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Want to know more features and the secret of Also, the process to rid of that. The is the main feature in the visual voicemail application. First, let us break down the topics then go in deep with the app. You need to know about the motive of visual voicemail. So, keep reading the article to solve all the issues and knowledge to explore the genre of technology. 

What is

It is a pretty great feature in Android mobiles. That allows you to transcribe the voicemail message into a text format that makes you easy to read. As mobile phones that have visual voicemail had this VoIP feature. Let us get in detail, If you listen to your message in voicemail format then the automated voice will respond. So you can listen to your messages and SMS as voice output. So, that the number of messages got you can just tap to listen, repeat, and can delete the messages.

But with this feature, there is no special effect we find on our mobile phone honestly. The visual voicemail can display all the calls, messages, etc in Email format. You can also use this feature on your PC or Laptop or tablet. So that the messages are in the same format.  You are provided with all the menus and other options like a reply to the messages or forward the messages or can delete them. You are allowed to do any possible actions as you view in your Email format.

Now You can get doubt why are we using this? and where we need this?

Do com coremobility app vnotes a virus?

The answer is big “NO,” com coremobility app vnotes is a functionality in terms of package name, not a virus!


The main advantage of using the visual voicemail is it shows with all the details of vital. Those which you have in a message so that all available in a single platform. In an emergency, if we need to save our time while performing some activities and engaged in work this helps you. With the commonly used Audio voicemail that repeats us with a lot of stuff and unwanted information. So, we don’t need even sounds terrible and boring. 


  1. Disc space: The best feature of this application is it uses Normally the text space storage is small than audio storage. Even the text files take a small storage space than audio files. So this app uses all the audio files and this feature saves little storage space. Files with less storage space will be easy to download the message. It becomes easier to send to other persons.
  2. There are also some ways to make it more comfortable with this feature. No need to always hear to message you received and repeat the message to understand. Instead, you can view the message also which makes users read easily and faster.
  3. Access process: This makes users access all the settings in the app and with your messages. No need for other installed software to read or reply or delete the messages. It also allows you to read messages from anywhere. If you are in some crowdie area and you need to send any important SMS then a visual voicemail helps you with no burden. 
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Now, you came to know all about the Visual Voicemail app features and its benefits. But what is the process to disable the feature? so, stay with me to understand more about it.

Note: First, you need to notice that is one of the pre-programmed features on your phone. 

How to access?

  1. It is very easy to access the app. Open the phone’s menu option on the Home screen, or directly open in the settings app.
  2. There in the menu bar, you can view the Disable the feature switch it off and you can enable the feature anytime in the settings menu. 
  3. When you need to enable and your mobile phone informs that the is presently unavailable. Then you go to the settings and directly enable it.

Troubleshooting Stopped

  1. Tap the call voicemail and the error message. So, you can get all the information regarding the errors. 
  2. The best method to restore the visual voicemail in your mobile phone is to restart the mobile signal. You can do with the airplane mode by a switch on the mode for about a few minutes then disable it. As it blocks with all the network signals and WIFI connection to your mobile phone. You can check out that there are any issues with the visual voicemail feature in the device. But when your airplane mode is on you can operate all the offline apps and games like camera, photos, games, etc. All the network settings you can do that in the settings menu on the Home Screen.
  3. If still, any problem occurs then go to the next method Restart the device. So, this can reload all the applications that are currently running in your device. This all refreshes all the sites on the background Home screen and all the installed applications.
  4. Go to setting-> App->Clear cache and clear app data then restart vnote.
  5. If not worked force to stop and again open the app, again not fixed then uninstall then reininstall the vnotes.
  6. The last way to reset your device. This sounds simple but works well with the reseting of all the apps installed by you with data. Choose the factory reset option. Some devices have the option as hard reset both are the same. This will restore the data or content that is present in the Google account and other apps and their data will be uninstalled. Make sure that the data in the apps are saved in your google account.
  7. If all the 4 steps do not work then you can root your device, rooting will brick your warranty, so do this after reading the policy of the model. Different devices have different rooting method.
  8. If none of the mentioned method work then visit the service center.
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  1. This app can view all the information about all the network connections with the device. We can check whether the network exists or not and can control the contacts.
  2. Also allows the users with information about wifi networking. Can check whether the network signal and username of the wifi network.
  3. To know the configuration on the device of the Bluetooth connection and to request and accept the paired devices.
  4. We can allow configuring the access settings in the local devices by Bluetooth. Get pair up with the remote devices.
  5. The application allows the app to disable the keyword lock and the mobile phone when receiving an incoming call. The device enables the keyword when the incoming call is ended.
  6. This allows the device to retrieve the current information and currently present tasks. To enable the users to discover and know what all are used on the mobile phone.
  7. This can enable the access permission to all the users across the country. Can control all the data saved with the phone contacts and permission accessed without any confirmation mail.
  8. We can also create sockets and network protocols that the browsers or any other apps can provide to forward the data. There won’t be any permission to forward the data to the network sites.
  9. The users are provided with the settings to modify audio globally, like volume and the audio is used as output.


With this app, you can be able to read all data. Also about your contacts on your device such as calls and emails you have been communicated with every particular. The permission to access will save your data, different apps. As we sometimes share the data without any knowledge regarding it. This allows users with the log files from the device to discover from the general to personal information. With all potential data that includes private plus public information. 

  • The users can access the current cellular information. Also the status of ongoing incoming calls and with the list of Phone accounts that had registered with our Google Account. This allows the users to read all the app messages that are stored on the device or your SIM card. This makes the application to have the site with booting completion. So, this takes the device to make the operating system slow down by running tabs and sites on the Home screen.
  • Can make an app with the audio files with the availability of a microphone. For this, the permission get directly without any confirmation of Email. 
  • This provides with the facility to control the vibrator. The application to wake the display on when the phone is sleeping. This can edit your text messages that are stored within the System or SIM card.
  • This allows the app to accept the permission to cloud by the device server. So, by using the apps server there will be loss of data usage and even the app can excess the device data. 
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Reading Required:


The app can modify with all the data in the phone contacts. Even with the frequency you have called, emailed, and communicated with the specific data. This allows the permission with the deletion of the contacts that are saved with your Google account. This can start working itself after the booting process in the mobile phone. Allow controlling the features and receive all the information that is running currently. This is all done on the Home screen and all the current tasks. Can also rule the actions across the global users on the phone. To discover what data are used and with their settings on the phone. Also had all the access permissions with the settings vibrations. There is also a great feature of Bluetooth accessibility. To know the configuration of the paired devices in the Bluetooth connection.