How to Fix Baldur’s Gate 3’s Error Message on PS5: A Comprehensive Guide

Gamers around the globe eagerly awaited Baldur’s Gate 3. Released in 2023, this role-playing marvel offers players a dive into a captivating fantasy realm. Yet, PS5 users have faced a challenge. An error message with code CE-108255-1 has crept up, causing dismay or you have seen different Baldur’s Gate 3’s Error Message on PS5. But don’t worry. This article brings a solution to the table.

Exploring the Underlying Causes of the Error Message

Understanding the roots of a problem is pivotal in finding lasting solutions. In the case of Baldur’s Gate 3, several factors might be contributing to the emergence of the error message on PS5.

  1. Software Glitches: Often, software bugs or glitches are the culprits behind error messages. These unintended faults in the game’s coding can interfere with the smooth running of the game, causing it to crash or display error messages.
  2. Corrupted Game Files: Another common reason is corrupted game files. During the download or installation process, some files may become corrupted, leading to problems during gameplay. This corruption can stem from interruptions in the download process or flaws in the game’s development.
  3. Incompatibility Issues: Incompatibility between the game software and the console’s firmware can also lead to errors. If the game’s software is not in sync with the PS5’s system software, it may result in conflicts and, subsequently, error messages.
  4. Outdated Game Version: An outdated version of the game can cause errors to appear. Developers continuously work to improve game performance and fix bugs through updates. Running an outdated version may mean that known bugs, which have been fixed in newer versions, still exist in the game.
  5. Network Connection Problems: Sometimes, network issues may be causing the error messages. A poor or unstable internet connection can lead to disruptions, especially in games like Baldur’s Gate 3, which may rely on internet connectivity for certain features or updates.
  6. Incomplete Installation: An incomplete installation of the game can also be a contributing factor. If the installation process is interrupted or does not complete successfully, it may leave essential game files missing, causing the game to malfunction.
How to Fix Baldur's Gate 3's Error Message on PS5

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How to Fix Baldur’s Gate 3’s Error Message on PS5?

Fix 1: Regularly Update the Game

To resolve issues in Baldur’s Gate 3, start by ensuring the game is always updated to the latest version. Developers frequently release updates to rectify glitches and optimize game performance.

  1. Navigate to the Game: On your PS5 home screen, go to Baldur’s Gate 3.
  2. Check for Updates: Press the “Options” button on your controller and select “Check for Update” from the menu.
  3. Install if Available: If an update is available, follow the displayed instructions to complete the installation process.
  4. Restart the Game: After updating, restart the game to implement the changes, and check if the error message is resolved.
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Fix 2: Reinstall the Game to Correct Corrupted Files

Corrupted game files can trigger error messages. Reinstalling the game can rectify such file corruption and is a potent solution if updating the game doesn’t work.

  1. Delete the Game: Find Baldur’s Gate 3 in your game library, press the “Options” button, and select “Delete” to uninstall the game.
  2. Reinstall: After uninstalling, go back to the PS5 store or your game library and reinstall the game.
  3. Reboot the Game: Once reinstalled, restart Baldur’s Gate 3 and see if the error message has been resolved.

Fix 3: Opt for Offline Mode to Circumvent Network Issues

Network issues can be a significant contributor to error messages in games. By opting to play in offline mode, you bypass potential network conflicts and disruptions that might be causing the error.

  1. Access Settings: From the PS5 main menu, select “Settings” to enter the settings menu.
  2. Disable Internet Connection: Once in settings, navigate to the “Network” section and toggle “Connect to the Internet” to off, thus enabling offline mode.
  3. Launch the Game: After going offline, restart Baldur’s Gate 3 to check whether the error message continues to appear.

By meticulously implementing these steps, gamers can significantly minimize the chance of encountering the CE-108255-1 error message in Baldur’s Gate 3 and enjoy a smoother gaming experience.

Fix 4: Initiate a New Save File

In some instances, initiating a new save file can rectify unexpected glitches, allowing the game to run seamlessly.

  1. Create a New Save File: Open Baldur’s Gate 3 and create a new game, thus generating a new save file.
  2. Play and Pause: Engage with the game for a minute or two, then access the pause menu.
  3. Load Original Save File: Within the pause menu, load the original save file you wish to play, bypassing any potential glitches affecting it.

Fix 5: Keep an Eye on Official Developer Updates

Staying informed about the latest developments and updates from Larian Studios is pivotal for a smooth gaming experience. The developers often release essential patches and information related to game issues.

  1. Follow Developer Channels: Regularly check Larian Studios’ official website and their social media channels for the most accurate and up-to-date information.
  2. Install Latest Patches: When updates or patches are announced, download and install them promptly to benefit from fixes and improvements.
  3. Stay Informed: Read developer statements and updates to understand any known issues and resolutions provided by Larian Studios.

Fix 6: Ensure the Complete Installation of the Game

Verifying that the game installation is complete and successful is crucial to prevent missing essential game files, leading to malfunctioning.

  1. Check Installation: After installing Baldur’s Gate 3, confirm that the process has completed successfully without interruptions or errors.
  2. Reinstall if Necessary: If you suspect that the installation was incomplete, uninstall and then reinstall the game to ensure all game files are properly acquired.
  3. Verify Game Integrity: Once reinstalled, launch the game and check for any discrepancies or errors.
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Executing these troubleshooting steps diligently will assist players in overcoming the troublesome error messages and will pave the way for an immersive experience in the enthralling world of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Fix 7: Clear PS5 Cache to Remove Temporary Files

Clearing the cache on your PS5 can remove temporary data that might be causing the error in Baldur’s Gate 3. It’s a simple process and can rectify various game-related issues.

  1. Turn Off PS5: Fully power down your PS5, don’t just put it in rest mode.
  2. Unplug the Power Cord: Once turned off, unplug the power cord from the back of the console and wait for about 10 minutes.
  3. Reconnect and Power On: After waiting, plug the power cord back in and power up your PS5.
  4. Launch the Game: Start Baldur’s Gate 3 and see if clearing the cache resolved the error message.

Fix 8: Restore Licenses to Rectify Access Issues

Sometimes, license restoration can help in resolving issues related to game access and functionality. It’s particularly helpful when dealing with errors in digital game versions.

  1. Go to Settings: Navigate to the “Settings” menu on your PS5.
  2. Access Account Management: Within settings, find and select “Users and Accounts.”
  3. Restore Licenses: Scroll to find “Other” and select “Restore Licenses.” Confirm the action and wait for the process to complete.
  4. Relaunch the Game: Once the licenses are restored, relaunch Baldur’s Gate 3 and check if the error message still appears.

Addressing the CE-108255-1 error message with a holistic approach by combining various fixes can enhance the gameplay experience in Baldur’s Gate 3, allowing players to explore the magical and intricate world without disruptions.

Preventing Tips: Ensure a Seamless Gaming Experience

To prevent running into errors while enjoying Baldur’s Gate 3 on PS5, consider incorporating the following preventive measures:

  1. Regularly Update Your Game and Console: Ensure that both your PS5 system software and your game are always updated to the latest versions. Regular updates often include fixes for common bugs and enhancements for overall performance.
  2. Maintain a Stable Internet Connection: A stable and robust internet connection can prevent numerous network-related issues. Consider using a wired connection instead of wireless for a more reliable internet connection while gaming.
  3. Optimize Console Storage: Regularly managing and optimizing your PS5 storage can prevent potential issues related to game installations and load times. Delete unnecessary game data and ensure there’s sufficient space before installing new games.
  4. Avoid Interrupting Installations: Never interrupt a game installation. Interruptions can lead to incomplete or corrupted installations, causing errors. Ensure that your console is properly connected to a power source during installations to avoid sudden shutdowns.
  5. Utilize Reliable Power Sources: Connecting your PS5 to reliable and stable power sources can avoid unexpected shutdowns and power fluctuations that may corrupt game files and lead to errors.
  6. Engage with the Gaming Community: Participating in gaming forums and communities can provide early warnings and solutions for potential issues. Community members often share their experiences and solutions for various game-related problems.
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Incorporating these preventive measures can significantly reduce the likelihood of encountering error messages, allowing players to delve deeper into the intriguing and exciting realms of Baldur’s Gate 3 without unnecessary interruptions.


Navigating through the mystical and intricate world of Baldur’s Gate 3 should be a journey filled with excitement, discovery, and unadulterated gaming joy. However, encountering error messages can somewhat dim the thrilling experience. By adopting the various detailed fixes such as updating regularly, reinstalling the game, starting new save files, and keeping abreast of the official updates from Larian Studios, players can significantly enhance their gaming experiences.

The preventive tips and clear, concise solutions provided here aim to minimize disruptions, allowing gamers to immerse fully in the enthralling narratives and battles of Baldur’s Gate 3 on PS5. It’s paramount for all aficionados of this epic game to maintain optimal gaming environments and stay informed, ensuring every adventure is seamless and every quest a new thrill. Keep exploring, stay informed, and may your journeys in Baldur’s Gate be ever exhilarating and free of hindrances!


What do I do if I encounter an error message while playing Baldur’s Gate 3 on PS5?

Try updating the game, reinstalling it, and using other fixes mentioned in the article to resolve the error.

Why is it crucial to keep the game updated?

Keeping the game updated ensures you have all the latest fixes and enhancements, preventing many common issues.

How can clearing PS5 cache help?

Clearing cache removes temporary files that might cause the game to error, improving game performance and stability.