Pokemon emerald emulator

Pokemon emerald emulator’ is a video game version among Pokemon series. It is top rated and adventurous game. At the earliest, it is only available for PC and play stations. But today, in the world with emerging technology, it is even compatible with android and iOS mobile phones. In this article we will know everything about Pokemon Emerald version.

Know about Pokemon Emerald version

Pokemon Emerald is an adventurous video game. ‘Emerald’ is a version from Pokemon series. This ‘Pokemon ’ video game was introduced in the year 2004 by Japanese. And this ‘Emerald’ version which we are talking about is released in the year 2005. Those are the times where cheat codes are not available over internet and YouTube was not even around. So, the players did not have any chance to pass the levels of the game in an easy manner.

Pokémon emerald emulator
Pokémon emerald emulator

There are total 18 versions in the Pokemon series. And ‘Emerald’ is the 8th version. Continue reading to article.

See the list of Pokemon series:

  1. Red and Green Japan <released in 1996>
  2. Red and Blue <released in 1998>
  3. Yellow <released in 1999>
  4. Gold and Silver <released in 2000>
  5. Crystal <released in 2001>
  6. Ruby and Sapphire <released in 2002>
  7. FireRed and LeafGreen <released in 2004>
  8. Emerald <released in 2005>
  9. Diamond and pearl <released in 2007>
  10. Platinum <released in 2009>
  11. HearGold and SoulSilver <released in 2010, >
  12. Black and White <released in 2011>
  13. Black 2 and White 2 <released in 2012>
  14. X and Y <released in 2013>
  15. Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire <released in 2014>
  16. Sun and Moon <released in 2016>
  17. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon  <released in 2017>
  18. Sword and Sheild <released in 2019>

All these games are introduced by The Pokemon Company, with Game Freak being their video game developer all the time. Since the first release, it sold nearly 1,916,505 copies. Emerald version is released in the United States. It stood as second-highest ranked video game with 146,000 pre-ordered copies after Grand theft-San Andreas. The standard publisher for Pokemon series is ‘Nintendo’.

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About this game:

Pokemon Emerald Version carries both the players and Trainers back to ‘Hoenn’.  It gives a feel of expanded adventure.You can download Pokemon emerald for free in your PC. As it is a video game it is suggested to use PC. But we can also make use of an Android mobile or iPhone or Mac.

Many say that Pokemon Emerald is same as the previous series Pokemon  Ruby and Sapphire.

Those are the days where the internet is not that much popular to find all the game cheats and codes. Those are the days where websites like YouTube aren’t around.

The locations and their routes:

When Pokemon game was first introduced into the market, the internet and YouTube are not as much popular as now. It is very hard for a player to know the easy tricks and cheat codes of any game. But today we have many sources where we can get everything we want related to a game.  In the same way, Pokemon games also have some specific locations and cheat codes for which players are always excited to know about. Here are some best legendary locations:

  • Rayquaza
  • Kyogre ( Route for the location -> 105,125,127 and 129)
  • Groudon (Route for the location -> 144,115,116 and 118)
  • Sealed Chamber (All the three required Regis are unlocked. First Team is Wailord and the Last Team is Relicanth).
  • Regirock (First read the message and then make two steps to the down, two steps to the left and now, use the ‘rock smash’)
  • Regice (Starting from right, walk around cave)
  • Registeel (Step to the centre of cave)
  • Latios/Latias (Choosing red you will find the Latias, Choosing blue you will find the latios roaming around)
  • Latios/Latias (EON TICKET)
  • Mew (Only for the Japanese Version)
  • Lugia
  • Ho-Oh
  • Deoxys

How to download

Pokemon Emerald emulator in PC

Before downloading this game into your PC, make sure to know what version of windows you are running. If you do know, then proceed to the steps mentioned below. If you do not know then just go to settings > about > Device specifications. There, it will show you the windows version you are using and monitor specifications. These details will be helpful in downloading the exact version your system accepts. Proceed to follow steps to download the Pokémon emerald version.

  1. Open the browser on your PC and Click here.
  2. As you already know your system specifications, click on the relevant option in the downloads.
  3. Go ahead and download the Zip file.
  4. You will be driven to a website and there click on ‘Download ROM’ in green colour.
  5. Extract the two downloaded zip files.
  6. Then just you need to install the game and you are ready to go.
  7. Refresh and start playing. Done!
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Download Pokemon Emerald on Android

We use Game Boy in advance as an emulator to play this game on an Android mobile phone. As far as concerned, this is the best emulator for android mobiles letting no crashes during the play. Before letting the install happen to make sure you have a good internet connection. Follow the below steps carefully one by one to successfully install Pokémon Emerald version in your Android mobile phone.  

  1. In your android mobile, open play store and Search for ‘GBA’
  2. Click on the first result and tap on ‘install’.
  3. Then open your browser and visit www.loveroms.com.
  4. In that website search for ‘Pokemon Emerald’ in the search bar.
  5. Click on ‘Download’.
  6. After downloading open GBA, go to Downlands and Open ‘Pokemon Emerald’.
  7. You’ll have emulator opened in which the game starts to run.
  8. Start playing the game.

Pokemon Emerald on iOS

Downloading a game into the iPhone through an emulator is somewhat tricky and a task to consider. So here we use eclipse as the emulator. Because this is the best-considered emulator for an iOS device with no crashes. Before installing the game, please make sure you have Google driver Dropbox on your iPhone. If not, install them from Appstore. Follow the steps carefully to enjoy this game on your iPhone.

  1. In your iPhone, open Safari and Click here to download an emulator (Eclipse)
  2. Once you are into the website, go ahead, tap the share button at the bottom, and tap on ‘Add to home screen’.
  3. On your home screen, tap on the ‘Eclipse’ icon. Complete the setup.
  4. Again, go to your browser and visit www.downloadroms.io
  5. In the website select ‘Pokemon Emerald. You’ll be driven to another page of games.
  6. Select Pokemon Emerald from those and scroll down to see a big yellow button of ‘Save game’. Click it.
  7. As you are downloading the Zip file, you also need to install another app from App Store to install the Zip file extractor. So, install any zip file extractor from the App store.
  8. Open the Zip file extractor and select the Pokemon Emerald zip file to extract it.
  9. After extracting, share them to your google drive or Dropbox.
  10. Finally, open eclipse and tap on ‘Plus’ at the top right corner, select Google Drive or Dropbox, and select the game you extracted.
  11. Let it load, and everything set to play now. Done!
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Almost every year we are having a new Pokemon version being released by Game Freak developers. Every arrival will make its players and fans feel high with exciting features and adventurous levels. Even though there are many new games evolving along with the emerging technology the craze for these Pokemon versions has not fallen a bit. On the other hand, Pokemon team always does its best in giving its players high-end versions.

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