Why is NFL Network not showing the game

When the excitement of game day arrives and you’re eagerly looking forward to watching your favorite NFL team in action, it can be incredibly frustrating to discover that the NFL Network is not showing the game. There could be various reasons behind this unexpected disappointment, leaving fans bewildered and seeking answers. In this article, we will delve into the possible reasons why the NFL Network might not be airing the game you’re anticipating, and we’ll provide you with actionable solutions to address the issue. Whether it’s technical glitches, broadcasting rights, or scheduling conflicts, understanding the root causes and knowing how to fix them can save you from missing out on thrilling moments on the field.

Why is NFL Network not showing the game
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Reasons Why NFL Network Is Not Showing the Game

1. Broadcasting Rights and Blackout Restrictions

Broadcasting rights play a pivotal role in determining which games are aired on the NFL Network. Due to contractual agreements between the league, teams, and broadcasting networks, certain games might be subject to blackout restrictions.

2. Exclusive Broadcast Agreements

In some cases, certain NFL games are exclusively broadcasted by other networks. This could be due to agreements between the league and different broadcasting partners.

3. Scheduling Conflicts and Flexible Scheduling

The NFL occasionally employs a flexible scheduling system to ensure that the most compelling matchups are showcased in prime time. This means that game times and broadcast networks can change, impacting what you see on the NFL Network. Scheduling conflicts, such as overlap with other major events or local programming, can also lead to changes in the broadcasting lineup.

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How to fix why is NFL network not showing the game?

Fix 1: Check Local Listings and Alternative Channels

If you’re disappointed that the NFL Network isn’t showing the game you’re eagerly waiting for, there are steps you can take to address the issue and still catch all the action. Here’s how:

1. Check Local Listings:

The first step is to consult your local TV listings. Sometimes, due to blackout restrictions or scheduling changes, the game might be moved to a different regional channel. Look for any updated information in your area that indicates where the game is being televised.

2. Explore Alternative Channels:

When the NFL Network isn’t broadcasting the game you’re interested in, consider looking into alternative channels. The broadcasting landscape has evolved, and games are often available on various platforms. Check if the game is being aired on networks like NBC’s Peacock, ESPN+, or even streaming services like Amazon Prime Video. These platforms might have the broadcasting rights and allow you to enjoy the game without any disruptions.

3. Streaming Services:

Speaking of streaming services, they have become a reliable way to watch sports events, including NFL games. If the game isn’t on the NFL Network, you might find it available for streaming on other platforms. Make sure to subscribe to a streaming service that provides access to the game you’re excited about.

4. NFL Game Pass:

While NFL Game Pass doesn’t offer live broadcasts, it’s an excellent option for catching up on the game. The service provides full game replays shortly after the game ends, allowing you to experience all the action as if you were watching it live. Additionally, NFL Game Pass offers condensed game versions, which provide a comprehensive overview of the game in a shorter timeframe.

5. Stay Updated:

To avoid any last-minute disappointments, it’s essential to stay updated with the latest announcements from the NFL Network. Keep an eye on their official website and social media accounts, as they often provide information about game schedules, broadcasting changes, and any potential blackout restrictions. By being proactive and informed, you can ensure that you won’t miss out on any thrilling moments during game day.

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Fix 2: Utilize NFL Game Pass for Comprehensive Coverage

When the NFL Network leaves you without access to the game you’ve been eagerly anticipating, don’t worry—there’s still a way to catch all the action using the NFL Game Pass. Follow these steps to make the most of this service:

1. Subscribe to NFL Game Pass:

Start by subscribing to the NFL Game Pass service. This subscription-based platform offers a range of features that allow you to stay connected with NFL games. While it doesn’t provide live broadcasts, it’s an ideal solution for catching up on the game you missed on the NFL Network.

2. Watch Full Game Replays:

One of the main benefits of NFL Game Pass is the ability to watch full game replays shortly after the game concludes. This feature ensures that you won’t miss a single moment of the game’s excitement. Whether you’re interested in every play, touchdown, or pivotal moment, you can relive the entire game as if you were watching it live.

3. Access Condensed Game Versions:

In addition to full game replays, NFL Game Pass offers condensed game versions. These condensed versions provide a comprehensive overview of the game’s highlights and key plays, all packed into a shorter timeframe. If you’re looking for a quick way to catch up on the game’s most exciting moments, the condensed version is a fantastic option.

4. Explore Additional Content:

NFL Game Pass goes beyond just game replays. The platform offers a treasure trove of additional content, including coaches’ film that provides unique insights into the game’s strategies and tactics. You can also enjoy access to exclusive shows, documentaries, and analysis that enrich your understanding of the sport.

5. Watch Anytime, Anywhere:

The convenience of NFL Game Pass extends beyond your TV screen. With mobile apps and compatibility across various devices, you can enjoy the content on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This flexibility ensures that you can catch up on the game wherever you are, without being tied to a specific broadcast schedule.

6. Avoid Spoilers:

If you’re watching a replay on NFL Game Pass, make sure to avoid spoilers before you watch the game. Turn off notifications, stay away from sports news, and refrain from checking social media until you’ve had a chance to experience the game in its entirety.

Fix 3: Stay Informed Through Official NFL Network Announcements

When the NFL Network fails to broadcast the game you’re eagerly waiting for, staying informed through official announcements can be your go-to solution. Follow these steps to ensure you’re always in the loop:

1. Monitor NFL Network’s Official Platforms:

Begin by regularly checking the NFL Network’s official website, as well as their verified social media accounts on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. These channels are reliable sources of information regarding game schedules, broadcasting changes, and any potential disruptions.

2. Enable Notifications:

To stay ahead of any announcements, enable notifications for the NFL Network’s social media accounts. This way, you’ll receive instant alerts whenever there’s a change in the broadcasting lineup or any updates related to the game you’re interested in.

3. Subscribe to Email Updates:

Many official sports websites, including the NFL Network, offer the option to subscribe to email updates. By entering your email address, you’ll receive timely notifications directly in your inbox. This can be a convenient way to receive important information without constantly checking social media.

4. Check for Press Releases:

The NFL Network often releases official press releases to announce important updates and changes to the broadcasting schedule. Keep an eye on news websites or the NFL’s official press release section to ensure you’re not missing any crucial information.

5. Follow Sports News Outlets:

In addition to directly following the NFL Network, consider keeping up with reputable sports news outlets. These outlets often report on changes to game schedules, broadcasting rights, and other related information. Following them can provide an additional layer of coverage and ensure you’re well-informed.

6. Verify with Multiple Sources:

While official announcements are usually accurate, it’s a good practice to verify information from multiple reliable sources. This ensures that you’re getting accurate and up-to-date information about the game you’re interested in.

Fix 4: Consider Regional Broadcasting and Game Pass Alternatives

If the NFL Network isn’t showing the game you’re eagerly waiting for, considering regional broadcasting options and exploring alternative platforms can be your path to catching all the action. Follow these steps to address the issue:

1. Check Regional Broadcasting:

In some cases, the game you want to watch might be available on a regional broadcasting channel. Regional networks often have rights to air games that are of local interest. Check if any local channels are broadcasting the game, as they might have the rights to show it in your area.

2. Investigate Team Affiliated Channels:

Teams occasionally have their own affiliated broadcasting channels, especially for preseason games. These channels might be showcasing the game you’re looking for. Search online or contact the team’s official website to find out if they have their own broadcasting platform.

3. Explore Other Streaming Services:

Aside from the NFL Game Pass, there are various streaming services that might carry the game. Services like Hulu Live, YouTube TV, and Sling TV often offer sports packages that include access to NFL games. Investigate these options to ensure you’re not missing out on the action.

4. Consider Local Radio Broadcasts:

In instances where video coverage is unavailable, consider tuning in to local radio broadcasts of the game. Many radio stations provide live commentary and updates, allowing you to follow the game’s progress in real-time.

5. Visit Sports Bars and Restaurants:

If all else fails, consider heading to a sports bar or restaurant known for showing sports events. These establishments often have multiple screens and subscriptions to various sports networks, ensuring that you can enjoy the game with fellow fans.

6. Utilize Social Media Streams:

In some cases, fans might share live streams of the game on social media platforms like Facebook Live or Periscope. Be cautious with this option, as these streams might not always be of high quality or legality. Exercise discretion when exploring such alternatives.

Fix 5: Leverage Official Team Apps and Social Media

When the NFL Network leaves you without the game you’re eagerly anticipating, tapping into official team apps and social media platforms can be your solution to staying connected. Follow these steps to ensure you’re not missing out on the excitement:

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1. Download Official Team Apps:

Start by downloading the official app of the NFL team you’re cheering for. Many teams offer dedicated apps that provide real-time updates, scores, and even live play-by-play commentary during games. These apps often offer video highlights and post-game analyses, giving you a comprehensive experience even if you can’t watch the game on the NFL Network.

2. Follow Teams on Social Media:

Stay connected with your favorite NFL team by following them on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Teams regularly post updates, highlights, and live commentary during games. This allows you to stay engaged with the game even if you can’t watch it on TV.

3. Engage in Game Day Hashtags:

Many NFL teams and fans use game day hashtags on social media. Searching for and using these hashtags can lead you to live updates, discussions, and fan reactions related to the game. This immersive experience lets you feel connected to the game’s atmosphere, even from a distance.

4. Watch Official Highlights and Clips:

Teams often upload official game highlights and clips on their social media accounts shortly after they occur. These bite-sized videos provide a quick recap of the game’s key moments, allowing you to catch up on the action even if you can’t watch the entire game.

5. Join Fan Communities:

Online fan communities and forums dedicated to your favorite NFL team are excellent sources of real-time updates and insights. Engaging with fellow fans can keep you updated on the game’s progress and provide you with different perspectives on the action.

6. Stay Engaged with Live Blogs:

Some sports websites and team apps offer live blogs during games. These blogs provide minute-by-minute updates, scores, and commentary, creating an interactive experience that helps you stay connected to the game.

Fix 6: Embrace Sports Radio and Podcasts for Live Updates

If the NFL Network isn’t showing the game you’ve been eagerly waiting for, turning to sports radio and podcasts can be an excellent way to stay connected and up-to-date. Follow these steps to ensure you’re well-informed:

1. Tune into Sports Radio Stations:

Seek out local sports radio stations that provide live commentary and updates on NFL games. Many radio stations offer in-depth coverage, expert analysis, and real-time play-by-play commentary. Listening to these broadcasts can help you follow the game’s progress, even when you can’t watch it on TV.

2. Explore Sports Podcasts:

Podcasts have become a popular medium for sports enthusiasts to stay informed and engaged. Look for sports podcasts that focus on the NFL and your favorite teams. These podcasts often provide post-game analysis, player interviews, and discussions about game highlights.

3. Subscribe to Game Recap Podcasts:

In addition to live coverage, there are podcasts that specialize in game recaps. These podcasts offer a comprehensive overview of the game’s highlights, key plays, and standout performances. Subscribing to these podcasts can be a convenient way to catch up on the action if you miss the live broadcast.

4. Follow Official NFL Podcasts:

The NFL itself produces several official podcasts that cover game previews, recaps, and behind-the-scenes insights. These podcasts can offer unique perspectives and expert commentary on the games, allowing you to stay connected to the league’s happenings.

5. Utilize Streaming Radio Apps:

Streaming radio apps like TuneIn and iHeartRadio offer access to various sports radio stations from around the country. These apps make it easy to listen to live sports coverage, including NFL games, no matter where you are located.

6. Engage with Fan Call-In Shows:

Some sports radio stations host fan call-in shows where listeners can share their thoughts, reactions, and predictions about ongoing games. Participating in these shows can provide a sense of community and allow you to share your passion for the NFL.

Fix 7: Utilize Mobile Sports Apps for Real-Time Updates

When the NFL Network disappoints by not showing the game you’ve been looking forward to, turning to mobile sports apps can be a game-changer. These apps provide real-time updates, scores, and even video highlights. Follow these steps to stay connected:

1. Download Sports Score Apps:

Start by downloading sports score apps such as ESPN, Yahoo Sports, or the official NFL app. These apps provide live updates, scores, and notifications for all NFL games, including the one you’re interested in.

2. Enable Notifications:

Once you have the app installed, enable notifications to receive instant alerts for game scores, touchdowns, and significant moments. These notifications ensure you stay updated on the game’s progress.

3. Watch Video Highlights:

Many sports apps offer video highlight sections where you can catch up on the game’s most exciting moments. These highlights provide a quick overview of the key plays and turning points of the game.

4. Access Play-By-Play Commentary:

Some sports apps offer play-by-play commentary that provides detailed updates about each play, including yardage gained, penalties, and scoring plays. This feature lets you follow the game’s action in real-time, even if you can’t watch it on TV.

5. Explore Game Statistics:

Mobile sports apps often provide detailed game statistics that offer insights into player performances, team statistics, and more. Exploring these statistics can provide a comprehensive understanding of how the game is unfolding.

6. Engage with Fan Communities:

Many sports apps feature fan communities where users can discuss games, share reactions, and engage in discussions. Joining these communities can enhance your game day experience by connecting you with fellow fans.

Fix 8: Stay Informed through Sports News Websites

When the NFL Network leaves you without the game you’ve been eagerly waiting for, turning to sports news websites can be your source of real-time updates and insights. Follow these steps to ensure you’re well-informed:

1. Bookmark Reputable Sports News Sites:

Start by bookmarking reputable sports news websites that provide comprehensive coverage of NFL games. Websites like ESPN, NFL.com, CBS Sports, and Bleacher Report offer live updates, scores, and in-depth analysis of ongoing games.

2. Visit Live Game Centers:

Most sports news websites feature live game centers dedicated to ongoing NFL games. These centers provide play-by-play commentary, live scores, key statistics, and video highlights, allowing you to follow the game’s progress in real-time.

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3. Engage with Live Blogs:

Sports news websites often host live blogs for major games. These blogs offer minute-by-minute updates, commentary, and reactions from both fans and analysts. Engaging with live blogs provides an interactive way to experience the game.

4. Explore Post-Game Analysis:

Once the game concludes, visit the post-game analysis sections of sports news websites. Here, you’ll find detailed breakdowns of key plays, standout performances, and expert insights that offer a deeper understanding of the game.

5. Subscribe to News Alerts:

Many sports news websites offer news alert subscriptions that deliver breaking updates directly to your email inbox or mobile device. Subscribe to these alerts to stay informed about any significant developments related to the game.

6. Join Online Sports Communities:

Sports news websites often have online communities where fans discuss ongoing games, share opinions, and engage in discussions. Participating in these communities adds a social element to your game day experience.

Preventing Disappointment: Tips to Ensure You Don’t Miss NFL Games on the Network

Ensuring you don’t miss out on the excitement of NFL games on the NFL Network requires some proactive measures. Here are valuable tips to prevent disappointment:

1. Check the Schedule in Advance:

Always check the schedule of upcoming NFL games in advance. This gives you a clear idea of when and where your favorite team will be playing. By knowing the schedule, you can avoid last-minute surprises and ensure you’re prepared to watch the game.

2. Set Reminders and Alarms:

Once you have the game’s schedule, set reminders and alarms on your phone or calendar. This helps you stay on top of the game’s timing and ensures you won’t forget to tune in when the game is about to start.

3. Monitor Blackout Restrictions:

If you’re in an area with a home team playing a game, be aware of blackout restrictions that might apply. These restrictions can prevent local broadcasting of the game on certain networks, including the NFL Network. Plan accordingly by exploring alternative viewing options.

4. Double-Check Broadcasting Networks:

Before game day arrives, double-check which broadcasting network has the rights to air the game. Some games might be exclusive to other networks like NBC, ESPN, or FOX. This helps you avoid disappointment when the NFL Network isn’t the designated broadcaster.

5. Stay Updated with Team News:

Keep yourself informed about your favorite team’s news and announcements. Teams often share information about game times, broadcasting changes, and other updates through their official websites and social media accounts.

6. Subscribe to NFL Alerts:

Subscribe to official NFL alerts that provide real-time updates about game schedules, broadcasting changes, and other league-related news. This ensures you receive timely information directly from the source.

7. Explore Streaming Services:

Consider subscribing to streaming services that offer live sports coverage, including NFL games. Services like NFL Game Pass, Hulu Live, and YouTube TV can provide alternative platforms to watch the games.

8. Utilize Sports Apps and Websites:

Keep sports apps and news websites on standby. These platforms offer real-time updates, live scores, play-by-play commentary, and highlights that help you stay connected with the game’s progress.

9. Plan for Flexible Scheduling:

Be aware that the NFL occasionally uses a flexible scheduling system. This means that game times and broadcasting networks can change. Stay flexible in your plans and monitor any schedule adjustments.

10. Engage with Fan Communities:

Join online fan communities and forums dedicated to the NFL. These communities often share insights, predictions, and updates about upcoming games, helping you stay in the loop.


The disappointment of not being able to watch your favorite NFL game on the NFL Network can be disheartening, but understanding the reasons behind it and knowing how to address the issue can help you enjoy the game day experience without interruptions. Whether it’s blackout restrictions, exclusive agreements, or scheduling conflicts, exploring alternative channels and staying updated with announcements are key to ensuring you don’t miss out on the thrilling moments of NFL action. By following these solutions, you can navigate around the obstacles and continue to support your team with enthusiasm.


Why is my anticipated NFL game missing on the NFL Network?

Several reasons, like blackout restrictions or exclusive agreements, might be at play.

Can I still catch the game if it’s subject to blackout restrictions?

Yes, explore local channels or streaming services that offer alternative broadcasts.

What if the game falls under an exclusive agreement with another network

Look for the game on the designated network, as NFL games are spread across various broadcasters.

Why might game times or broadcasting networks change suddenly?

The NFL uses flexible scheduling to optimize prime-time matchups, which can lead to changes.

How can I avoid missing out on game updates?

Stay informed by following NFL Network’s official social media and website announcements.

Can NFL Game Pass help if I miss the live broadcast?

Absolutely, it offers full game replays and condensed versions shortly after the game ends.