersoft Screenshot:

This is a free application accessible on Google Play Store. It can take screenshots of anything, any apps that are residing on the screen without the need of actually rooting your LG phone. You can even catch a full site page screenshot with its implicit program. Besides taking a screenshot, this application additionally accompanies a picture editorial manager, which permits you to alter any photographs, pictures, and screenshots on your telephone. In addition to that, to store the images, it gives free cloud space with the goal that you can get to them insofar as you’re on the web. You can likewise instantly share the pictures with the share option without the need of going to the gallery to open and share the picture. Just tap the “Share” option to share the altered pictures through different applications on your mobile phone.

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The procedure of utilizing this application to take a screenshot on LG is given beneath:

  • Download, install and launch this application on your telephone.
  • On the starter interface of this application, click on the “Start” button. A guideline box will appear, tap “OK” to begin taking a screenshot.
  • Open and display on the screen, what is required to be screenshotted. At that point, press and hold simultaneously the “Power” button and the “Volume down” button, until you see any indication regarding the successful completion of the screen capture. Something like a flash might appear on the edges of the screen.
  • After that, the screenshot will be consequently stacked to the picture supervisor. You would now be able to include lines, bolts, and messages to the chart.
  • Lastly, tap “Done” > “Save” on the upper left of the app’s interface. Doing so will help you to keep the screenshot on your mobile phone. This captures screen can be discovered in the “Apowersoft Screenshot” named album under Gallery, in the form of a JPEG, JPG or PNG file.

OK Screenshot

This application empowers you to take a screenshot in two different ways. One method is either by pressing the phone’s power and volume down button (“Power + Volume Down) at a time or by tapping on the widget that is found on the phone’s screen in the form of a floating notification. From that point forward, you can alter the screenshot before sharing it. To utilize this application, you have to root your LG telephone, and the framework adaptation ought to be 4.0 or above.


This is another application that can be used to take screenshots of LG phones. You can tap the screenshot symbol on the screen only if your telephone is rooted, and the framework form is above 2.3. On the off chance that your mobile phone isn’t rooted, at that point, you can take a screenshot by squeezing the default key blend. From that point onward, the screenshot will show up right now alternatives to comment on, offer, and spare the picture.

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Screenshot it

This application is also helpful in taking screenshots bu it charges you $3.99. However, it gives helpful functionalities. It provides three different ways to screenshot: tapping it on the status bar, pressing its gadget button, or simply shaking your LG telephone. It likewise underpins delay in a catch. Like all other screenshot applications, Screenshot It permits you to alter, offer or spare the screenshot as you like.


Above mentioned are the ways on the best way how to screenshot on LG. The default way is helpful, yet needs altering highlights. The technique for using QuickMemo+ empowers you to take a screenshot, yet in addition, gives comment choices. In any case, in the event that you need more capacities like catching full site pages, transferring pictures to the free cloud, at that point, Apowersoft Screenshot is ultimately the best decision.

Gossipfunda hopes that this article has helped you in solving your problem of taking screenshots. If you anybody who is facing trouble with their LG phones, then don’t forget to share them this article.