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Myself Utkarsh Sharma, I am an Engineer by my education and aspire to be an entrepreneur by profession in the near future. Enthusiastic in learning about Science, Technology, and Marketing. I try my best to be a problem creator as well as a solution provider to guide others regarding the same cause I get enthralled by the feeling of being praised by others. A programmer and technical writer under the name Logan, cause that is the best character I have met so far in the two decades of my life. Perhaps I am someone with lesser knowledge but definitely more curiosity than others that sets me apart from others. I create YouTube content and as a part of my recreational activities and am working on my skills as a web developer Technical writing is one of my hobbies, which would now be turned into a profession. My words have a touch of wit and tend to strike the bull's eye.


How to format USB on macOS?

How to format USB on macOS?

How to format USB on macOS? Formatting the USB or an external Hard Drive on macOS isn’t a difficult job. However, there’s always something with Mac that sets it aside, at least for me. So here, we’ll explain a smart approach (pun intended) of formatting USB on Mac.

KWFinder Tool: A deep analysis of the tool

KWFinder Tool

KWFinder Tool: A deep analysis of the tool: The whole network of searching and filtration of searches on the internet works on the fundamental source of striking with keywords. Whether it is the hashtags on Instagram or the tags on Youtube videos, it is just the use of keywords to rank your content a little higher in the SERPs presented by various authors around the earth.

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