Pokemon Go Joystick

Pokémon” – Does the word make it seem like it’s only for children? Probably Pokemon is valid for everybody for every age group from children to grown-ups. Let’s check what Pokemon go joystick is and for what purpose Pokemon go joystick is used for?

We become lazy and wonder if something is available for us that are fascinating. Now we will begin with the analysis of Pokemon go joystick.

Some policies made by the game centre will be discussed so that you can know how to play the game using the joystick with full facts.


Many of us are so busy in our daily schedule that we are not aware of a development in various technologies, gaming systems etc. You know that Pokemon has done various developments such as if you don’t want to run behind the Pokemon to catch them so you can catch them while doing other work, sitting idle, or lying on your beds. Let’s find out how you can do this.

Pokemon Go is an AR game i.e. Augmented reality. In this game, you have to find Pokemon and spot them in real locations. The game is not so popular in today’s society just because people are not so active to run for Pokemon and hold the phone and stare at the screen. Many of us wanted to play it while sitting at home. Now it’s available in this game. To know to keep reading the information given below:

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Pokemon Go on your iOS device

Tweak box is one of the popular apps available to play Pokemon go on your iOS device. You can enjoy this game with fake GPS locations and using a joystick. Now follow these steps mentioned below to get the app in your iOS.

  1. Step1: Visit the official website of tweak box. Click on the option available “install now”.
  2. Step2: To acquire your permission, a notification will be displayed on your screen so permit them by clicking on Allow.
  3. Step3: Go to settings after it is downloaded and move to profile downloaded.
  4. Step4: Click on install option displayed and after successful completion of the installation give them confirmation by tapping on done.
  5. Step5: Now to search for the app, go to the home screen and liftoff the app.click on it and install.
  6. Step6: With the completion of the process, you can go home screen and open the app. Play Pokemon go Using the joystick feature.
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Pokemon go joystick

You have to first search for the Pokemon available nearby. Touch your screen to enable the joystick and move in any direction you want. The option is available here to hide your joystick. You can clear your history of the mock location and can successfully restore your original location. Speed setting for the joystick is accessible during the gameplay. You can move to longitude and latitude after mentioning the location on the map. Your best place can be selected and easily marked so that when you require it, you can load it. Using a joystick makes you start from the place you have evacuated.


  1. You have to install the module.
  2. Xposed should be allowed.
  3. In settings, go to the developer option and allow mock locations.
  4. Then you have to reboot your system to enable your joystick.
  5. Open your joystick to control and navigate your joystick like a controller and enjoy your gaming.
  6. Joysticks help you in many ways you can control your gaming, catch Pokemon while sitting only.

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There is an app available named TuTu that has an advanced version of games stored in it. App store permits to play Pokemon go and download it. Without worrying about privacy, you can play games using a fake GPS location.

TuTu app store

TuTu app store can be used in the following ways mentioned below:

  1. Step1: visit the official website of the TuTu app store.
  2. Step2: click on install now and after successfully completing your app’s icon will appear on the home screen.
  3. Step3: Now you can click on Pokemon go and start playing the interesting game with the use of a GPS joystick.

App valley

You can also use App valley to play Pokemon Go with the use of a GPS joystick on your iOS device.

  1. Step1: Visit the official site of App valley. Tap on allow and download it.
  2. Step2: Go to settings and profile download. After that, click on the install and proceed further.
  3. Step3: To confirm the installation, once again click on install. Tap on done after completion.
  4. Step4: Go to the home screen, tap on the app icon, click on Get, and for confirmation, click on install.
  5. Step5: Now you can play the game and enjoy the joystick feature.

Pokemon Go on an Android device

Firstly, you have to go play store for Pokemmo Android Game, and from play store, two apps mentioned you have to download –

  • Fake GPS Joystick Routes Go.
  • Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer Free
  1. Step1: Go to play store download: GPS Joystick Routes Go or GPS Go Location Spoofer Free
  2. Step2: Go to Settings, Tap on “about phone”, to permit developer mode click 7 times on build number.
  3. Step3: Access location settings, and set the device accuracy of GPS to a high accuracy level.
  4. Step4: Move to routes and enable GPS. To select the location you have to move the pointer.
  5. Step5: Now you should move to the Fake GPS setting. The non-root mode should be on, and when you slide down, then the joystick option will be available.click on it also.
  6. Step6: Tap on the play button and allow Fake GPS.
  7. Step7: Access Pokemon Go and then go back to Fake GPS and move the pointer.
  8. Step8: Go to the Pokemon go app and play delightfully.
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Methods to change GPS location

iMyphoneto is a special material used to play Pokemon go without going anywhere or moving to catch Pokemon. Location of the game can be changed as per your wish. Privacy remains end to end encrypted. After changing location, it pretends you are there, but in reality, you were not. Speed can be maintained as required by various movements in the game.

How to change GPS settings using iMyphoneto?

  1. Step1: Install iMyphoneto app in your pcs by visiting its official website and double click on the app icon.
  2. Step2: After successfully launching, click on “get started”.
  3. Step3: connect your device to the computer using a USB cable.
  4. Step4: Amazing displays will appear on your computer after connecting the device with the computer. The map is shown to us.
  5. Step5: click on teleport mode appeared on the topmost right corner.

The location will be displayed. Choose as you prefer. Click on the move option. Location of the game will be changed, and you can enjoy joystick and play games from anywhere. Some of you are thinking that joystick is an advanced feature with a quality catcher of Pokemon, but it should have some effects also. Yes, you are thinking right. If you are taking a risk and using joysticks to catch Pokemon, then you are at the risk of getting banned.

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Terms of service of pokemon go (Discipline policy)

Warning: the message will be displayed on your screen telling you that the game centre has found cheating on your account. Pokémon will not be detected on the map or pokemon tracker. New Ex raid passes will not be provided to the players. It will last for 7 days. After that, your game will be restored.

Suspension: If you were provided with the second strike, then your account will be temporarily deactivated. Whenever you will log in to your account a message stating that your account is suspended will automatically be displayed. Duration of this action is up to 30 days. After that, your account will be reactivated, and everything will be restored fully.

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Termination: If the game centre finds that you have commuted both the above strikes, then your account will be permanently deactivated or banned. If you are terminated by mistake, then what should an individual do? You can appeal to the game centre that you were terminated in error. The game centre will investigate your account. To make a ban appeal, you have first to visit a web-based help centre and then proceed further and select “ban appeal” from the menu to put a request to the game centre.


We have mentioned above about Pokemon go joystick that how an individual can have access towards joystick and use it to play Pokemon go game. Advanced Technology has arrived with incredible features. You have to use various apps and install them to access joystick and play using it. Several policies have also been made by the game industry so that no one can misuse the game development.

As we have many games at present, pokemon go provides you with immense happiness and develops interest as well. Now don’t worry that you should have to run for Pokemon. You can sit and catch them easily using a joystick sitting anywhere in the world. Take advantage of the option provided to you and enjoy the Pokemon go game with the latest features and mind the terms of policies made by the game industry.