So, today I am going to discuss the features, uses, crashes, and also the drawbacks of the com.motorola.launcher3 application. The discussion will have information about Motorola devices and services. Even by the end of the article, you will get to know about some cool custom launchers available for all android devices.

The launcher is a stock application on Android. It helps users to customize the Home Screen, the application drawers, etc. It is the application that runs at the back to launch other apps on Android. Also, the launcher comes into use while making calls, sending texts, etc. Launcher3 comes with Android by default as a part of the AOSP or Android Open Source Programme. Since Android is an Open-source initiative, a variety of launchers are available to download free of cost.

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What is com.motorola.launcher3?

com.motorola.launcher3 is the default service name for the Launcher service on Android phones. However, Android is an open-source platform so that vendors can modify features of the stock applications and services. If you are using a Motorola device, then your launcher service will be named com.motorola.launcher3 by default. Though, if you hate your launcher service, you can use a custom launcher and even permanently uninstall the Launcher3 application.

Motorola devices come with a built-in launcher app called Launcher3. This application comes pre-installed with the android package. Launcher app can be compared to the desktop of a PC, which is used to launch other software on a PC. However, one can even launch apps through the task manager on a PC. But in smartphones, a launcher app is the only possible medium to launch other applications. It is no to be told that all applications run certain services in the background. If you are an LG user see the com.lge.launcher3 android launcher.

Similarly, in Motorola devices, the Launcher3 application runs the service com.motorola.launcher3 in the background. So, if you scroll through your activity log on your smartphone and you will find this service listed there. And it is nothing to worry about. This has nothing to do with your device’s security. If you have started to wonder what is an Activity Log. Do not get puzzled. I will be providing brief information about it later in the article.

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A Stock Launcher

Probably the only feature of the launcher to boast. The characteristic of Launcher3 being a stock launcher differentiates it from others. This is because it is clean and uncomplicated in use. By clean, I mean free of advertisements, which you receive in the MIUI launcher. By simple, I mean the stock experience it provides. That is the Launcher3 comes as Google designs it. Also, because of it being a stock application, it does not drain out your battery. The battery drainage is often the most common issue with custom launcher applications.

Simple Application Drawer

Launcher 3 comes with a very simple application drawer. A menu button is present on the desktop, used to access the drawer containing all the applications. At the top of the drawer reside the recent applications you used. Furthermore, multiple applications can be merged and stored in a folder.

Battery Efficient

Now that we know that Launcher3 is a stock launcher app. It is worthless telling that it will be battery efficient. For your Motorola device, the com.motorola.launcher3 application will always excel with other custom launchers. When compared in terms of power-saving.

Plane Look and feel

Launcher3 comes with a plane look with no additional features like Night Mode, App Hiding, etc. Moreover, the launcher has very dull and unimpressive widgets. So it is not the perfect launcher for you if you are fond of attractive looks.

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How to use com.motorola.launcher3?

Customizing your home screen

The home screen is the starting point for everything you do on your Android phone. With com.motorola.launcher3, you can customize your home screen to look and feel the way you want.

Here are some tips for customizing your home screen:

  • Change the wallpaper. This is a quick and easy way to give your home screen a new look.
  • Add widgets. Widgets are small apps that can be placed on your home screen. They provide quick access to information, such as the weather, your calendar, or your favorite news headlines.
  • Create folders. Folders are a great way to organize your apps. You can create folders for different categories of apps, such as games, productivity apps, or social media apps.
  • Change the icon layout. You can change the way the icons on your home screen are arranged. You can choose to have them in a grid, a list, or a squircle layout.

Adding widgets and shortcuts

Widgets and shortcuts are a great way to add functionality to your home screen. Widgets are small apps that can be placed on your home screen. They provide quick access to information, such as the weather, your calendar, or your favorite news headlines. Shortcuts are links to apps or websites. They can be placed on your home screen for quick and easy access.

To add a widget or shortcut to your home screen, follow these steps:

  1. Long-press on an empty space on your home screen.
  2. Tap on Widgets or Shortcuts.
  3. Select the widget or shortcut that you want to add.
  4. Drag and drop the widget or shortcut to the desired location on your home screen.

Managing your apps

com.motorola.launcher3 makes it easy to manage your apps. You can uninstall apps, create app folders, and move apps to different screens.

To manage your apps, follow these steps:

  1. Long-press on an app icon.
  2. Tap on UninstallAdd to folder, or Move.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Searching for apps and files

com.motorola.launcher3 has a built-in search bar that makes it easy to find apps and files. To search for an app or file, simply type the name into the search bar.

Here are some additional tips to help you use com.motorola.launcher3:

  • **Use the Settings menu to customize the look and feel of your home screen.
  • **Explore the Themes store to find new wallpapers, icons, and widgets.
  • **Use the Gestures menu to set up custom gestures for launching apps or opening folders.
  • **Join the com.motorola.launcher3 community to get help and tips from other users.

Why does launcher3 Crash?

You might have also come across the error message com.motorola.launcher3 that has stopped working. Well, after going through many posts and forums online. I have come to the conclusion that the Launcher3 application is prone to frequent crashes. Especially on the Motorola smartphones. Many of the Motorola users have reported this error message popping up on their screen frequently.

The Android Activity Log

We discussed at the beginning of the article about an issue reported by many users. The issue was the listing of com.motorola.launcher3 in the activity of their smartphones. Calling this an issue would be quite exaggerating. The activity log retains track of all the apps you launch intentionally or unintentionally on your smartphone. Now launcher is an app that is launched by default as soon as the device completes booting. So it is obvious it should be listed in the activity log.

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So it’s time now to discuss a bit about the Activity Log feature on Android.

Android provides you with the feature of getting a sneak peek into your activities on your smartphone. This useful feature is, however, not showcased openly. You need to be inside the Google settings to access your Activity Log. The monitoring of the activity history for your Android device is turned on.

You can easily see a detailed report of your usage in your Google activity settings. The Activity log keeps a record of all the apps you play with. Along with the apps, it also keeps track of the specific date and time of launching an application. However, the time duration for which you got stuck with the app isn’t stored. But, you can download this data as well from Google allows users to download and even erase, if necessary, this data.

Reaching the Activity Log on Android

  • Launch the Settings App on your android device.
  • Enter the Accounts menu and select Google.
  • Within Google, select the option “Manage your Google Account.”
  • Tap the option Data & personalization, present at the topmost
  • After entering the Data & personalization, look for “Activity and timeline.”
  • Tap My Activity, within Activity and Timeline, to view the Activity log.

Android organizes your Activity according to specific dates and times. You can use the search bar located at the top of the screen to find a specific application activity. Plus, you can apply filters to get a more organized and detailed result. According to your choice, view your activities as separate items or as cumulative bundles.

Getting rid of the default launcher

Though the com.motorola.launcher3 is the default launcher, it is not quite good. So if you also have your default launcher, then you can easily disable Launcher3. In my case, I like to play with different custom ROMs. So I regularly switch to custom launchers on my device. You can disable the default launcher on your device by clearing default. But to completely uninstall it, gaining root access is the only option. Here I discuss the method of disabling the default launcher. Since rooting the device is a bit complex, I leave it for some other day.

  • Launch the Settings App on your android device
  •  Go to the Apps/Applications section.
  • Search for your default launcher app and click on it.
  • Look for the ‘Clear defaults‘ option while scrolling down and click on it.

Some Cool Custom Launchers for Android

After discussing how to get rid of your default launcher, I am bound to discuss some of the best available alternatives to Launcher3. Here I have provided brief information about three of my best picks. All three are good to go for budget devices as well.

Poco Launcher 2.0

PocoF1 by Xiaomi has created a buzz since its launch, back in 2018. This was because of wrapping a flagship processor in a budget smartphone. Xiaomi designed a separate launcher for this device. It did not go with the traditional MIUI launcher. More emphasis was given on making the launcher efficient as well as simple, simultaneously. Xiaomi even launched a separate application for all smartphones to have a feel of the PocoF1. Any Android user can download the app from Play Store at no cost.

Poco Launcher provides you with a Pixel-like feel. By Pixel-Like feeling, I mean that the launcher is very fluid and simple to use. You can switch around the interface in significantly less time as compared to most other launchers. Adding to this is a RAM cleaning shortcut. This shortcut is located on the main home screen so as to get rid of any background apps consuming memory.

The launcher gives you a near-stock Android experience. But at the same time, it has its own features and benefits. It even comes into handy for old devices because of its small size.

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Lawnchair 2

Lawnchair 2 is a product that comes as a part of an open-source initiative. This launcher comes with a blend of the best features of Pixel Launcher. It is not to be told that most of the custom launchers work on two features speed and simplicity. And Lawnchair 2 is no exception to it. The interface of this launcher has a focus on ease of use along with agility. This comes with minimal excess baggage elements

Coming in a small size of just 15MBs, this launcher is good to go with budget devices. Even devices using older versions of Android should give it a try for a fresh experience. The launcher offers various customization options. Additionally, the usual widget selection is provided as a feature of this launcher. Because of its simplicity, all these options of customization are easy to find and use. All these features offer it an edge over other launchers.

Microsoft Launcher

Though the Windows Phone failed miserably in the global market. Yet the software developed by Microsoft for the Android Operating system is decent enough. Microsoft has undoubtedly developed one of the best custom Android launchers out there in the market.

This Launcher by Microsoft can be customized in endless methods. Looking into the features, Microsoft Launcher provides an in-built news window. It is accompanied by a widget menu, which they refer to as a Widget Shelf. The Launcher app also comes with expandable dock options and app icon customization. It certainly is the best pick for Windows users. This is because It offers synchronization with Microsoft’s services. For instance, services such as Skype, Wunderlist, Outlook, and many more. This would be beneficial for those of you using Microsoft’s Operating System.

The Microsoft Launcher provides you customization along with swiftness. You are provided the option to remove transition animations. This feature adds to the speed of performance. This launcher is the best pick if you are a regular user of Microsoft’s applications. But non-Microsoft users can also go for it.


With that, I would conclude my write-up. I have discussed every possible aspect of the phrase com.motorola.launcher3. Now you must have got an idea about this service being listed in your Activity Log also that this service isn’t malware. It is just the default launcher that comes inbuilt with your Android device. Even if your default launcher is causing you troubles by crashing frequently, you can very easily switch to the custom launchers discussed above. In the end, it is up to you to remain stocked to the stock experience or customize it.