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Android is the most used operating system in today’s mobile device. It has a lot of features. There are a lot of terms regarding android that we don’t know. Android is a huge package. It contains a lot of tools and applications to rn the device smoothly. Sometimes some of the terms come in front of you from which you are not familiar with. We are going to make you understand those things.

The main use of telephonic devices to make calls. The cell phones were developed only to make calls back then. However, due to advancements in technology, the cellphone is like a mini-computer. They can do a lot of tasks. So to handle those tasks, there are a lot of packages available in the Android core system. There is also one package to handle calls that is In this article, we are going to learn about this only. Let us begin with the basics.

As the name suggests, this is a package to handle the calls in our android device. It can handle SIM calls and VoIP calls. They are designed to make the calling possess in our device very smooth. Telecom goes about as a switchboard, steering calls, and sound concentration between Connections gave by ConnectionService implementations and InCallService usage, which give a UI to calls.

Functions/classes of the package

  • Call: The call function is responsible for handling all the incoming and the outgoing calls going or coming to the device. When a call gets intercepted to the device, it’s the main function to display them on the screen.
  • Call.details: The next function is the call.details. Its main usage is to display all the information about the caller and the number. It fetches the data from the android database about the contact and displays it to the user.
  • Call.Rttcall: This function holds all the RTT information for the call. RTT information is loke the route of the call and the rerouting of the call. It handles all the network-related data for the call.
  • callAudioState: It holds all the data related to the audio state of teh call, information like if the call is muted or the voice is going and coming properly. It also handles all the call recording information of the call.
  • CallRedirectionService: This class is used to hold all the Redirection information of the call. It works with the RTT information. This class’s basic need is to hold the information when the call gets diverted to another number.
  • CallScreeningService: It holds the information about the incoming call. The function screens the call before it can be displayed to the user. It is used if a certain number is blocked if this function detects a number that is blocked and automatically rejects it.
  • Conference: As the name suggests, it holds all the information about the conference all. This function holds the number of people connected in the call plus it holds the contact details of all the calls, then it shares all the information with the other functions like audio, RTT, and all the other things.
  • Conferenceable: This function is used to hold information for the users on the call to make sure that they can be added to the conference or not.
  • Connection: It holds the information regarding the call’s connection status, like the type of call, RTT status of the call, and so on.
  • Connection.VideoProvider: This function checks the connection status of the video cal ongoing on the device.
  • DisconnectCause: The next function tells about the reason by which the call gets disconnected. It manages all the disconnection status of the call. The audio we hear after the call gets disconnected. This function is responsible for that.
  • InCallService: This function is used to manage the phone calls, like connecting a call and the call’s disconnection. All the function works under this function only. It is the major function of this package.
  • PhoneAccount: It holds the information about the account we use to call a number. It could be the SIM or the VoIP address. tjis can be any third party account to make the call. It makes sure that the proper address of the calling account is stored in the database.
  • StatusHints: This function is used to show symbols related to the calls. It also maintains the need for a symbol that is needed when to show. The function works with all teh other functions to do everything smoothly.
  • VideoProfile: It maintains the record of the video calls. The calling profile of the video. It also keeps tracks of the account used to make video calls, and also which all numbers available to make video calls.
  • VideoProfile.CameraCapabilities: This function keeps the record of the camera details used to make video calls. It checks the camera quality, whether the camera is working perfectly or not.
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These are the most used function and classes in the package. There are also some other tools and functions in this package, but they are not that widely used.

Top Android Dialer

Android Dialer is the application used to make calls. There is one preloaded Dilaer in the device by the manufacturer. We are going to see some other feature-loaded dialer available in the market.


Truecaller is one of teh oldest dialer available in the market. It has a lot of features. This app is free to use. Truecaller gives quick and precise call tracking features to the clients. This portable application offers a broad scope of customization choices to its application clients. Truecaller is anything but difficult to utilize and offers an easy to use interface. Besides, it likewise gives double SIM backing to guarantee that clients can consequently switch between the SIMs. It also has a call recording feature.
  • It provides the best call tracking feature. The call tracking feature is the best in the market, and it is too precise.
  • The UI of this app is very easy, which makes it very user-friendly.
  • Not only is this app one of the best dialers, but also it is one of the best SMS apps out there.
  • This app’s main highlight is that it automatically detected the caller if their number is not saved on your device.
  • It also features a flash messaging option. You can send a message to the recipient, and they will get an instant flash on their screen.

Eyecon – Best Dialer App for Android

Eyecon Phone Dialer and Contacts is the top dialer application for android that clients can use to dispose of spam calls. Not at all like other free dialer applications, Eyecon Phone Dialer and Contacts doesn’t spam you with unimportant advertisements.

Alongside that, the Eyecon portable dialer application is stuffed with various snappy alternate ways that clients can use to associate with their contacts. There’s a premium version available for this application that gives clients the office to utilize all the highlights without advertisements interference.

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  • This app has virtual caller id detection. It means that the caller id will be shown with a user’s picture to make you know the user easier.
  • It has the function to sync with your social media account so that you can access all your social media contact in one app.
  • This application also has the best spam filter. You just have to enable the spam filter, and all the unnecessary calls and SMS will not annoy you again.

Dialer – Best Dialer App for Android

Dialer may not be as famous as a portion of the other dialer applications that we have referenced in this rundown; however, it unquestionably is an absolute necessity attempt one. The application is allowed to download with an extra expert form accessible by means of the in-application buy alternative. The Simpler Dialer application fundamentally gathers together everything in a straightforward yet noteworthy UI structure.

Dialer - Best Dialer App for Android
  • It has a T9 dialer option, which makes the search for the contact very easy.
  • The best thing about this app is has a feature to tell you the frequent contact you have connected so that the next you call them; you don’t need to search for them.
  • This app has almost 40+ different themes to try from. You can completely change the look of the app as you want.

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Telecom is the best thing that happened in the 21st century. It made our life a whole easier. However, with the innovation of smartphones, there came a lot of changes in the telecom industry. Our phones got smatter. Everything became a package to handle the operations easily. We talked about one such package in this article, which is It is used to handle all the operations related to calling on our device. We have also talked about some of the best android dialers to make your phone look better. I hope you liked the post.