How to recover deleted messages on messenger

When you know, it will be challenging to recover essential communications, missing them might be irritating. With modern data recovery techniques, though, not anymore. If you just lost some important Facebook conversations with your friends and are curious how you can get them back, this piece is for you. Follow this guide till the end to learn how to recover deleted messages on messenger.

Here, we’ve covered how to locate and retrieve deleted Facebook Messenger messages on Android. It has a few built-in tools and fast fixes that let you quickly identify and retrieve all deleted texts from your Android smartphone. Everybody has experienced this: You’ve searched through your message history and scrolled to conversations from years ago, but the specific message you’re looking for is nowhere to be found. You must have erased it for whatever reason. You want to have it back immediately, however. Regrettably, according to Fb Messenger’s stated policy, when users delete a communication from the software, it vanishes forever. Although this is great for privacy, problems might arise if you mistakenly delete something significant.

However, restoring these messages is still possible using few techniques. It should be remembered that restoring lost conversations via Messenger is not a straightforward operation, and there are no promises that you will be able to retrieve your message before setting out on a mission to find the files. Using the strategies we provide will increase your chances of finding lost communications. Priority should be to see if Facebook has preserved the contacts instead of deleting them. An archived connection is no longer visible due to storage limitations on your device. Fortunately, retrieving the communication will be easier if it is preserved. Enter the Messenger app and enter a few terms in the search field to determine whether your transmission has been maintained quickly.

How to recover deleted messages on messenger

Without further ado, let’s talk about some of these valuable tips & tactics that will enable you to find your critical Facebook Messenger for Android messages. Additionally, we have spoken about how the most excellent data recovery tools may help retrieve these erased communications. Additionally, we have talked about the finest data recovery software and how it may be used to recover deleted messages on messenger. So without further ado, let’s talk about some of these valuable tips & tactics that can enable you to find your crucial Facebook Messenger for Android messages. The free mobile messaging program Facebook Messenger is used for group conversations, instant messaging, and sharing images, videos, and audio files. The program, which can be downloaded for free, allows you to contact your phone contacts and Facebook pals. 

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Users only need to download an app to their smartphone or tablet; it may also be employed on a PC. Users may sign up for Messenger using their Facebook account or contact details. Messenger will use the information on your Fb account to build your profile. This data consists of your buddy list, profile photo, etc.

Messenger is used to exchange data, photos, videos, stickers, and music with other users and communicate with bots. The service also supports phone and video conversations.

There are certain dangers and things to watch out for with all other comparable texting services. Cyberbullying, seeing or disseminating inappropriate information, and interacting with strangers are some of the most prevalent concerns. The same guidelines should be used for all online contacts with young people to help prevent these issues: only share information with individuals you trust in real life, pause before you click, and report any improper data or communications to a trusted adult. Parents also need to be conscious of the following Messenger-specific issues:

Utilize Facebook’s “Download Your Information” feature

You may restore permanently erased Facebook messages using Facebook’s built-in function, Download your information because this function keeps the deleted messages on its servers for an undetermined amount of time before deleting them entirely.

  • Visit the Page on Facebook and sign in using your credentials.
  • Click the Down arrow in the top right-hand corner of the home page after logging in. Next, select Settings & Privacy from the pop-up menu.
  • Click Settings from the Settings & Security menu.
  • After logging in, select the Down arrow in the top-right corner of the main page. Choose Settings & Privacy from the pop-up menu after that.
  • Choose the data you wish to download from the list, and then under the export Date Copy section, select the HTML, Media Quality, and Date Range options. Create a File to start the procedure after that.
  • You will see the notice “A copy of my information is being generated” after the procedure is complete.
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Utilize an outside program

You may retrieve Facebook Messenger messages that have been permanently erased using third-party data recovery tools. You must keep in mind, though, that the program is only functional if you have backed up your communications. Additionally, you should set up the software for data recovery before deleting the file.

You should choose MiniTool Phone Recovery for Android. It may be used to restore damaged, lost, and lost data from several Android tablets and smartphones. You may select between both the recovery packages for the mobile or SD card based on your needs.

Unarchive Messages

In other cases, you archive the communications rather than delete them. You may immediately recover Facebook conversations in this situation from archive files. The ways to unarchive chats on Messenger are shown below.

  • Open the Facebook app on your smartphone.
  • Click the Profile icon in the upper left corner.
  • From the pop-up menu, choose the Archived Chatrooms option.
  • Continue to hold the conversation to recover until the option to unarchive appears.
  • To begin the process, select Unarchive from the menu.

Using File Explorer, recover messages

  • Have used the File Manager application on your Android smartphone to navigate to the MicroSD Card folder underneath Storage.
  • Locate & open the Android folder, which contains all Android applications.
  • You can locate the data backup of your Facebook messages if you haven’t recently reset your smartphone. Locate the Cache folder, then look for the FB temp file inside. The deleted communications can then be retrieved on Messenger.

Recover android messenger deleted messages using computer

You may accomplish your goal by using a Computer to access the Android device’s memory. There seem to be specific instructions for you.

  • Connect your Android smartphone to an active PC via a USB connection.
  • Navigate to the Android smartphone by selecting Android > Data from the USB or Internal Storage menu. The people who tend to use social folders may then be found.
  • Click cache > FB temp to locate Messages on Facebook with backups after opening the com.facebook.orca folder.
  • Next, retrieve the deleted Facebook Messenger messages from your computer.
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As previously indicated, you can only recover deleted facebook messenger messages if a backup copy has been created. Facebook’s Download Your Information function makes it possible to accomplish that. The stages in detail are displayed as above.


Is it feasible to get back deleted texts on Messenger?

Can deleted communications be recovered online? No, you cannot view deleted chats or messages. A message can be permanently deleted from the Conversation list. You should be aware that removing a piece of news or discussion from your Chats list does not also remove it from the Chatrooms list of the individual we communicated with. Find out how to delete a message you sent using Messenger.

Are messages removed from Messenger permanently lost?

Unfortunately, according to Facebook Messenger’s policy, when you delete a communication from the software, it vanishes forever. Although this is great for privacy, problems may arise if you mistakenly delete something significant.

How were longer deleted Facebook messages stored?

Fb states that it keeps “several copies for a suitable duration,” which might be up to three months after a delete.