How to mute a tab: Chrome, Safari, and Firefox

How to mute a tab?

How to mute a tab? Each modern desktop web browser allows you to disable/mute individual browser tabs/windows with just a few clicks, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. Only Microsoft Edge helps you to disable window of windows, even though the sound might be better by Microsoft. Here in this guide we will deal how to mute a tab in different way with different browsers.

How to Mute Tabs: Chrome, Safari, and Firefox

This is helpful if you want to silence a tab if you start playing music or video temporarily. It takes just a button or two in most cases. We do, however, have a separate guide for that, if you want something more comprehensive that automatically mutes tabs for you.

Google Chrome

  • Tap on the volume icon on a tab that is playing audio to silence a window tab in Google Chrome. You’ll see such a line, so the tab should be silenced.
  • You can, however, right-click on a tab to choose Mute Site, which will silence all tabs that are open in the potential from that website. You can repeat the same to unmute the tab.
How to mute a tab in Chrome

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Mozilla Firefox

Right-click on the tab and select Silence Tab to silence a window on the Firefox page. As in Chrome, a split speaker icon will be shown on the browser tab to the left of the button.

mute tab in mozilla

As in Chrome, the finding can navigator tabs only noise the speaker symbol is easy. Before it starts to make noise, you must also silence a tab preemptively. You can simply left-click on the speaker icon to turn on and off the volume for the window.

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Just simply right click on the tab of site on opera to mute it. You will find various options in which select Mute Tab.

Mute tab in opera

Apple Safari

You can add alternatives in Safari on a Mac to silence a window. During the current active row, a speaker icon will appear in the location bar of Safari. To turn the on / off sound for the window, press it.

You may click on any tab to the right and select Silence Tab or simply click on the speaker icon on the right side of the screen.

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Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge will also reveal a speaker icon on the window tabs while playing music. Nevertheless, it’s not because of the tabs in Edge actually silence.

Mute tab in Microsoft Edge
  • Nevertheless, there are ways to mute individual browser tabs. To do so press the speaker icon on the bottom right corner of your screen in the notification area and pick open volume mixer.
  • Scroll to the right side of the Volume Mixer window for the sound replay tab. Here will be shown various window tabs. Underneath the page name, click on the speaker button.
  • To unmute the window, either shut the browser tab and restart it or go back and press the speakers icon again.

Hopefully, at some stage, Microsoft will add a more optimized Microsoft Edge tab-muting feature. This is also the only way to mutate your Computer or turn to another client.

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How To Mute a selected Tab on Chrome OS

Lately, the internet is full of video ads. When you have many tabs open, sometimes the tab that causes the noise is difficult to understand. Google deals with a clever trick, where we’ll learn which tab should play audio and then silence it (instead of the whole laptop). This is the way to trigger the Chrome mute tab feature.

  • You should first know that Chrome has an audio-sending icon on the right side of the window. It is how it is. That is how it is.
  • And you can quickly know which audio player searches for the speaker symbol until you check out all your tabs.
  • If you want to stop the audio, just close the exact tab that’s play audio and reopen it later. But what if you want to mute without closing this particular tab?

Google Chrome has a secret Tab Mute feature:

  1. Go to your Google Chrome address bar to attend chrome:/flags.
  2. To open the search box press Ctrl + F. This box appears at the top right of the screen.
  3. In the enclosure, sort mute. Which brings you on the main instance of the silent word on the list. It would sound like that.
  4. You will get : Mute notifications during screen share. Change from default to enable. And relaunch Google Chrome to make the effects.
  5. Tap on the blue Activate button under the Audio Muting UI Control Tab.
  6. Click the Restart button that will appear, after you have pressed Activate.
  7. Repeat the reverse process to unmute.
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chrome flag mute option

This restarts Chrome and will allow the silent tab feature. You just have to press the speaker icon in the audio output tab to use this function. It will look, for instance, here if the background is playing a Youtube video. When you click on the icon on the Youtube tab, the tab will be deleted and audio output will cease. The speaker’s icon often shifts to the delicate appearance of the window.

This is how the Chrome OS Mute feature can be activated and used. It may be useful to switch audio off for a tab without changing the entire laptop.

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Mute Site on Chrome

Open Google Chrome and right-click on the website tab to literally silence the sound icon as seen in the image below. The sound icon appears. This button can not be clicked and you can not silence it by clicking it.

By right-clicking each of the tabs, those choices will show you. Now you want to know how this website is written quietly and not quietly. This indicates that the entire website is mute by clicking on this feature. For example, you won’t have any sound in any other Youtube tab unless you interrupt the position when you utilize Youtube. The sound icon displays a line above that indicates that this tab/website has a sound to be muted.

Most simple because of Google Chrome’s mute internet site only by following the above steps. On the page tab you want to mute, click the correct cursor and on the list for Mute Tab.

Normally, not every user wants to absolutely mutate the website. In two separate windows you have accessed Youtube, for example, so if you mute the tab, you will need to switch it to the other side. You are going to follow the instructions given below if you do not want this, and need a selected on Google Chrome tab to be silenced.

Google Chrome Flag Updates

Over a number of years, Google Chrome was upgraded to a whole new level. If in the Chrome Flag search bar, you used the flag for Tab Audio Muting UI Command, now it is totally gone. What does not mean that you can no longer deactivate a chrome press? You can, but you can now select the Sound Quality Settings option in the chrome flags. And although you will not allow the setup to mute a tab in Tab Audio mutating interface power, you will deactivate the option in the sound content settings.

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Follow the steps below:

>>Open Chrome’s flags using an ancient system equivalent. Type in, chrome:/flags will open the flags tab in your Google quest. Or, type chrome:/flags/#sound input flags on chrome easily. chrome

>>Now you might scan for the address of the sound quality settings from the list that emerges by entering the settings in the computational complexity on the top of this page. Flags/#sound content setting chrome:/flags

>>This tab’s default configuration is assail, so we just see the option for the mute section.

>>The settings on the tab are assail, so only the mute link can be used. To adjust that to the silent tab, you can press the blue downward arrow right in front of the default that opens a dropdown list of choices. You will press the Disabled list here.

>>Choose the Disabled option. And now you’re going to be asked to restart Chrome. For a relaunch that appears in the lower right corner of the page, you would like to click on the key. You will finish all of your open tabs and re-open within a few seconds so be careful not to lose any details.

>>Now, after Google Chrome has restarted and will tab restored, you will now mute tabs using the same process we use to mute pages. Now you can mute tabs. Yes, just click in the tab to mute, and then you can see that the option has now been revamped and says ‘mute tab’ rather than ‘mute section.’

Muting a Tab vs Muting an internet site

The main difference here is extremely obvious, and all this is clarified by the word website and tab. You have to restrict yourself by mutating an internet domain. From that site, you can not hear notification sounds because you have disabled the website. However, if you disable one window, if it opens up in another on your computer, you will still be alerted from an identical website. Here you are not constrained, so you want this feature to be allowed in your chrome. Give the lead now until the flag lasts. There are typically no warnings, as Google regularly upgrades its program. Much as a special flag used to mute a window, you foresee improvements in flags in the future too.


Here in the above section i have provided solutions for how to mute tabs. Also had discussed about Muting a Tab vs Muting an internet site. It is very easy>> You Have to just Go to the tab>>Right click on it>>And you will get the option to mute tab/site.