Google Quick Search Box

You have came across some time it is searched as com google android googlequicksearchbox, Fix google quick search box error in 2 minutes with minimal efforts. Are you stuck with googlequicksearch error? Do you want to remove or disable the voice assistant from your device then we got you covered. We included various different ways on how you can resolve the issue. Learn what is a quick search box on your smartphone and what it does. If you want to take a short way in then check out your video.

What is googlequicksearchbox?

Let’s first clear the confusion, break the term googlequicksearchbox into parts. So “Google” is the search engine, “quick” we all understand, “search-box” we all have seen. So it is the little search box on top of your home screen on Android. iPhones don’t have the quick-search bar, as Apple wants people to use Safari more aka their browser. If you are still confused then look at the screenshot.

com google android googlequicksearchbox

This quick search bar was first launched in September 2020 and is the position of the bar is there by default. You can move or change the location of the quick-search bar. This is very profitable for Google as the traffic on their search engine increased dramatically. Now, this helped increase the direct traffic on the engine but also blurred the difference in organic difference. 

If you are wondering why it is written backward. The reason behind this is the way how apps are named on the Play Store. For example, the URL for our Gossipfunda page is:

Notice that is starts with “play google” and then comes “.com” followed by “store/apps”. And as you can see what there are several components, for example,

Now many sites use this backward format, popular websites like twitter will have a “” and Facebook will have a “com.facebook.katana”. There is another example of the Gmail service by Google:

What is

As we just saw, it refers to the small quick search box that is located at the top of your smartphone or tablet screen. This has created a mess for several people and companies, as the difference between quick search has drastically increased while the quality of organic searches has gone down. This is very good news for Google, as more traffic on their search engine means more money from them. Over the last few years, website owners and network handlers and site managers must have seen a sharp rise in “”. This shows that people are searching from the quick search bar of google. Now, this creates the issue of blocking browser referrer and this creates a problem for the community and business. But we can’t argue that it makes the work of the user a lot easier and increase the traffic dramatically as compensation.

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Google has tried to tackle the problem, but it was not the best solution we all were hoping for. But as your users, you are not concerned with this particular problem.

How to fix the error?

Now let’s see how to solve the error with what can occur randomly. Or when you are using another application and you suddenly receive this annoying message. If you are trying to go live on Instagram and suddenly get an error for things you are not even doing. The error will look like “interactor is unable to register”.

Our first solution will be to uninstall the latest version of the quick search with the help of the Play Store. This removes any bug that might have come along with a software update. Follow these steps to do the same:

  1.  Wake up your smartphone and navigate to “settings”.
  2.  Open “settings” and find “apps”.
How to fix the error?
  1.  Once you open “apps” locate the “Google” app.
Uninstalling quick search
  1.  Once you find the app, tap on “uninstall the latest update”.

Disabling auto-update

This will solve your error with the quick-search bar, but the problem arises if the app being auto-updated. To resolve this problem, follow these simple steps:

  1.  Open the GooglePlay store
  2.  Tap on the 3 dots or bars.
  3.  Tap on “settings” and look for “Automatic Update”.
  4.  If you can not find it, search for it in the search box.
  5.  And set the app to “Do not auto-update”, one you disable this setting, the problem will be resolved.

Now whenever there is a new update for the app, the play store will ask you for updating and you will have to manually update it. And if you wish to update, you will most probably not face the same issue. In case, you face the same error, follow the process again and removing the latest update.

Turning off voice assistant

Another cause of the issue may be the “ok! Google” feature, removing or disabling the feature may solve the issue.

  1.  Open the Google search bar and tap on the 3 lines.
  2.  Find and open “Settings”.
  3.  Search for the voice assistant or search in the bar inside settings.
  4.  Now disable the voice assistant, and let it stay inactive.
  5.  To make sure that the feature is disabled, trying saying “Ok! Google”.
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This should resolve the issue when you are in the camera app and the error message pop-up. Now you can use your beloved camera app without the annoying error message. 

Removing mic access

You can remove the mic accessibility from the google app itself, this will cause the voice assistant to inactive. This is the most probable solution to the error problem. To remove the mic access from the Google app, follow these steps. But keep in mind that after doing so, you will no longer be able to use the voice feature, even when you are trying to use the in-app voice feature. But it is the best decision for your privacy as this will reduce the chances of companies or hackers eave-dropping you. 

  1.  Open the “settings” (we do not mean google app settings).
  2.  Find and open “apps” in the settings.
  3.  Find the “Google app” at the bottom of the screen. (It will be arranged in alphabetical order)
  4.  Open the Google app and tap on “permissions”.
  5.  Tap on “mic” and disable the permission.

This is not the best solution, but it has the potential to solve the issue. So it deserves a chance to be tried and see the results.

Wiping the cache data from the app

Another solution to the problem is wiping the cache data from the app. This is the best solution so far after the first one, as it mostly solves the error. It is a very good solution for people who don’t want to stop using the voice assistant. However, this will change all the settings of the app to its default stage, so you should remember what settings you have changed. Now to achieve this just follow few simple steps and you are all set and done.

  1.  Boot down your device.
  2.  Boot into the recovery mode, by pressing and holding the Volume Up Button + Power Button simultaneously. But if you have a physical home button, then press Volume Up Button + Power Button + Home button.
  3. Once done, use the volume keys to navigate and the power button to select “Wipe Cache Partition”. All these steps are happening in the recovery mode.
  4. Wipe clear the cache from your device, make sure that the process was successful and the cache is cleared. 

This will surely do the trick and resolve the error from occurring again, but you will lose your settings and your login info, Moreover, you will be logged out of all your accounts, no matter if it is a Google account or Amazon account.

Removing Gapps

Now another alternative is to remove the google app itself if you are willing to stop using it. Maybe you a busy person who doesn’t Google much if not at all, or you like to use another search engine. But do know that this will stop Google services such as Google Maps, Youtube, PlayStore. Now if you are all good for removing the Google app, then follow these steps:

  1. You need to root your device to get started with the guide. If you are not knowing how to achieve this, then read our article about rooting before you can proceed.
  2.  Create a backup of your device, to avoid losing any data while rooting. We would recommend you back up the SIM Toolkit data, to be on the safe side. Download apk export to create a backup, download the app from here. Remember that Google is a system application, to locate it on the app choose the “System app”.
  3.  Now once you complete the previous steps, use an apk remover to remove the Google app. You can use a root uninstaller for this purpose, download it from here.
  4.  Now once you are done, reboot your device for all changes to appear and we have successfully removed the Google app from our device.
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Now since you have the backup image saved, you can restore your device to what it was before. And remember to restart your device after the removal of the app. 

Note: We are not responsible for any of your data loss or device damage, as you should know what you are doing before you attempt it.


So we saw what “ and why we use it. Also saw how to resolve the problem of “interactor is unable to register”, there are multiple ways you can attempt to tackle this error. Our first method is the best way to resolve the issue so far. If you want to take a short way out for solving the error, check out our video on the same topic.