What is UICC Unlock

We all have come across many tech-related terms when we work on our devices. It is hard to understand them and may cause distrust. A lot of them don’t even make sense, a few do. Many times, especially while working with sensitive information we often get to know about security provisions. We might not even know what that means.You might have come across the spectrum of the UICC unlock. Have you wondered what a UICC unlock means? Well, it is a huge term which covers certain aspects which are very useful for your device. We shall go in deep about what all this means and what good does it do to the users. This article gives you an elaborate answer to what a UICC unlock is and how it works! So, let us go to understand more about this with the help of the following article.

What is UICC Unlock
What is UICC Unlock

What is UICC

UICC is the short form for the term “universal integrated circuit card”. it is also widely known as a Sim card. The UICC is very well appreciated as a smart card that is used in several mobile terminals. The basic mobile phone or handset terminals it is used include GSM and UMTS networks. The UICC is a well-known security provision, highly recommended for its robust security and creative integrity of all sorts of data. It is strong enough to protect all sorts of data, be it for professional use or personal information. As known till now, it can hold up to a few hundred kilobytes.

To understand more, UICC works along with two terminals of networks. In the first network, that is, the GSM network, there is a SIM card application in the UICC. In the second network, that is, the UMTC network, the UICC contains a USIM application.

What is the difference between UICC and SIM CARD?

As we are already aware, UICC stands for “universal integrated circuit card”. SIM is the acronym for “subscriber identification module”. So it is easy to understand how these are different just by the full forms. UICC is a new generation high tech SIM (subscriber identification module) that is often found in laptops, desktops, and other such devices. It is used in the high-speed wireless 4G or 3G networks for best results and efficient networking.

The UICC integrates the user’s device to the user’s wireless operator so it can get the memory of the user’s plans and services. It can store the user’s connections and modifies a secure and undeviating voice and media data connection, global roaming and unlikely add new-sprung applications and services to the user’s handset. Statistically speaking, UICC is considered one of the best and in fact, the only universally applicable application delivery provider that offers services with any 3G and 4G devices as per the user’s convenience. It ensures that all the subscribers of this service can successfully transfer their data, phone book, or even preferences from one device to another.

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Why should you use UICC over SIM

Well, a basic answer would be, because it’s the best. But technically speaking, UICC is better in comparison with SIM because the UICC works in all mobile telecom service providers. It is easily accessible through all mobile networks. Another notable feature is that it is smaller in size than a full card. It contains a computer to itself. The UICC is also equipped with a microprocessor, software, and also its own data storage. It is also regarded as an upgrade version of SIM which was used to identify the users in the GSM network provider. It is really impressive how GSM, which stands for “global system for mobile communications”, has over 3 billion worldwide users, making it the most popular standard for wireless technology. Statistically, 41 percent of the population currently uses GSM.

Alike SIM, UICC also has sorted provisions to conduct safe connection delivery. It controls and manages the cost of the calls while on ‘roaming’ per the user’s plans. One of the places where UICC tops SIM very easily is in optimizing multiple applications. The UICC can avail of multiple applications on its software. With the help of one of these standards, UMYS (universal mobile telecommunications systems), HSPA (High-speed packet access), or LTE (long term evolution), the USIM application identifies the user and their mobile phone network plan to the wireless service provider. Other networks that vary from GSM or UMTS, enable access on applications like CDMA SIM on the CDMA network.

Another basic advantage

Another great advantage that comes along UICC provides wonderful aspects. The UICC can communicate with the help of the Internet Protocol, also known as IP. Internet protocol is the same standard that is used alongside all the gadgets of the 21st century and works with the internet.  The safety and security provisions are also pretty robust as the user can use multiple PIN codes to access their information. The liberty of multiple PIN codes ensures secured protection of the digitally available data. This will also result in a safe virtual life and no hindrance can be caused by any external source to the user’s personal information.

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What is UICC unlock

As we have already come in terms of this article, UICC stands for a universal integrated service card. And if you were paying attention, it must be clear that it is a new generation SIM card, only more effective and efficient. Now, you must be wondering, what exactly is a UICC unlocking? How do you unlock you UICC? It might appear tricky in the beginning but, trust me, it isn’t.

The domestic unlock for the UICC refers to giving access to the SIM slot of your handset to enable the user to insert a different carrier SIM card. This can be done either domestically and if not, this can be enabled internationally as well. The user must know that unlocking a device does not mean that can be operated on all the connected devices with the carriers network.

The UICC is a new generation development of the SIM that is found functioning in many cell phones or devices working with high speed of internet. The sprinter of the device, more often than not, automatically unlocks the device when the network is ready. In rare cases, the phone might not unlock automatically. In such instances, the user may have to manually request the sprint to unlock the device.  After connecting to another carrier device, if the SIM card and the voice service worked, congratulations, your phone has been unlocked and can be easily used for domestic purposes. This should probably the case because if your device had not unlocked, you would have received a SIM card error message from the service provider.

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Exceptional cases

In other exceptional cases, the device might still cause issues to the user. Well, a device cannot be activated via another carrier’s network if the term “locked” appears on the user’s screen. If your device is “unlocked”, the user can be content that it is not locked on the Sprint’s network anymore and they can easily try to activate their device with the help of another carrier.

There are 2 cases possible here. That is, these cases are what we are known as of now.

SIM unlock

This generally happens with the devices that were manufactured after 2015 and it is pretty easy to access them once you learn how to unlock. These types of SIM cards are made in such a way that they can be unlocked for further usage on other carrier networks, considering it is SIM unlock-capable.

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MSL unlock

This generally happens to the devices that were manufactured before 2015 and was built with disabling software and a locking code. This device is “locked” and is also known as MSL, that is, master subsidy lock.  It can be made accessible to the MSL code for eligible customers depending upon the network’s terms and conditions.

These problems can be solved easily by contacting the sprint customer care services and requesting a SIM unlock. It is often more easily accessible to postpaid customers.

This does not guarantee anything. Your device may start working properly, but there can be rare cases when it might not. In that case, the user ought to take technical help.


The above article gives a deep analysis of the UICC unlocking feature of your handset.  It is that easy. There can be certain shortcomings while you are at it but you don’t need to worry about it. Because there is nothing so big in the world that can’t be fixed. We have tried our level best to help you with the UICC unlock issues and how exactly you can unlock your mobile phone. You access all your applications and networks at as much ease as possible. I hope we were able to help you with your queries. We try to make all the provided information as easy as possible. It is ensured that the information shared on our platform is 100% authentic . It is accessible to people from all walks of life without any difficulties. Hope to see you again.