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732873– Who is sending you messages from this number? Is someone trying to hack you? Happy New Year everyone and welcome back to Gossipfunda. I’m back with another article and this time I will be talking about the mysterious number “732873”. No matter which phone or carrier you use, you must have received a message from this number. Most of the messages from this number include a One Time Password (OTP). I will be covering all the topics related to this number, including things like multi-factor authorization, owner of this number, and several others. So, as always let’s begin.


Introduction to 732873

If you’ve ever lost a password for an email account or any online account in general, you must’ve tried to reset it. If you’ve verified your phone number, the site gives you the option to reset it using your phone. On selecting this the site will send an automated message with a one-time password. This process is used by the website to verify that the person trying to reset the password for your account is indeed you. This one-time password you receive will mostly be from the number 732873. In this article, I’m going to try and inform you of everything about the number 732873 and the service that owns this number. I’ll also provide a tutorial on enabling two-factor authorization for your Microsft account. So, let’s dive in.

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Multi-factor Authentication

If you regularly use services like Gmail, Steam, Outlook, etc you might have come across the term like Two-factor authorization or Multi-factor authorization. This is one of the most popular methods of enabling electronic authorization for your account. MFA even though not immune, really secures the login attempts to your accounts. The name Multi-Factor authorization was given to the method as the method has two or more factors. The first one being the password set by the user, the method does not provide access to the account unless another piece of evidence is provided. The evidence other than the password can be of different forms.


  • The most popular form of the second factor is something you know. Most websites when creating an online account will ask you to set a security question and an answer that only you know about. The user set password also falls under this category. This type of factor can contain alpha-numeric characters. It is generally assumed to be memorized and not be noted down anywhere for maximum security.
  • Another popular factor is something you have. This factor can be of different types. This type of MFA is very secure as it requires a token that is very unique and hard to replicate. It can be a small physical device, or it can be software on a laptop or mobile phone. This method is also becoming very popular nowadays. Steam requires a token number from Steam’s mobile app for accessing it on a new PC. This token number is never the same and changes every 30 seconds or so. This increases the security even further.
  • Something you are, this is yet another common form of factor that is found in almost every smartphone nowadays. This makes use of the biological characteristics of the person. This includes your fingerprint, retina, voice, etc.
  • The last factor form is somewhere you are. This makes use of your literal physical location using the GPS on your device. This is again used by sites like Gmail and Facebook. They send a warning whenever the login attempt comes from an unusual location.
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At the time of writing, SMS is the most used and broadly accepted form of MFA. It makes sense to discuss its merits and demerits:


  • Since all the tokens can be received on the same device, there is no need to carry multiple devices at all times.
  • The tokens change dynamically and are never the same. This increases the security of login attempts.


  • Phishing attacks are still a major threat. Attacker can send links to an identical-looking fake website and extract any useful information.
  • Mobile phones can get stolen.
  • SIM cloning can give hackers access to several mobile phone connections.

Even though it has its demerits, 2FA using SMS has been mandated in many countries for online transactions because of its security and accessibility.


This is our main topic of discussion today. The majority of the one time passwords and security tokens that you get on your phone are from this number. From the number itself, you can say it’s not used by a real person but by a company. The first time I received an OTP from this number, I got curious to know more about it. This number is owned by the service verifyphonesms.com. This is a service that provides SMS-based two-factor authorization services across the globe. Websites and corporations like Microsoft, Steam, Xbox, and several others use this service for 2FA on their sites.

Is Someone Trying To Hack You?

Not necessarily. I say not necessarily because someone may be trying to gain access to your account. If you are the one making a login attempt and get an OTP from this number, then you don’t need to worry. The problem comes when you weren’t even trying to make login attempts and you receive messages from this number. This means that someone is trying to access your account. In these circumstances, I would highly recommend changing your password as soon as possible. If the attacker is successful in making a login attempt then this could very harmful.

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This could result in the loss of your personal and sensitive data like Bank Information, passwords for other accounts, your messages, and several other data. The attacker can also change the password of your account making it inaccessible to you. This is why in case if you get a message from the number 732873 without making a login attempt or without a viable reason then it is highly recommended to change your password as soon as possible. This is especially recommended if you’re getting these messages again and again. Read more about Single Click System Hack

Under no circumstances you should ever give the codes received from this number out to anyone.

Enabling Two-factor Authorization

I highly recommend enabling two-factor authorization for all your accounts that contain sensitive information about you. This adds an extra layer of security to your account. Even though this will not make your account immune to hackers, they will surely have a tough time, breaking into it. In this tutorial, I will tell you how to enable two-factor authorization for your Microsoft account. So get ready. You can use both your phone and your laptop for enabling it.

  1. Go to the login page of Microsoft.
  2. Enter your email and press Next.
Enabling Two-factor Authorization for 732873
  1. Enter your Password again press Next.
Password for 732873
  1. You might have to verify your identity by entering a code sent to your alternate email. (I know, I had to)
  2. On your Account’s main page scroll down to and click on the Update Security Info button.
Update Security for 732873
  1. On the next page, you need to click on Advanced Security Options. 
Advanced Security Options
  1. If you scroll down, you will find the section “Two-Step verification”. 
Two-Step verification
  1. Click on the  Turn On button.
  2. The next page will provide you with information about two-factor authorization, you can read it and then click Next.
two-factor authorization
  1. From the drop-down menu, select Phone Number. Now enter your Phone Number in the appropriate field with the appropriate country code and click next.
select Phone Number
  1. Check the inbox field of your messages on the number that you used on the previous page. You will have received a code. Enter it and press Next.
  2. On the next page, you will be provided with a recovery code. It is very important to note down this code and keep it somewhere safe. You will need it when you will no longer be able to use 2FA.
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That’s it, you now have two-step authorization set up for your Microsoft account. Now every time you will try to login to your Microsoft account, you will have to enter a code sent to this number.

Removing Two-factor Authorization

Removing 2FA from the Microsoft account takes an even lesser number of steps. It is to be noted that this decreases the security of your account.

  1. Repeat Steps 1 to 6 from the Enabling Two-Factor Authorization section.
  2. You will have arrived at the Advanced Security page.
  3. Scroll down to find the Two-step verification option.
  4. Click on the Turn off option.
Removing Two-factor Authorization
  1. You will be asked for confirmation.

Again that’s it. Two-step verification has not been disabled.


The number 732873 is certainly nothing to be afraid of if being used correctly. 732873 is owned by the multi-factor authorization service verifyphonesms.com. This service is pretty reliable as major trusted companies use it including Microsoft, Valve, and several others. Two-step verification and MFA are also highly recommended methods to boost up the security of your accounts. The key rule to remember is never to share your 2FA or MFA keys or tokens with anybody. Sharing can lead to major problems.

In this article, we discussed in-depth the different forms of MFA and the different kinds of factors used by people.  We also went through tutorials on how to enable and disable two-step verification for your Microsoft account.

Hope this article was helpful to you all. If you liked this article, then please share it with your friends and families. If you liked this article, I highly recommend giving this a read: Zedge harmful, Is it? Thanks for reading it and have a Happy New Year.