Pokemon Glazed

Are you looking for some beat Pokémon games because you’re bored with normal trendy games and you are confused which is best for you? Here is the solution for you. Pokemon glazed is one of the best games out there which is one of the most famous games on the Pokémon theme. This article will help you gain almost every detail of the Pokémon Glazed. This will help you a lot if you are a Pokémon freak.

Everyone in this world would accept that Pokémon made their childhood interesting and full of fun. It introduces the children to another world. A world in which every child is a Pokémon trainer and he/she has to train the Pokémon. Due to this influence, the children started pretending the real animals as a Pokémon. They even started taking care of all the animals the same as the Pokémon trainer use to do. In short, it created a very great impact over kids.

About Pokémon

Pokémon is a Japanese media franchise that was founded by three different companies. The parent companies of the Pokémon Company are Nintendo, Creatures and Game Freak. This Pokémon series is created by Santoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori. The name Pokémon is an acronym for the Pocket monster. The series has 890 different Pokémon species. The first-ever video game series of Pokémon was released on 24 February 1996. The first-ever anime series of Pokémon named Indigo League was released on April 1, 1997.

The Pokémon Company released the video games series in this way:-

  1. Pokémon Blue
  2. Pokemon Crystal
  3. Pokémon Sapphire and Ruby
  4. Pokemon Leafgreen and Firered
  5. Pokémon Red and Green
  6. Pokemon Emerald
  7. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl
  8. Pokemon Platinum
  9. Pokémon Soulsilver and Heartgold
  10. Pokemon Black and White
  11. Pokémon Black 2 and White 2
  12. Pokemon X and Y
  13. Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby
  14. Pokemon Sun and Moon
  15. Pokémon Golden and Silver
  16. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
  17. Pokémon let’s go Pikachu! And let’s go, Eveey!
  18. Pokémon Sword and Shield

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Pokemon Glazed

Pokemon Glazed
Pokemon Glazed

This awesome game is a hacked version of U.S based Pokémon emerald version. This game was released on 30 November 2012. Initially, the game starts with the Tunod region. The updated version has a new region called the Johto region and the Rankor Archipelago region. This adventurous game is developed by Ducati.


 The game starts with a character that is 12 years old. You have to play with this character. On the first day, you will get your first Pokémon. The story revolves around the collision of the real world with a mysterious power that is controlling the Pokémon world. The Mysterious power wants to destroy the culture of the Tunod region. Your character will also meet friends who will trainers from Johto Region. You will also meet your favorite Pokémon character “Pikachu“.

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 You will be provided with five starters and you have to choose one of them but till last you have to catch them all. There are a total of three regions in the game Tunod, Johto, and Ranko. These are virtual regions created by the game developers. You will meet different Pokémon From different regions. Pokémonsis the animal type of creature. The trainers have to catch them through pokeballs.

  • See Pokémon from Sinnoh, Kalos, and Unova region.
  • Traveled both in Pokémon world and the real world and you have to catch all the five starters.
  • Match different trainers from different regions.
  • You also have to fight with gym leaders to gain Pokémon badges.
  • Compete with legendary trainers from Kanto to Sinnoh. Apart from these matches you also fight with eight trainers from Unova.
  • You will also experience out of battle effects that make it a more interesting game.
  • Get physical as well as special splits in the game.

Attacks from your competitors or other trainers may damage your character and Pokémon but they can also heal with time and cheat codes for Pokemon glazed. The typing in the game is fairy.


  • In the first update, the territory was increased up to Seaspray Gym. The trainer character has to fight to get the batch from the gym leader.
  • In the second update, the territory was increased up to Southerly Gym. Your character has to fight from the gym leader to achieve the batches.
  • The third update was introduced with the Tunod league. This league was hosted for different trainers from all over the world.
  • In the fourth update, the territory was expanded up to Olivine gym. This update also introduced three new PokémonsDialga, Palkia, and Gratina. The story of the game was revamped in this update. The accessibility to Violet City, Mahogany Town, Cherrygrove City, Ecruteak City, and Olivine City was also opened for the character.
  • The second part of the fourth update went to add powerful Pokémon like Mew, Darkai, Cresselia, and Latinos.
  • The fifth update was introduced with two different leagues. Tunod league and Johto league.
  • The second part of the fifth update on implementing the feature of the physical and special split.
  • The sixth update made the accessibility of the Rankorregion in addition to Tunod and Johto regions operational in the game. The Pokémon were updated to the sixth generation. The legendary Pokémons like Arceus, Lugia, Rerrakion, Virizion, Zapdos, Mespirit, Deoxys, Cobalion, Moltres, Uxie were also introduced in this update. A very new type of starters was introduced named MysteryIsland. Wild Pokémons of Johto region were able to increase their level. Dig and Whirlpool were eliminated from the region as they were not necessary for the game. In return to this, entry to some optional areas was opened. In short, the sixth update takes the game to the next level.
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Mega update

  1. The seventh update is considered to be the last update of this game. All the regions of the games were now available for the characters. This update made this game a full version available on the internet. The spirit and cries of the Pokémons were made more animated. This update fixed the location of the Pokédex. The Goldenrod gym was converted into a fairy type gym. The modification of the evergreen gym maze happened in this update. The trainer Isle was now fully operational. The seven updates also released mega evolution.
  2. The mega evolved Pokémons were Blastoise, Venusaur, Salamence, Manectric, and Absol. This update also introduced mega stones which were used for evolving the Pokémons to the mega level. The interesting thing in this update was that only Charizard was the Pokémon that worked with mega stone X. The mega Pokémons were able to tackle many attacks that were very dangerous for the rest of the Pokémons. In short, the mega evolution made the Pokémons very powerful. The Pokémon Lucario was able to learn may moves at one time due to mega evolution but other Pokémons were not able to do that. You may make your Pokémons learn the tricks by cheat codes.


 The Pokemon glazed version game was released years after the launch of SoulSilver and HeartGold. Due to the Mt. Silver eruption, the location lying between the New Bark Town and Viridian city was destroying very drastically. Cherrygrove City came with a new airport in the game. The Route 36 was now having a new research lab for legendary Pokémons. Many knew powerful trainers were now invited to the Johto League. There are many more updates in the locations that are mentioned above in the update section. Use Pokemon Go Joystick to enjoy more.


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 Many gamers considered it as the most enjoyable Pokemon glazed game. They have rated this game 4.2 out of 5 which is pretty much good in comparison to others. Some of the gamers have stated this game as the most adventurous game among the Pokémon series. Apart from gamers, many magazines have also featured this game. Many parents have also reviewed this game suitable for the kids. Although it contains fights and attacks they are not that inappropriate for the kids.

This game is also loved by kids. On the other hand, introducing the legendary Pokémon games made this game one of the best video games. Apart from the positive side, this game has a negative side too. This game is addictive for the kids. It may make your child stubborn for the game. You should have control over your child if you don’t want that your child may get addicted to it. It also has a low graphics quality that may affect the eyes of the children. But overall rating and reviews about this game are very positive.


In conclusion, Every child has a dream to live in the Pokémon world. Everyone wants to have Pikachu beside him or her. No matter how old Pokémon series is, but now also there are unlimited fans out in the world. Subsequently, The introduction of this Pokémon game made a revolution in the gaming industry. You can have a detailed knowledge over Pokemon glazed through this article.

In sum up to this content, we would like to tell you that this game is awesome for the kids. Moreover, it made its place in the hearts of kids. So, You can download directly from the internet and enjoy the virtual world of Pokémons.