Artificial intelligence vs Machine learning

Artificial intelligence vs machine learning: In this article, you will deeply learn about both the trending technologies in-depth. So don’t miss this.

AI is totally about machines, and machine learning is we are giving data by that they can perform a task by themselves. In this, we give the data in the form of algorithms to perform the task and the machines can able to perform the task by themselves.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence,  sometimes we called machine intelligence also in computer science technology,  this intelligence expressed by machines and it is a combination of the natural intelligence displayed by human beings. Artificial intelligence invented in 1956. AI was modeled by John McCarthy is a great computer scientist in America.

Artificial intelligence vs Machine learning
Artificial intelligence vs Machine learning

Artificial intelligence in which we development of intelligence of a machine. Working like humans i.e. thinking, working. For example voice recognition, problem-solving, learning, etc. Where the machine thinks and learns. It is a computer program i.e., artificial intelligence in short form AI. By this study our computer becomes smart.

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Types of Artificial intelligence

The weak artificial intelligence

Weak artificial intelligence is a type where the task is performed by humans in a narrowly defined way. We invent machines with human intelligence so in this we invent Machines in a way that only acquires narrowly perform work.

The normal artificial intelligence

General artificial intelligence is in short form we can say  AGI . in this the machine can imagine the concept work and they do what they understand. Machines do the same as human beings.

The Artificial superhuman intelligence

It is also called as a property of problem-solving in this machine has a talent that they solve the problems as humans solve. In this, the machine can translate the language and engineering assistants .they embodied in the world with high-level intellectual competencies. The superintelligence machines are plays chess Better than humans because of fritz can’t outperform humans in other tasks. Some argue advances in Artificial intelligence will probably result in general reasoning systems that are lack humans’ cognitive limitations because some technological researchers disagree with the concept of Artificial intelligence that is how a machine can do all the things like a human.

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Machine learning

Machine learning is it has an ability to learn automatically from the past. This machine learning is one part of Artificial intelligence it has all the kind of conditions like Artificial intelligence. It not exactly behaves like what the program is written to do the work but it is like the machines behave what they completed in the past. It follows the program but they used that to how to learn themselves …machines time to time update their behavior from experience or past.

By using python, java, JavaScript, etc. We can develop the machine learning . . . Meanwhile, In my way, Python is the best and easiest way to machine learning by using this python we can do the math’s problems and photo editing, etc.  But the best programming language to machine learning depends on the situations . . . These programs are used to machine learning to do certain works.

Types of machine learning

There are 3 types of machine learning they are namely

  1. Supervised learning
  2. Unsupervised learning
  3. Reinforcement learning

1. Supervised learning

In this, the machine can take training from a set of training examples.

Consequently, In supervised learning, the data is taking from labeled training data. Inset of training examples, we have problems and solutions, input and output.

In this, we have to train the machine to perform the task.

2. Unsupervised learning

The machines can self learn from situations or previous data. In other words, It can able to train it self only, it performs the task by giving self instructions from the previous data, no one can train they only train themself.

In unsupervised learning humans are not giving any instructions they can perform the task with their discover information.

3. Reinforcement learning

On the other hand, reinforcement learning, the machines have their own rules they always have their own rules to perform a task, no one can order the machines it has its own rules. To maximize the time and minimize the performance they perform own task. They have one idea what they have to do, what they don’t do

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Reactive machines

Most importantly, the machines observe the world and react to it. They don’t store the memories and they don’t use the past experience .they simply react to the world

Theory of mind

In the same vein, the mind and its phenomena of qualia and consciousness are the main informational entities, in a highly advanced form. The main reason for machine invention to decrease the time to do more work.

 Limited memory

In this limited memory AI, the machine has temporary memory they don’t have permanent memory they just do the works by using past experience. Somewhere self-driving cars are there I think these are examples of limited memory because of the self-driving cars they drive itself only. Humans have not driven by these cars. They instructed themself and they drive cars.


Self-awareness This is nothing but consciousness this is called self-awareness. The machines aware themselves and know about internal states and are able to predict the feelings of others.

They create their own instructions they follow that and the Machines know in what time what to do.

Artificial intelligence vs Machine learning

Artificial intelligence vs Machine learning
Artificial intelligence vs Machine learning
  •  In Artificial intelligence, the machines deal with structured, unstructured, and semi-structured whereas in machine learning it only deals with structured, semi-structured it does not deal with unstructured . . .
  •  Artificial intelligence includes learning, reasoning, and self–correction. But in machine learning includes only self–correction when introduced with new data. In the machine, there is no reasoning . . .
  • Artificial intelligence is a technology it can able a machine to behave like humans. In machine learning it allows a machine to automatically learn From experience but not totally on programs. It is an application of Artificial intelligence . . .
  • The aim of Artificial intelligence is to make a computer system smart like humans to solve complex problems. Whereas machine learning aim is to allow machines to learn From data so that they can give perfect output.
  •  In Artificial intelligence, we can make an intelligent system to perform any task like humans. But in machine learning, we have to teach machines to perform the task with data we can teach the machines what to do, what not to do. By this, they give the as correct output
  •  In Artificial intelligence, it has wide range of scope. But in machine learning, it has a limited scope
  •  Artificial intelligence is working to create an intelligent system that can perform various complex tasks but machine learning is working to create machines that can perform only those specific tasks for which they are trained. In Artificial intelligence, the machines can to several tasks but machine learning is an application of Artificial intelligence it can perform only some tasks that are what they are trained . . .
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Bonus Difference

  • This Artificial intelligence is concentrate about maximizing the chances of success whereas machine learning is mainly concentrated on correct output and structure . . .
  • Types of Artificial intelligence are strong Artificial intelligence, weak artificial intelligence, and strong Artificial intelligence. In machine learning, the type is supervised learning, unsupervised learning, reinforcement learning.
  • All machine learning is Artificial intelligence only but not all the Artificial intelligence is machine learning because machine learning is the application of Artificial intelligence without  Artificial intelligence there is no machine learning.
  • Compare to Artificial intelligence and machine learning, Artificial intelligence is more powerful because it can do any task but machine learning can do an only particular task
  •  Artificial intelligence is a method of data analysis that make you system intelligence but machine learning is a method of data analysis that automates analytic model building.
  • In Artificial intelligence the machine learning in knowledge or Making your system intelligence but machine learning results in data.
  • Artificial intelligence is based on the behavior of humans but machine learning based on system probability.


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