Be aware of WP Rocket Fake Sites

Are you looking for a WP Rocket and don’t know about WP Fake Sites? If yes, then your quest ends here. Now coming to the topic of WP Rocket, it is described as a plugin that facilitates caching on WordPress’s websites. The WP Rocket will automatically reboot the cache files during each visit of a new customer to ensure the content is always fresh and updated. Be aware of WP Rocket Fake Sites!

Moreover, it has the capability to boost optimization and website speed. The WP Rocket is not only convenient to use but also can enhance the speed of loading on the website. Today, WP Rocket is worldwide used by about 10 million websites and application domains. After the launch of WP Rocket, it has successfully achieved all the goals. To illustrate, it was declared as number 1 by ColorLib in the year 2017, Design Bomb in 2016, WP Dev Shed in 2015, WPMU Dev in 2014.


WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) available freely online over the internet. It is written in PHP scripting language. Furthermore, it can be paired with MariaDB Database or MySQL. The developer of this foundation is well known as the famous WordPress Foundation. It began initially as a blog publishing system for about 17 years ago. WordPress established its milestone on May 27, in the golden year 2003. This blog publishing system upgraded into traditional membership sites, media galleries, mailing lists, forums, online stores, and LMS (Learning Management System). WordPress is the best content management solution in today’s scenario. WordPress has 60 million followers and users worldwide who are using it on a daily basis.

As you can see, it has continuously achieved its goal. For the Creators, the performance of the internet has always been vital in their comprehensive field. It was an obstacle for its creators to cover all the abstract technical issues to go forward. They applied each and every technique to benefit the end-user.

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WP Rocket Fake Sites

Because WP Rocket Infinite license gives the facility to the web developer and resellers to use it for their clients, So in my case study, most of the site purchase the infinite license and sells them without any hesitation. That is why we can not say exactly that they are fake sites, they maybe resellers.

Moreover, it has the capability to boost optimization and website speed. This WP Rocket also has a darker side. Some fraudsters are capable enough to create a fake website of WP Rocket for malicious intentions. When we came in, communication with WP Rocket revealed some fraud sites selling duplicate samples of WP Rocket on a fake website. Here is a glimpse of the evidence mentioned below. We would recommend and plead our faithful readers and those who are reading our articles for the first time, please have a look at it. It is only for the awareness purpose with a slogan Stay Aware, Stay Safe.

Dear rocketeers,
I have found that "" and "" selling your plugging through google AdSense advertisement in a very cheap amount, Are any of them authentic?
This " " is also your site. Is it safe to buy from them? I highly need your response. Thanks

So the E-mail mentioned above was sent by Mr Rahul. To this E-mail, he got a reply which you can go through it beneath.


Be aware of WP Rocket Fake Sellers
Hello Rahul,

Adina from WP Rocket here! Thank you for checking the issue with us first and also for informing us.

No, of course, it is not our offer :-( That is not our website. That is a scam / fake copy trying to impersonate our website. Our team is already aware of this and working on taking the site down.

If you are interested in our plugin, please make sure you purchase a genuine valid copy through our website, Any offer that you find at low prices is selling an illegal nulled License version of WP Rocket.

Best regards, 
Adina Dikmen
Online Sales Support

Real site vs fake site

WP RocketFake site
Original site: wp-rocket.meOther than are WP Rocket Fake Sites
Provide Full licence.No licence.
You will get regular updates at the time.They will delay the update or do not provide an update.
Full customer support.No customer support.
Real Price $49 for a single site.$10 to $15 for unlimited websites.
You need a coupon to purchase in $39 and that can be found easily emailing them.Already at a very cheap price.
No vulnerability.No guarantee of vulnerability.
They have the authority to sell.They also have the authority to sell if they have WP Rocket Infinite license.
Can I use WP Rocket on client sites?

Why should we use Original WP Rocket?

Well, I guess the features mentioned described it uses. Nevertheless, it has additional features to facilitate anyone who uses WordPress in their day to day life. The best part is that it works on every website despite the fact of the site being small or large. It is easy to use so that you can use it anywhere and anytime on the go. The only requirement of WP Rocket is PHP 5.6. It can work proficiently on the servers such as Windows, NGINX, and Apache. The WP Rocket can automatically be renewed on a discount of 30% after one year. Thus, you will not lose any chance to use upgraded versions and services. You can conveniently enable or disable the auto-renewable on the account page of the website.

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Moreover, your account can upgrade your license if you pay the cost of it. In addition, you need not to master your coding skills to use it. As 80% of the website performance is dependent on the best practices, even if the option is not activated. Overall this means that you can actively install and active it from anywhere in the world. Most importantly, WP Rocket comes under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant. This means, it does not store or access any personal data. Also, cookies are not included while accessing the website. It is reliable, reliable, and the most useful plugins in the market.


 For the content management system of WORDPRESS, the WP ROCKET plugin is used.


 The service system of WORDPRESS includes the best for you, which is Support and Updates.

WP MEDIA provided support:

The assistance maintenance or/and support services. This also includes not only maintenance and support but also upgrading facilities on behalf of the License granted by WP Media. The License was provided to avoid the consequences of upgrades and modifications of rewriting the already existing plugin’s substantial fragments.

Technical Requirements:

 WP MEDIA has launched the brand new version of a precise list of systems and hardware specifications, which are the most appropriate to be used in Plugins. WP MEDIA has recommended that the regular customers ensure implementing and maintaining in Plugins with care and compliance. The regular customer should acknowledge and be responsible enough to manage their usage of WORDPRESS. It is also a prior suggestion for all the regular customers that they must keep upgrading their systems and hardware according to the latest version available with the Technical Requirements.


 The available system is upgraded now and then. The improvements are made to enhance and improve the existing standard technical application services accessible through the Service provided and decided by one and only WP MEDIA. Moreover, the upgrades and features are updated on a condition to avoid any such prior upgrades or modifications that require rewriting of a substantial fragment of the already existing standard application services. These updates of attributes include rectifying any existing anomalies in the prevailing Services. These updates are provided under the Support and Update services by WP MEDIA.


When the Customer confirms the order via online, whether it is cash on delivery or online payment, then the setting out the items ordered, bank, features, prices, or SEPA payment details are always taken into prior consideration. The ordered item qualifies for the applicable General Terms and Conditions of Sales and Marketing.


 Any individual or legal entity who wishes to benefit from the Upgrades, Terms, and Services provided by WP MEDIA can avail the golden opportunity for the same.


 The parties include the one and only WP MEDIA and the regular and faithful Customers.

Personal Data:

 You will be relieved to read that Privacy is a matter of concern. Moreover, it has always been our prime priority to safeguard your personal data. The personal information is described and explained by European regulations. Most notably, France has not only defined but also has amended to protect data, which is explained under the article of Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978. The Data Protection Act on January 6, 1978, states about the personal information to be disclosed, registered, and communicated by the Customers while receiving and using the product.

Factsheets of Products and Services

WP MEDIA is significant and concerned about its products and services. The original features of each and every product are mentioned on the website. The items’ features are offered on the Website, which is set out per the corresponding factsheet, which is available for viewing by the customers on the Website as amended by Article L111-1 of the French Consumer Code.

Specific features of Products and Service

There is a specification of the License below to use the plugin. Nevertheless, each product of WP MEDIA is granted a license to use the WP ROCKET plugin.

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The 3 tier plan of licenses which are granted by the WP MEDIA are as follows-

  • SINGLE License: This License is used for plugin only available for one website.
  • PLUS License: This License enables the user to use the plugin for three separate websites.
  • INFINITE License: This License is used for unlimited plugin websites.

These three-tier licenses will not be helpful for companies like web hosting for their customers.

 Support and update service

The product of a WP ROCKET plugin provides a three-tier license with a one-year warranty, which includes upgradation services which will be effective from the outdated. The IT support service applies only for License to be sold with.

These updates are installed according to the recommendation of WP MEDIA. WP MEDIA is evidently not responsible for the actual installation of updated systems and applications on the purchaser’s hardware. Moreover, the WP MEDIA is no way responsible for any technical issues and consequences.

Pricing and Placement

The technical specifications, including the cost of the Products and its Services, provided on the website of WP MEDIA, which is So customers can view the products on WP MEDIA and avail the services of the product after purchasing. Prices that are displayed in USD on the website include VAT. The pricing shown on the website is the same price communicated to the purchaser. The actual pricing in force conveyed to the purchaser as of the date of payment of a Product and Service. WP MEDIA reserves all the right to revise and change its products’ pricing at any moment of working hours.

Website:1Website: 3Website: Unlimited
Prices for 1 year purchase

Promotional code

The Purchaser has all the right to make use of a promotional code. The promotional code is required to be entered at the very next moment of placing the order. Besides, only one promotional code can be allowed for each order. You can demand a coupon to purchase in $39 and that can be obtained quickly emailing them at <[email protected]>. And no need any promo code from WP Rocket Fake Sites, they already sell at a very cheap price.


All the WP MEDIA products remain under the property of WP MEDIA once WP MEDIA receives the full payment. The payment of the already ordered item is due and payable upon the placement of an order. The purchaser can pay by PayPal, a payment procedure that uses the Secure Socket Layer protocol, or can make payment through credit/debit card.

Pursuant to Article L132-2 of the French Monetary and Financial Code, a payment undertaking given by means of a credit/debit card is irrevocable. Once the credit/debit card information is provided, the Purchaser has authorized the WP MEDIA team to debit the amount corresponding to the price from the purchaser’s card.

So as to make this happen, the Purchaser has to confirm that they are the real holder of their debit/ credit card. Thus, the amount for the purchased product can be debited from the purchaser’s account. Through this, our team can confirm that the name written on the card is the real Purchaser’s name. The Purchaser ought to provide the card number as well as the expiry date of the card being used. In some cases, the card security code (CSC) of the Purchaser will be enquired, if required.

Once the payment is made, it will not be paid into WP MEDIA’s account or debited from the Consumer’s account until the Product key has been activated once WP MEDIA delivers it. This regulation is applied for both the payment done online or on delivery. Once the WP MEDIA receives the Product activation key, the amount is proclaimed to be co=nfirmed.

These rules and regulations are applicable only for those purchasers who agree to receive only digital invoices while placing an order or/and making payment.

What are the benefits of having a license?

What more is provided and benefits of having the licenses?

  • Quick Setup
  • Page Caching
  • Cache Preloading
  • Sitemap Preloading
  • GZIP Compression
  • Browser Caching
  • Lazyload
  • Minification/ Concatenation
  • Defer JS Loading
  • Cloudflare Compatibility
  • CDN
  • DNS Prefetching
  • Mobile Detection
  • Multisite Compatibility
  • E-Commerce Friendly
  • Multilingual Compatibility
  • Connected Users
  • Import/Export
  • Developer Friendly

Pros/Best Feature of Word Press Rocket

The deciding factor will either reduces the loading time of your site or efficiency of the internet speed if you are not aware of choosing the best caching plugin.


 In contrast, it is mandatory to acknowledge that you can configure the plugin correctly and accurately to make the most of it. Now, struggling with a sophisticated plugin setting is finally over. You will feel the heat with the fast and furious immediate results. Must read: Wp Rocket best setting to boost LCP, FID, CLS speed.

Web Hosting Capability:

 Even if many hosts are built in their caching system, but some features of WP Rocket can be disabled automatically to be able to be compatible with the host on the website. You can use these in platforms like SiteGuard, GoDaddy, and many more.

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E-Commerce Friendly:

 If you are running errands on the internet or operating your business through the internet, you can reserve and sell your items using the WordPress website. In that case, you can install an e-commerce plugin. If you check out the pages and exclude the cache’s view cart, then your browsing will be escalated. This will ensure that your cache page gets cleaned, and the visitor does not face any issues on the website.

Page Caching:

 The process of caching enhances fast refresh with less time taken for loading. This feature is an essential attribute for the improvement of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Once you turn the WP rocket on, the caching will simultaneously get activated. WP Rocket will clear all the cache memory whenever a new visitor arrives at the website destination by rebooting it or publishing new content.

Static Files Compression:

 You can compress any file of any format and size. Do you know what makes it special? It is free. Yes, you heard that, right! You can compress any file of any format and size online without burning a hole in your pocket. Moreover, as we all know, lighter the file less is the time taken for loading, static file compression reduces the overall weight and size of JavaScript, HTML, CSS file via minification.


 Yeah, I got it that you did not get the fact about Minification. And you know what, that’s why I’m explaining this to you. Minification is described as the reduction of the size of data files, images including JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. With minification, WP Rocket has the capability to eradicate any unwanted comments, extra codes, white spaces, and line breaks.

Developer’s Friendly:

 One thing that attracts the attention of most customers is the ease of use of WP Rocket. The developer-friendly attribute of WP Rocket helps it to stand out from the crowd. It aims to enable the user and the developer to simplify and manage to take control of the overall process of optimization of data and media. Furthermore, it has practical technical skills to function effectively with speed.


If you are fed up waiting and watching a never-ending revolving circle of downloading and uploading data, you are at the right doorstep. Let me present to you the WP Rocket. The WP rocket is here to wipe your woes. If you spend hours working on WordPress, you can install a caching plugin to enhance the downloading and uploading speed.

I know most of you are hearing it for the first time. This might be a totally new concept of rocket science for our new and old, faithful readers. It has the privilege to offer you fast delivery with satisfaction. Each time a new visitor arrives at your website destination, the WP rocket will acknowledge you about it, including the communication between the server and the visitor. The WP Rocket will automatically reboot the cache files during each visit of a new customer to ensure the content is always fresh and updated. You may not get all as it is from WP Rocket Fake Sites.


We really hope that the data and information mentioned above will certainly be worth reading. We have tried our best to elaborate on the main issue, causes, and effects. Finally, in the overview, WP Rocket is an aid for all those fed up with slow-paced internet. It is our advice to stay safe and stay away from all fraudsters and WP Rocket Fake Sites. And we also can not say that resellers are fake, they are authorised by the WP rocket infinite licence itself.

The final thought about the article is if you are an amateur in WordPress, you can do caching, optimize media and data, and expose video guides to suggest and assist you during navigation. In this, a little technical skill and a pinch of effort are required to work on it. WordPress Rocket is definitely a great investment that is worth each penny. We assure you, you will never regret it. As mentioned above, with evidence, be aware of such fake things. We would like to hear your feedback and FAQs on our site.

Stay carefree with the 14 days money-back guarantee to plug in, play, and check if it works for you or not. To conclude, whether you are using WP Rocket or any other similar product, WP Rocket will always assure you with lightning-fast speed than any additional plugins. Stay tuned for more such content. We will be right back very soon with another informative yet interesting article. Till then, keep supporting us on our social platforms.