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How to set up the syntax content:// What is package used for? How to set a homepage and remove the default one. We will discuss all the fundamentals of content com android browser home index. We are going to talk about everything about in this article. Understand the fundamental of content:// Keep reading to know what it is. In the end, we have added Q&A related to the topic. Just reading the whole article you will be able to understand all about the basic and advanced things required.

We all use the internet every day. We use it on different devices. However, the common factor between them is the web browser. We always need a browser to use the internet. There are different kinds of browsers available in the market.

Today we are going to see about browsers, homepages, and everything related to it. We will also see some of the best search engines in the market. We will see how to set the default home page for a browser. With that, let us move to the topic.

You will not need to search elsewhere, just use the table of content to browse your related query, if you do not find anything, then don’t forget to put your feedback/comment, at last, we will provide the solution.

What is

This is a package name for the link to set the default homepage for a browser on Android devices. It is mainly used to import the features to configure the homepage for the default browser. Hence it is set for the default web browser. If we install any other browser on our device, it accesses this link and makes it the default homepage for the installed browser too. Thus we can say, “” is a home screen widget that can be used to add shortcuts to the home screen for your Android device. It can be used as a launcher, app launcher, shortcut to your favorite websites and apps, or any other widgets you want on your home screen!

It is disappointing at times. We sometimes don’t want the same home page on the other browser, and it automatically makes it the default homepage. In this article, we are going to see how to change the default homepage in any browser.

Why do we need a homepage?

The main reason is that we do not need to open the search engine when we want to search for some. The homepage of a browser, which is generally a search engine makes this task easy for us.

On the possibility that you are mulling over changing your internet browser’s home page, by then, you ought to get ready. In the event that you are different who needs to figure out how to visit journeys and needs to use Wi-Fi over your cell phone information plan, by then, you ought to present a module that gives you a selection of tiles for necessary interfaces with your favored pages rather than setting a custom first page.

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What is content://
What is content://

What is content://

A code or link with the purpose of setting a webpage as default on a smartphone with the integrated web browser. Let’s throw confusion out of the window first, content:// is used to set a page as the default page on the browser in question.

If you are getting confused with the line code content://, then we can break it into different components. The first is “content://,” which allows us to share the content on the same or different platforms. The second part, “” is the name of the package, and the last part, “browser.home” is clear from its name. This refers to the app as the default browser on your smartphone, and “home/” is the component that is responsible for accessing the home page.

The Android Browser is an internet browser that runs on Android. It provides access to the internet, including all its content. Content:// is a content organization that can be accessed by any device running the Android operating system, such as tablets and smartphones, as well as TVs and TVs with Internet connectivity. The content:// directory contains all of the content for the browser and its related applications, such as Google Play Store or YouTube videos (including embedded videos), and other similar files. The content:// directory contains a limited number of data, such as those available in the Google Play Store or on YouTube, and other content that does not require user interaction from the browser itself (such as YouTube annotations). It provides access to the internet, including all its content. is a content organization that can be accessed by multiple countries

You can change or edit the home page from your smartphone’s settings. Now using all this data within the URL (Uniform Resource Locator), the browser can open the homepage. Let’s understand it with a daily example, when you are on Instagram or Facebook and click on an advertisement, and then you are transferred to the web-view of their page on your default browser. If you are using Android, then it will be Chrome, or for iPhone, it will be Safari.

This component can also be used in an app if you click an ad for a product in an app or game. Then you will be transferred to the website or the play store, along with management of the app permissions. Also, understand the basics of chrome://flags.

Why should you change content://

As we know that smartphones are capable of showing web pages and come with pre-installed web browsers. But the companies can use it to their advantage and show you ads, and companies like Mi and Redmi are infamous for pushing ads in their OS. This lets them make more money without the user’s consent, which is a pretty annoying thing and something most people hate.

With the help of content://, we can change the home page, which contains ads, this will make a huge difference in the user experience. There is an alternative term for it; also, it is known as URI( uniform resource identifier). The URI is the default home page, and whenever you open your browser, this web page or URI will be opened. And if you want to change the default web page, then you need to change the URI, by changing the URL in the settings.

Now you know why you should change the URI and what are the advantages of the URI. There are a number of different web browsers, and all browsers have different settings layouts, so we have included major web browsers. So now, let’s see how we can change the URI.

What is content://

Now there are many syntaxes for the android web browser such as:

  • content://
  • content://
  • content://
  • content:// search
  • content://
  • content://
  • content://
  • content://
  • content://

Now you must be getting an idea of what the syntax means and what functionality it offers to the user and the browser. Similarly, the word “index” in the URI refers to browser indexing. Now indexing is something that is used by the server admins and not by the guest or visitor to the site. The indexing allows the admin to find and index documents.

Note: Index is a synonym used for the databases which are utilized by search engines like Google and Bing. In case a website is not present in the index of the search engine, users or visitors will not be able to visit the website in question.

This tool is not useful for you unless you happen to have a server and somehow don’t know about the index. So we understood the basics and saw the various different syntaxes used in the web browser.

Similarly, we can see that content:// have “bookmark,” and we understand the previous syntax. So the syntax means that you can add bookmarks to your browser with or without this syntax. You can now add the bookmarks on your smartphone home screen and open the marked website very quickly.

Compare: message vs message+

Now we have seen the basics. Let us see

How to change the homepage of the browser?

Method 1: Android Browser Settings

  • Open the Google browser application as a matter of course.
  • Snap the menu button on the upper right half of the screen that is the best bet accessible.
  • Snap the “Settings” menu and a while later move further to the sub-menu continuously unless you find the “Android Browser Settings” choice.
What is content://
  • Snap-on that once you’ve discovered it.
  • Open the settings to the General.
  • At long last, click the Homepage button.
How to change the homepage of the browser?
  • Presently enter URL, you need to set at default page or select the choice for the clear page.

Method 2: Set Homepage

  • Open the tab you set as your default internet browser.
  • You will see a menu choice with three specks at the upper right corner
  • To get to settings, tap this menu.
  • A settings image will appear on the dropdown menu.
  • This menu will have the “Set Homepage” choice
  • Tap the settings choice on the landing page, and you’ll be provoked to enter the URL
  • Enter your preferred landing page Site URL
  • You are done, and you are a great idea to go.

Method 3: Spare bookmarks on URL page

  • Open your default internet browser and visit your landing page on the site you wish to utilize
  • Presently click the menu button
  • You can see an alternative called “Spare bookmarks on URL page” When utilizing Chrome, press the Star symbol in the location bar
  • Presently press the menu button again and search for potential bookmarks.
  • Remember that you can even do that every so often by visiting the post.
  • Simply press on and keep the bookmark or history page.
  • Another menu that incorporates an alternative called to set as landing page will show up.

We have till now seen how to change the default homepage of the browser. Now, what if we don’t want to set/remove the page on our device. Let us see about that.

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How to remove

We have seen above how sometimes the homepage of the browser annoys us.

See also  Google LaMDA is the default URL for an inbuilt program on android contraptions. Since the program itself is far more detestable in light of the fact that it looks bad on the grounds that the interface isn’t acceptable, clients don’t care for this landing page.

To remove as your landing page, follow the means underneath.

  • Start the default Installed Web program, Select menu settings, and a short time later select the menu elective.
  • Tap General now, and snap pick Homepage.
  • Type the URL or internet searcher you need to spare to your default landing page
  • Tap Button Save.

We have seen almost everything about the Now let us see some of the android browsers and best search engines.

Top 5 best android browser

In this section, we are going to talk about the top 5 web browsers for android.

Google Chrome

The first browser we are going to talk about is Google Chrome. All of android devices come with Google Chrome inbuilt. It is one of the best browsers available in the market. It is free to use. This browser has a lot of functions. The main thing about this browser is that as it comes from Google, it has no security issues.

Obviously, we give the compulsory gesture to the most well-known Android program. Numerous individuals have this pre-introduced on their gadgets and select to continue utilizing it simply. That is a completely sensible activity. It highlights adjusting with Google Chrome on work area alongside the most recent Material Design, boundless perusing tabs, more profound joining with Android, and a lot of different highlights for both fundamental perusing and force clients. There are four all-out Chrome programs. In plummeting requests of solidness, you have the standard Google Chrome, Chrome Beta, Chrome Dev, and Chrome Canary. Pick at your own hazard. Google Chrome quite often has the most recent Android highlights before different programs also.

Google content com android browser home

How to set-up a homepage in google chrome?

The advantage of doing so means whenever you are opening any page, that web page will be opened in Chrome. Along with the default home page, this will enable the home button.

Follow the following steps to achieve the same:

  1. Open Chrome on your device and navigate to “Settings” and open it.
  2. Find “Appearance” at the left side of your screen and click on it.
  3. Locate the “Show Home button” and enable it by clicking on it.
  4. Now select “Enter custom web address” and enter the URL of the web page.

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There are two great Firefox programs. The first is the standard Firefox Browser. It includes the entirety of the great stuff, such as cross-stage synchronizing, an unshakable perusing experience, following assurance, an implicit secret key chief, and the sky’s limit. It’s Google Chrome’s greatest rival, and there truly isn’t a lot of that one has that the other doesn’t. The second great Firefox alternative is Firefox Focus, a protection program with a huge security and security highlight. You can locate the standard Firefox Browser at the catch beneath or look at Firefox Focus here. They are both fantastic Android programs.


How to set-up a homepage in Mozilla?

Mozilla is a browser that can be found in multiple OS (Operating Systems), so learning how to set-up a home page can be handy. The following steps are for the Android version of the Mozilla browser.

  1. Open the browser on your smartphone.
  2. Tap on the three dots and open “Settings.”
  3. Now tap on “Homepage” and then select “Set a homepage.”
  4. Now you can tap on “Custom” and enter the URL of the web page.
  5. Once you complete the previous steps, close the browser and open it to see the default page as the webpage you choose.

Opera Browser

Opera has a few Android programs. They’re both really acceptable. The first is the standard Opera Browser. It includes a halfway advertisement square, video pressure to spare information, and a dashboard where you can have news and top choices put away. You can make an Opera account and sync information among this and the work area adaptation. Opera Mini is a littler, increasingly lightweight alternative. It accompanies a Facebook notice bar, halfway advertisement blocking, and that’s just the beginning. Their most recent, Opera Touch, accompanies work area adjusting and all the more remarkable highlights. The majority of them have their own beta form also. Like all products, these Android programs have their high points and low points and have their own utilization cases.

Opera Browser

How to set-up a homepage in Opera?

Similar to Mozilla, Opera is a pretty widely used web browser and is available on different platforms. We will see how we can get a web page as a home page.

Note: The guild will work for both the Opera and Opera mini web browsers.

  • Open the browser on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Tap the “Settings icon” on the bottom right of your screen.
  • Now you can choose to disable the news from the homepage. This can cause problems later, so we would suggest you disable it.
  • Along with news, you need to disable the “trending” in the browser from the settings.
  • Now open the home page and remove all the “speed search sites.”
  • Once you complete the previous steps, copy the URL of the web page and tap on the “+” icon in Opera. Now enter the URL in the section and click “OK.” This will set that web page as the default home page.
  • Now save the settings and open the browser’s homepage to find that the home page is now changed.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is truly better than an average internet browser on portable. It includes a light, yet viable sync highlight with the work area variant. The application likewise functions admirably with Windows 10 and Microsoft Launcher. Some different highlights incorporate a Hub include, including a QR code peruser, a voice search, and a private perusing mode. It’s not incredible for everyone. In any case, those firmly imbued in Microsoft’s biological system presumably won’t locate a superior program that works with their different administrations. Microsoft is, in the long run, moving Edge to a Chromium base, so it might show signs of improvement after some time.

Microsoft Edge content://
  • Start the default Android browser.
  • write the syntax “content://” on the Address bar:
  • The setting menu will show-> change the default home page on Microsoft Edge.

Note that: The syntax content:// will offer homepage settings on several browsers that have been structured as a default browser. Though Gossipfunda has verified by implementing this code on a non-default browser, it is representing an error “ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND” file not found, or the file has been removed or killed. In some situations, it too displays an error statement 404 Not Found. In these circumstances use earlier suggested ways.

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser has seen a ton of accomplishments on Android. It has a tolerable arrangement of highlights too. That incorporates theming, streak support, advertisement square, in secret mode, and some tertiary highlights like motion controls. There are additional add-on and expansion support on the off chance you need alongside a local advertisement blocker. It’s not exactly as drawing in of a choice as it was back when a decent program was hard to track down. Be that as it may, it holds a situation on this rundown for as yet being more than sufficient to be here.

Dolphin content com android browser home

How to set-up a homepage in Safari?

The setup is relatively simple and just floor the steps.

Note: If you are using a mac, then go in “General preferences” in the Safari browser.

  • Open the Safari browser and click on “Preferences.”
  • Then navigate and open “General.”
  • Now just enter the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) in the “Homepage “of the web page you wish to make the homepage. Or you can choose the current page as default by choosing “Set current page.”

How to change the default homepage- any Browser

Now there are a number of web browsers with a similar layout, so if you are using any other browser, then you can change the default home page. And it is a good thing that most of web browsers let us choose or change the default home page rather than using their product page as default or an ad is even worse. But different platforms and different browsers will have different settings layouts, so we made a sketch for changing on different platforms.

For Android smartphones or tablets:

  • Open “Settings.”
  • Navigate to “Apps or App manager” and open it. This should contain all the apps present on your smartphone.
  • Now just tap on the three dots at the top of the screen and select “Default apps.”
  • Tap on the browser you are using or want to change the default page on.
  • Enter the URL of the web page, and you are all ready to go.

We have shown how you can achieve the same on an iPhone or Mac, check the above content.

How to remove “content://”

Well, as already stated before that “content com android browser home” is a default URL in the android device’s inbuilt apps. As browser’s user interface itself looks a little unattractive, making users not like it much. For removing “content://” follow these simple steps:

  1. Step 1: Open the default Internet Bowser pre-installed on your Android device.
  2. Step 2: Now go to the Menu of that Browser.
  3. Step 3: Find the “Setting” option on that Menu.
  4. Step 4: Now tap on the General option.
  5. Step 5: Now, pick up the Homepage of your choice.
  6. Step 6: Now, fill the URL with the default homepage of your choice. You can also add Search Engines.
  7. Step 7: Now tap on the ‘Save” button.

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Are you not able to understand your browser? Are you not able to choose which browser is best for you? You are confused with your android phone settings related to the browser? Irritated with the dull default home page of the browser? Then this article is perfect for you. This article contains many questions that are frequently asked. Here is the solution to all your common doubts. You don’t need to sit in front of your computer for hours to know about the problems related to the default browser.

After reading this article the readers can compare different browsers. Features of many common android browsers are given in this article along with their settings. The readers will be able to choose the browser and opt the best suitable for them. 

Let us not waste much time and jump into the article. We have tried to cover all shorts of FQA( frequently asked question-related to content://

How do I browse securely on Android?

Everyone surfs the internet regularly, but the question which arises are you browsing safely? Here are the ways to make sure if the user is browsing safely. The user can browse safely by following these steps, so continue to read.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Virtual Private Network, in familiar words, VPN. Most of the surfs which we do on the internet is trackable. VPN helps in hiding our location. In other words, VPN changes our browsing server. VPN connects our search data to a different server. So, we can say this is a safer way of browsing.

Disable unknown app sources

Letting apps from unknown sources can cause trouble to your android device. This can let malware into your android. Which latter causes many problems in your device. in this way even if you browse anything you will be able to stop viruses to get into your device.

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Avoid Using public WIFIs

Open-source public WIFIs are threats which we are calling ourselves. Most of the people connect to this because they are free to connect. Many unusual activities can take place in doing so. If you have to connect to any sort of public WIFI or public network then make sure to install a WIFI scan. There are many scanning apps present on the internet. These apps notify you in case of unusual activity.

Malware Scanners

Whatever the user downloads from the browser, make sure it is Malware and virus free. For this one can download Malware Scanners. These applications make sure that your android download is free from all types of malware. In this way, you can keep your android safe from malware.

These are some ways which we recommend for a safer browsing experience.

Which Android Browser uses less battery?

The battery is a considerable factor for frequent surfers. Having a browser that supports the user’s battery life is a boon. Well, to answer this question, let us put any other factor aside and talk only in terms of battery. From various experiments and official statistics and research data, Brave is the one. The Brave browser, in Android devices, is a battery savior. The result of various experiments says Brave browser saves up to 35% battery of what Google Chrome uses.

The brave browsers have some features in them which lets them as battery saviors even in 2021. In similar to Chrome, Brave adapts Chromium. This is the browsing technology that Google Chrome uses. If Chrome uses the same technology then why Brave is a battery savior? To answer this question the users must know additional features of Brave browser. Though Brave is very much similar to Chrome, Brave has additional features that make it different from others. Brave has an in-built option of blocking ads. This basic in-built feature of Brave is much different from other browsers. As it is unnecessary ad-free content, it consumes less battery. As ads from the browser consume a lot of data, they are the major cause of the data drain. The ad-free browser saves power by using fewer data. Which ultimately means less network usage, which means less power consumption.

Though this browser uses less power, there are some issues with the browser. According to reviews of many people, and a lot of research, it came to that this browser is comparatively slow. Though the speed of this browser is different from android to android. As we know everything in this world has both pros and cons. It is up to you to choose the browsers as per your choice.

In short, the Brave is the battery savior browser of your android.

How do I change my default browser in Android?

The user has many options to browse in. This creates confusion for the users, what to use? It is quite usual that users change their minds easily. It is fact that every browser has its advantages. Many android users use different types of browsers. It is quite common to change their mind and want to change the default browser. It is simple to change the default browser on Android.

  1. The first step is to open the Settings app on your android device.
  2. Then go to the ‘Applications and Permissions’ option.
How do I change my default browser in Android?
  1. Then go to the ‘Permission management’ option.
Permission management
  1. There the user can find ‘Default app Settings’.
Default app Settings
  1. There select the “Browser” option.
  2. Now you can select the desired browser. Then click on ok.
select the desired browser ad set content://

And it’s done. You have successfully changed. These are the simple steps that one needs to follow to change one default browser. If you want to put some other browser as a default browser, then follow these steps. Firstly, go install the browser from the Play Store app. Then in the default settings, you can find the browsers which you have installed in that list. Select that browser and then on ok. Before putting a browser as default, the browser must be present on your android device. else, you cannot find the browser in the list.

Note: the above process of changing the browser is given by taking Vivo android mobiles as a reference. This process may vary from android to android. If you do not find the folders or applications with the respective names then find applications with similar names. The user can first go to security. Then to Apps. There search for the default option. In that user can find Browser. By clicking on it he or she can change the browser.

Whenever you are clicking on a link, is it redirecting to any browser? Do you want to open a link in an app, but it is redirecting to a browser? Do you want the links to redirect to a different browser? Then you got a platform to search. Here we are going to answer your questions. Before moving ahead, let us determine the problem. Let us consider, you are having a link, when you click on it, it is opening in the browser. The user wants to open the link in the related app.

Now take the example of Facebook. The user has a Facebook link that he wants to run in-app. To do this, the user has to follow some simple steps. The first and basic step is to make sure you download and install the application on your android device. Once the user confirms this step, then follow some simple processes as given.

  1. The user has to go to phone settings.
  2. Then go to the Applications and Permissions.
  3. Then go to the App Manager.
  4. Now the user has to go to the app that he or she desires to open. In this, we take it as Facebook.
  5. Search for the app. And tap on it.
  6. There the user can find the Open by default option. Once the user clicks on it, he finds some options.
  7. There, search for “open the supported link in an app”.
  8. There the user has an option to “Always Ask”. By choosing this you can confirm your redirection to the app or browser.

By following these simple steps, the user can let the links redirect to any app. If the user wants to open the link in any different application, then try changing their default browser. In this way, one can avoid the link opening in unnecessary browsers. Now try this method and try opening any link in the app you desire.

How do I refresh my browser on android?

Do you want to refresh your browser on your android? Does the slow browser irritate you? You want to get rid of slow data by refreshing your browser. You can simply do this by following some steps. Let us learn about refreshing data by performing experiments on one of the most widely used browsers Google Chrome.

Let us see the ways to refresh data on Android phones.

  1. Open the app in which you want to clear data. For this instance, we are taking it to be “Google Chrome”.
  2. Open Chrome on your Android device. on the top-right corner, the user finds three dots icons. Click on this icon.
  3. Then go to the settings.
  4. Then search for the Privacy and Security option. Tap on it.
How do I refresh my browser on android?
  1. Now, search for the “Clear Browsing Data option”. Click on it.
  2. There, multiple options appear with checkboxes. Select “Browsing History”, “Cache”, and “Cookies, Site Data”. Then tap on Clear.
Clear Browsing Data option

and that’s all. By following these steps, you can refresh your data successfully. By doing this, the user’s data like Browsing History completely wipes off. So, make sure you know about this. The user will not even get the former google suggestions which are on a search basis. The refreshing page is different from the refreshing browser. The user can refresh any page that he or she is surfing by doing the following. While you are on the page, click on the 3-dot icon on the top right corner. There you can find the Refresh symbol. Tap on it. Your page refreshes.

Which Browser is best for Android TV?

Are you searching for the best browser for using Android TV? If you don’t know what Android TV is? Then here is a quick introduction. Android TV is the platform where users can stream television shows. Not the only TV show, users can also watch movies, series, and others from platforms like Netflix, and YouTube. The users can also watch stuff that is locally saved by using some mediums. All these are on the screens of your Televisions. Isn’t this amazing?

Now, let us take a look at the Browsers that are best suitable for Android TV.

  1. In this list, the “Puffin TV-Browser” stands in the first place. Why does this browser stand in 1st place? Many browsers find it difficult to co-ordinate with Android TV’s remote. Puffin TV browser is specially designed to be a TV browser. Hence, this browser coordinates with your TV’s remote. And helps for a better search experience.
  2. Google Chrome fits the second position. Google Chrome is a popular browser, with a decent number of users. Though, it is fact that Android TV does not come with the Pre-installation of Chrome. The users can install it. then use it. Why chrome is better to use? Well, for an existing Chrome user, it is more likely to be useful. As, you will access all of your history, suggestions, and bookmarks.
  3. Don’t forget to add TVWeb Bowser to this list. As we stated cons of TV browsers, this browser comes into this category as well. This browser comes with many features. Like on-screen mouse pointer, AI voice search, and other features. So, this browser is also considered to be one of the best for Android TV.

Many other Browsers like Mozilla Firefox, and Android TV Browsers are also better options for Android TV. Now, the user has to think wisely and choose the best browser.

How do I change my browser settings on Android?

The browser settings differ from browser to browser. You have already seen content://, that is how it changes. If one wants to change their default browser then it is given in this article step by step. If the user wants to change the settings of any browser then we need to study these ones by one. Each browser has different ways to approach settings. Now in this article let us see how to change browser settings in different browsers.

For a Chrome Browser, go to Chrome Browser. In the upper-right corner, you will find three dots. Tap on it. A Drop-down menu pops up. Scroll down, you will find the settings option. By selecting this you can change any of your browser settings.

How do I change my browser settings on Android?

For Opera Browser, it is similar to go to your Opera browser. On the top left corner click on the browser’s logo. There you will find a menu selected for settings. And you can change any settings of your Opera browser.

To change settings on Mozilla Firefox, the user has to follow similar steps. Go to the 3 dots symbol on the top-right corner. There the user can find many options. Now select the settings option to change your Mozilla Firefox settings.

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You can make any of the browsers as the default browser for a better browsing experience. To change the settings of the default browser, the user has to go phone settings and then go to default browser settings. There you can change the settings of your default browser.

Which browser is best for Android?

With the availability of different types of browsers, it is quite difficult for users to choose one browser. The answer to the question of which browser is best for Android is completely relative. Answers to this type of question are highly a factor of choice. Though we have classified some of them based on features.

  1. Google Chrome Beta Android bowser- This is a decent browser. With ell enough features, Google Chrome leads as one of mostly using browsers of the Android world. With a decent mobile and internet connection, this browser can handle heavy usage. This application can provide you heavy work experience on sites and renders them perfectly. Though the Beta version of this browser is facing some bugs. We can still consider Chrome as a decent website.
  2. Opera Mobile Android Browser- This is also a popular browser. Opera browsers are famous for their service even in poorer network connections. This browser has an additional feature like Video compression, if you are having fewer data and you want to watch videos then this browser is your savior. This browser can faster even in your slower network. So, this website is for people with low data packs. Apart from that, adding websites directly to home screens is also an additional feature of this browser.
  3. Mozilla Firefox Android Browsers- Mozilla Firefox is another good browser. Firefox is a light-weight browser. This browser is a perfect fit for any kind of application. The major advantage of this feature is this application support Add-ons. Another luxurious advantage of this browser is Reading mode. Firefox is always famous for its Privacy level. This browser provides users, Tracking Protection. This is next-level privacy set up. If you are behind safety then consider this browser. Quick share is also an additional feature for this browser. Along with that, it comes with additional features of Sync devices as major of the browser supports, and easy access to sites and many more. 

These are some famous browsers with their features. Though our team suggests the users use the DUCKDUCK GO web Browser. This browser comes with safety first concept. If safety is not your main concern. Problems like a battery issue, space issue is the topic of main concern check features of various browsers then take a step. We always suggest our readers make a survey and find the browser with a feature that you require. As an answer to this question is opinion-dependent, make your choice. Find a browser that fits your requirements.

Which is the safest browser for Android?

Whenever it comes to browsing safety is always a key factor. There are numerous browsers on the internet today. Now, it is on the user to make choice. Here is the list of browsers, which are secure enough for a user. 

  1. Brave Browser: Brave Browser is a good comes with well enough security and privacy. The features of this browser are, it comes with a Tracker blocking private search option. This browser supports incognito mode as well. HTTPS in every browsing. This Browser comes with third-party cookie blocking. This is a new browser and has some bugs. Though these bugs are negligible, this browser is good enough.
  2. Cake Browser: this is a free software browser. The main agenda of this browser is privacy. Cake browser comes with features like “Do Not Track Mode”. This bowser always functions on HTTPS protection mode. An additional feature of this browser is this comes with a passcode system. Whenever you browse, you need to enter a passcode to unlock the browser. This browser also comes with additional features like Dark mode, voice search, and more. If you are a person of privacy do not miss checking this browser. 
  3. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser: this is also one of the trustworthy browsers. This browser has features like blocking third-party tracking applications. The advantage of this application is it has its search engine. And browsers do not track your activities. And as a regular privacy browser, it has HTTPS everywhere. To be honest, we suggest our users use this browser for safety purposes. 

There are many other browsers with HTTPS security and incognito mode. Browsers like Chrome, Firefox Focus, etc. now, it is your choice to make the right choice. Try the browsers and go for content://

How do I reset my Android browser?

It is simple to reset your Android browser. The user has just gone to setting and then clear the cache of the browser. When the user the term of reset he or she wants the browser as fresh without old contents. If the user wants to reset the chrome browser, he or she cannot do this directly in the chrome app. The user has to go to system settings to do this.

  1. First, the user has to go to the system settings on your android device.
  2. Then go to Advanced.
  3. Then go to content settings.
  4. There you will find reset to default. By clicking this you will change all your browser settings to default.

Else, the user can reset the browser settings by going to the browser settings and then clearing data.

  1. For this, the user first has to go to settings.
  2. Then go to application and permission.
  3. Then click on the App Manager.
  4. There you can find all the installed applications. Click on the browser you want to reset.
  5. For suppose if you want to reset Chrome, click on chrome. Then go to storage.
  6. There you can find clear data.

Once the user clicks on the clear data option, he or she can find an alert that pops up. This is to make sure if you want to clear data. Click on ok and it is done. Now, you have successfully reset your chrome browser. Similarly, if the user wants to reset any other browser, he or she can choose it from the apps. And continue the same process. By following these steps, you can reset your browser.

How do I get rid of browser com notifications on android?

Do the browser Notifications irritate you? Here, find answers to questions like how to put a check to your notifications? When you are using any other app or website you will get notifications then chrome will warn you so that you can block the notifications from settings.

Many of you get irritated by the notifications while using your browser and you will get many unnecessary notifications. To avoid such notifications, you can use incognito mode. Incognito mode will not allow notifications from any site and it’s safe also.

You can find some notifications in your browsers like Push notifications, Advertisement notifications, and Other sites notifications, etc. The web notifications will appear because the head who is handling the website wills end push notifications by adding a code in their website from the web push service. So, it will send push notifications with URLs. When you will tap on the notification it will direct you to the webpage.

Let us see how to get rid of notifications from each browser

  1. Google Chrome: go to the chrome app on your mobile. Then go to settings, by clicking on the menu which is at the top right corner. Now scroll down to the Notifications option. Tap on it. Now turn this button off to stop receiving notifications.
stop receiving notifications
How do I get rid of browser com notifications on android?
  1. Firefox: go to the Firefox app on your android device. Then select the menu option. Go to the Content segment there the user can find notifications. The notification Permissions box appears on the screens. There you can remove the site, whichever you don’t want to receive notifications from.

These are some commonly used websites in android. If you want to turn off notifications from any other browser follow similar steps. You can take the above steps as a reference and continue.

What is the default browser for Android?

With the availability of so many browsers on the internet, it is difficult to find what is our default browser. In general, when you buy a new android phone, there is some default browser in it. The default browsers vary from phone to phone. The older models of androids had Android Browser as the default browser. But the coming phone is having a variety of default browsers depending upon the manufacturer to manufacturer. Vivo mobiles have Vivo browsers. Redmi mobiles have MI browsers. So, depending on the manufacturer the default browsers vary. However, the users have the option of changing their default browser.

What is the default browser for Android?

 If the user has changed the default browser and is now confused what is their default browser? Then the user can find out simply. The user first has to go to the setting in their android mobile. Then the user has to go to Applications and Permissions. Then to the Default setting. There the user can find many default options. Go to Browser. Tap on it. There the user finds a Tick mark on the default browser. From there he or she can confirm their default browser.


In conclusion, in this article, we have seen about the We came to know what it is. In this article, we have also seen some of the ways to change the default homepage on the browser. We have also talked about some of the best browsers in the market. I hope you liked the post.

The alternative term or syntax for content:// is URI (uniform resource identifier). Using this, you can tell our browser which web page to open when you start the browser. And also can be used to remove irritating ads and other bloatware sites. If you decide to change the home page, we learned how to achieve the same on different platforms and browsers. Most of the browsers have a similar settings layout, but not all, and we made a sketch on how you can do it on different browsers. There are various different syntax with different functionality and different functions.

Packing up Q&A

Gossipfunda has answered many common questions regarding browsers and browsing experiences in Android. We have also discussed the best browsers for different applications. We have also discussed some default settings of the browser and solutions to many problems. The readers have to keep in mind that whatever the browser is the settings remain similar. It is not that the settings are completely the same but they are similar.

Hope the FAQ section was fun and readers enjoyed it. We will meet you again in more FAQ sections and many other interesting articles.

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