Wondering about this package name, It is just the package name of the hidden application DR Parser. And to be noted that com. sec is a shorthand for Android security features. Have you ever lost your Google account password or looking for the option to unlock your google account on Samsung phones? Then you have landed in the right place. This article tells you the utmost details regarding this package, what is the application name, and where it is used.

Almost all manufacturers have inbuilt apps or bloatware installed in the system itself. Samsung also has such inbuilt apps in their system that helps to debug and add functionality to the device. One of the system apps is the DR Parser mode application or the package You can view this package in your system app list. Most of the inbuilt apps are bloatware where it tends to reside simply. Mainly, this app is focused to bypass your google account, debug your device and resolve the issue of unlocking your google account.

What is DRParser mode?

A secret Hidden application that resides in the form of a package that is not easily accessed or found easily. DRParser Mode is accessed using some secret codes available that help you to open the system or service method or Google factory reset protection.

So, why do we need to open the system or Google factory reset protection? Using the short code, Sysdump will give you the log details of the error Perhaps, it’s done to analyze and debug the issues, test or troubleshoot your phone, and hardware-related functionality, enable or disable them, and look over those features. Once you open the system you will also get a view of the presently introduced ROM in your system. It can also be said that it allows users to view the phone through a bypass activity done from another device. Overall, DR Parser mode is used to check the mobile’s condition in-depth.

How to activate DRParser mode?

Though being a system app it is not found in the app list. Follow the steps below to find the DR Parser mode app and the ways to access it using the secret codes.

  1. Open the calculator app. As this is where you are going to open the system dr parser mode.
  2. You have to type this in the calculator screen“(+30,012,012,732+”.This switches the calculator to factory mode.
  3. Immediately you will be getting a dial pad which explicitly can be said to be a DR Parser mode screen. This is the screen where you ought to enter the secret codes. You can also enter the codes using a phonebook dialer. Now let’s have a look at what is the secret code that is released by Samsung.
  4. Every code carries out its function.

What is a secret code?

Secret codes may seem like spyware to you. No secret codes are developed by phone manufacturers only to troubleshoot or fix any technical issues, debug and test your phone. If you are a developer you would work with these codes. But as everything has turned out to be open source, even common people can get access to this code and solve the issue of their phone using these secret codes.

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Every phone manufacturer will have unique secret codes that might not work when trying their codes on other manufacturers’ mobile phones. Samsung codes work only on Samsung phones.

How does DR Parser work?

DR Parser acts as an interface between the device and the user. While entering the codes in the DR Parser mode screen which in turn allows you to access Sysdump or service mode or Factory Reset Protection (FRP) which eventually leads to bypassing your Google account.

How to do Factory Reset Protection (FRP) Bypassing your Google Account 

This is done in the case where you couldn’t log in to your Google account as a result of forgetting your Google account password. There are many ways to bypass your Google Account. But here is the solution using DR Parser mode. Follow the steps given below to execute bypass Google Account through FRP only on Samsung phones.

  1. The first step is to boot your phone.
  2. Connect the phone to a stable internet connection.
  3. Accept all the conditions that follow.
  4. Wait for the merchandise update.
  5. Go back to the Lock screen and select the emergency call option.
  6. Make a call to 911/100 and instantly enable the Bluetooth interface over call.
  7. Connect the Bluetooth interface either to a Bluetooth headset or to a Bluetooth speaker.
  8. Done with these steps, hold down the call and meanwhile open Google Now.
  9. Then Say something such as ‘open calculator app’.
  10. When the calculator application is opened, start typing in: (+30,012,012,732+
  11. The device is now switched into DRParser mode.
  12. Now, you need to enter :*#0808#
  13. You will be displayed a screen of USB settings with the option DM+ACM+ADB.
  14. Tap on DM+ACM+ADB. If you are using the latest Samsung devices you will be given the option RNDIS+ACM+DM.
  15. Select the reboot option then.
  16. Your phone starts rebooting process and shows you the welcome screen.
  17. Download the file and extract the zip file contents and save it in a file name.
  18. Connect your device to the PC using a USB cable and start to perform USB debugging on your device.
  19. Run the file FRP-techzai.bat where you saved it and wait till the process is completed.

Yes, it’s done successfully. Now you have reset your Google account on your Samsung device.

List of DRParser codes

Here, we are providing you with a list of secret codes that are useful to troubleshoot your Samsung devices. Once you try troubleshooting your phone with secret codes then it becomes much easier to know the hardware and software aspects of your device. There are plenty of secret codes and here, we will list the most important secret codes that work almost in all your android devices. All these codes will work in DRParser mode, initiated using a calculator or Phone dialer app.

Most used secret codes in new Samsung devices

Service Mode: *#9900#

This code is used to enter your device into service mode where it opens the system state .some of the options in the system menu are Run dump state/logcat, Delete dump state/log, Run CP-based log, Copy Kernel log to SD card, etc.

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General Test Mode: *#0*#

This code allows you to test the majority of your device’s hardware-related issues such as:

RGB function, Receiver, Phone Vibration, Touch sensitivity, Speakers, Camera Sensors, S-Pen, Audio loopback, Software version, etc. It also enables you to perform multiple functions of sensor checks across the device.

View status info for GSM network: *#0011#

Using this code in the DRParser screen will let you know your device status on the GSM network.

Service Mode USB: *#9090#

This code lets you get access to the developer option on your device as well as the diagnostic configuration of the device. It diagnoses issues such as SIM network, changing default network settings, and many more things associated with it.

Check the IMEI number: *#06#

This is a universal smartphone code to check the IMEI number in all smartphones.

Keying in the code will check your device’s IMEI number even in all Samsung phones.

Check OS version:*#1234#

To know the Software Version.

Battery Status:*#0288#

This code helps you to check the battery status ADC, RSSI reading, and many more options for the device.

Hardware Version:*#2222#

To know the Hardware Version.

Other secret codes

These codes are used in the new version of Samsung phones such as Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, S10, S20, Galaxy note series 9, Note 10, Note 20, Galaxy M series, and Galaxy A series.

  • Check software and hardware information with the manufacturing date: *#12580*369#
  • To check the Audio loopback control: *#0283#
  • To update the version of Camera Firmware: *#34971539#
  • To check the Network Lock Keycode: #7465625*638*#
  • To view and update TSP and TSK firmware: *#2663#
  • To know the product code: *#272IMEI#*
  • To know the buyer code: *#272*IMEI#
  • To view software version: *#1111#
  • To view camera firmware: *#34971539#
  • To activate call waiting : *43#[dial]
  • Disable call waiting: #43#[dial]
  • To view the status of the call waiting : *#43#[dial]
  • Request to view your phone number: *135#[dial]
  • To change the device PIN: **04*[old pin]*[new pin]*[new pin]#
  •  To divert calls: *#004*[number]#
  • To view the status of call diversion: *#004#
  • To disable call diversion: #004#
  • To delete call diversion: ##004#

Secret code list of Samsung old  devices

The following secret codes are used in old Samsung devices such as Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6, S7, Galaxy Note 4, Note 5, Note 6, Note 7, Galaxy J, and C series.

*#0*# / *#*#0*#To check multiple functions of the device (RGB function, Receiver, Phone Vibration, Touch sensitivity, Speakers, Camera Sensors, S-Pen, Audio loopback,  Software version, etc.)
*#06#To know the IMEI number
*#80#Test Touchscreen noise (Make sure to do not to press the Power button during the test)
*#251#Deactivate Wakelock
*#251#Activate Wakelock
*#526#To open WLAN Engineering Mode
*#745#To open RIL Dump Menu
*#746#To open Debug Dump Menu
*#0011#Check Service Mode
*#0228#To check  the Battery status
*#0283#To test audio packet loopback
*#0289#To test Audio/speaker
*#0514#To multi-dump (System Dumps, logs, etc.)
*#0588#To check the Proximity Sensor
*#0589#To test  the Light Sensor
*#0673#To test Audio/speaker
*#0782#To check the Real-time clock
*#0842#To check Vibration
*#1575#Open the GPS control menu
*#2263#To select RF Band
*#2663#To check the Touchscreen version
*#2664#To check the hardware, the Touchscreen test
*#3264#To check the version of the  RAM
*#7769#Test Proximity sensor
*#7284#To view the device’s utility, and USB driver and check connectivity settings
*#7353#To Performance a check of  12 types of function
*#7594#To enable Factory mode/shutdown by long press
*#8888#To open the Service Mode
*#9900#To open system dump mode
*#9999#To view Software versions
*#2222#To view the Hardware version
*#1234#To View SW Version
*#0228#Perform Battery diagnostics
*#9090#Open service Mode
*#301279#To open HSDPA/HSUPA Control Menu
*#4238378#Check GCF Configuration
*#197328640#Enabling service activity test mode with a manufacturing date of the device
*#232331#Perform a Bluetooth test
*#232337#To know the Bluetooth address
*#232338#To know the WLAN MAC address & PS mode
*#232339#Open WLAN Engineering Mode test
*#8736364#To view the OTA update menu
*#7412365#Open both rear and front Camera firmware standard
*#7465625#To modify the Personalization of lock status settings
*#22558463#To reset the Total Call Time
*#12580*369#To view the main version
*#3282*727336*#View information about System, storage, and Data usage statistics
* 2767 *3855#Perform wipes of Samsung phones completely
*#*#7780#*#*Factory Reset
*#*#7594#*#*Activate power off without enabling power Menu
*#*#232338#*#*View Wi-Fi MAC address
*#*#4986*2650468#*#*To view PDA, Phone, Hardware, RF Call Date (or manufacturing date) firmware.

How does the DRParser mode work?

In older versions of Samsung devices this package was a preloaded package to carry over the functioning of the factory reset option. If you want to restore your settings or device you can do a factory reset. Eventually, this leads to erasing all of your data from your phone. Once the factory reset is done it will almost be like a new phone without any of your data that was stored previously.

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The parser function is to extract the manifest file from an APK, parse it and retrieve meta information it contains like the application name, description, device features, and access permission also. You can also extract the whole files of the APK and save them in a specific directory.

Why is DRParser mode not working?

Many reasons can’t be figured out easily while speaking about DRParser not working. Many times you would have noticed that once you enter the short code, the parser mode opens up and vanishes quickly. There are times when you may get only a blank white screen after entering the codes. In many cases, you can simply force-stop the calculator app and try again. This DRPrser works only using the calculator app or using your phone dialer app. So, if it is not working again, then you can try the codes in your Dialer app.

Is it safe to use DRParser mode?

DRParser is not a virus or malware that infects your device. Also, it is neither bloatware that unnecessarily occupies your device storage. It is an essential package, and when used efficiently with the shortcodes can provide a fix to your device issues. It is a service mode application that helps us in troubleshooting our device problems without taking much effort or losing any data. In most bad situations where you forget your Phone PIN, Pattern, or password you can easily get access to your device using DRParser. It’s safe if you use it in the right manner.

Limitations of DPParser

Some research shows that secret codes can spy on your phone without your knowledge. All phones have these secret codes which have a sequence of numbers, for a specific purpose. As the name itself reveals that they are not used directly using phone options. If anyone wants to read your text, or wants to spy on you then, they just need to have a couple of minutes with your phone. Typically people use spyware apps to track their partners or kids. But the other way to do it is by using these secret codes. Though these codes are very much used some codes are used to track information.

How to get rid of DRParser mode?

If you do some research on the debloater list they have mentioned this app as secure to freeze this application. It means it is safe to use and resides in your device. Anyway, if you don’t want to take risks using these shortcodes or are not interested in using this application then you can take a call to disable this application. Either, you can force stop or use any third-party apps such as package disabler, Titanium, CleanROMLite, etc to remove this application from your device.

Wrap-up things

This article has covered a lot more details about DRParser Mode. We have come across interesting secret codes, the purpose of using these codes, and how to bypass FRP to your google account. We also had an overview of how to disable the DRParser mode and its limitations. This article would be helpful for those who want to try out new things related to shortcodes and DRParser mode.