Seven Content Strategy and Marketing Trends to Expect in 2022

COVID-19 pandemics boosted the development and expansion of online business and established a new set of rules for both business owners and consumers, alike. The rapid growth of eCommerce over the last few years created demand for distinguishable content and innovative marketing approach. With social distancing measures still heavily influencing our daily lives, it’s reasonable to expect that in 2022 marketing experts and content developers will pick up best practices established in the last two years and apply them to challenges that wait in the year in front of us.

We did some research and came up with seven content and marketing strategy development trends that have a strong tendency to stay relevant in 2022.

Content Strategy and Marketing Trends
Content Strategy and Marketing Trends

Data-based content

The internet is full of information that software developers constantly try to harness for different purposes. Reaching the right audience and competing in an ever-expanding market requires extensive data analysis so that we could understand the market demand, feel the pulse of the audience, and identify weak spots in our content development strategy. We can use data to produce content that our consumers expect and value.

The remote workforce is in high demand

Assembling a team in days when direct human interaction is recommended to be avoided is all but impossible. Even if we manage to gather people willing to share space, we’d have to spend money to adapt office space to secure sanitary working conditions and avoid COVID-19 infection among team members. Thanks to a wide freelance market, project managers and business owners can hire team members from all over the world who would work from their homes or other space they find appropriate. This approach is trending because it mitigates operational costs and helps prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection.

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Be sure your content is grammatically correct

The online environment is full of shady offers so users pay close attention to find anything that might signal fraud. Exceptional grammar shows that you pay attention to details and builds you trust with the audience. Content quality should be the core of every content development strategy, especially nowadays when the eCommerce industry is in its prime and moving through the competition is a constant struggle.

Even though voice search is not a recent feature, the technology that allows a meaningful voice search experience was only recently developed. As mobile devices fortified their position as the most popular internet traffic platforms, users started to grow accustomed to conducting voice searches while on the go. Optimizing content for voice search means using long keywords written naturally, just as if it was a question that the user would ask vocally. Voice search is popular with all sorts of online trade because natural language processing technology is so advanced that it allows the use of informal language and gives the user a chance to conduct a more detailed search for the most relevant search results

Ask for help from professionals

As a marketing campaign goes on, there’s a higher chance of something going wrong in any way. Content developers mostly suffer under tight deadlines and every setback is a waste of valuable time. However, when you find yourself facing a challenge you can’t deal with, there are help services including where you can find free examples of quality content that will help you overcome creative blocks so you could move on with your project. It’s always a good idea to find inspiration from professionals when you need to focus on something really big and you don’t have the time to deal with menial tasks.

TikTok marketing

Short creative videos that make TikTok a highly addictive social media platform provide a lucrative marketing opportunity. No other social media platform has an audience engagement rate like TikTok and the most important thing is that more than one-third of TikTok users are people over 30, so there’s a large pool of potentially valuable consumers. A large number of established influencers can be a useful marketing asset through a wide range of collaborative projects or paid promotions.

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The use of AI solutions

The use of AI solutions in both content and marketing strategy development in the year ahead of us is not going to slow down. Apart from automating numerous operations, AI integration benefits the overall user experience thanks to personalized content placement, crafted for each visitor distinctively based on their preferences, usage history, and all other relevant factors. Implementing AI-driven chatbots allows 24/7 human-level customer service that saves money.


We can’t predict the future but we can rely on successful practices when we apply them appropriately. The trends we listed in this article are predictions based on numerous determining factors including tech developments, social conditions, and market demand among many others. Pay attention to these trends while creating your next strategy.