iOS 17 Standby Not Working Issue

Have you recently updated your iPhone to iOS 17, only to find the standby feature isn’t working as expected? You’re not alone. This issue has plagued numerous users, sparking an array of questions across multiple online forums. In this article, we’re set to decode why your iOS 17 standby might not be working and how you can rectify this problem.

Understanding the iOS 17 Standby Feature

Apple’s standby mode is designed to save your battery life by halting most operations when your iPhone isn’t in use. This impressive feature makes your iPhone smart enough to understand when to step back. However, the iOS 17 standby not working issue has turned this feature on its head, causing significant battery drain and user inconvenience.

Why is the iOS 17 Standby Not Working?

To decipher why your standby isn’t working, it’s vital to understand possible root causes. First, it could be due to software glitches. These glitches occur due to minor errors during the iOS 17 update installation process. Second, third-party apps might be interfering with the standby mode. Some apps continue to function in the background, thereby overriding the standby command.

iOS 17 Standby Not Working

How to fix iOS 17 standby not working?

In your quest to resolve the iOS 17 standby not working issue, you may encounter other obstacles. For instance, the Error Installing iOS 16.3.1 problem is one that many users face while trying to update their operating system. This error can prevent you from accessing crucial updates that could potentially fix the standby issue. Moreover, you might be grappling with questions like, “Why is my Face ID not working all of a sudden?“. Such unexpected glitches can disrupt your user experience, just like the standby issue. Therefore, while troubleshooting, it’s essential to tackle these issues too, to ensure your iPhone runs smoothly.

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Addressing Software Glitches

So, how can you resolve software glitches? An easy way is to force restart your iPhone. Press and release the volume up button, then press and release the volume down button. Finally, press and hold the power button until you see the Apple logo. This action will not erase your data but will clear system errors that might be preventing standby mode.

Controlling Third-Party Apps

If force restarting didn’t fix the problem, check the Background App Refresh settings. These settings dictate whether apps can refresh their content when on Wi-Fi or cellular data, which could interfere with the standby mode. Go to “Settings,” select “General,” then “Background App Refresh,” and switch it off. You may also consider updating or uninstalling apps that may be causing the standby issue.

Reset All Settings

Another solution could be to reset all settings on your iPhone. This action won’t delete your personal data, but it will remove your saved settings. To do this, go to “Settings,” select “General,” scroll down to “Reset,” then click on “Reset All Settings.”

Upgrading iOS 17

If none of the above solutions work, it could be an issue with the iOS 17 version you are running. Check for iOS 17 updates to ensure you have the latest features and bug fixes. Go to “Settings,” select “General,” and then click on “Software Update.” If there’s an update available, tap “Download and Install.”

Removing Rogue Apps

In some instances, rogue apps might be the culprits behind the ‘iOS 17 standby not working’ issue. These apps consume more power, even when they should be in standby mode. To diagnose if you have such an app, go to “Settings,” then “Battery.” Here, you’ll see a list of apps and their respective battery usage. If you spot an app consuming more power than it should, consider removing it.

Disabling Dynamic Wallpapers and Motion

Dynamic wallpapers and motions are appealing, but they can interfere with the standby mode. Try disabling these features to solve the issue. To disable dynamic wallpapers, go to “Settings,” then “Wallpaper,” select “Choose a New Wallpaper,” and pick a ‘Stills’ option. To turn off parallax motion, head to “Settings,” then “Accessibility,” select “Motion,” and then switch on “Reduce Motion.”

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Performing a Factory Reset

This step is rather drastic but can be highly effective. A factory reset deletes all your data and returns the iPhone to its original settings, just like when it was new. Before proceeding, ensure you have a backup of your data. To perform a factory reset, go to “Settings,” then “General,” scroll down and tap “Reset,” then select “Erase All Content and Settings.”

Turning Off Unnecessary Location Services

Location services are helpful but can prevent your iPhone from entering standby mode. If none of the previous methods work, consider turning off unnecessary location services. Go to “Settings,” select “Privacy,” then “Location Services.” Here, you can turn off location services for specific apps or disable it entirely.

Resetting Network Settings

In certain scenarios, the problem could stem from network settings. If you’re still facing the ‘iOS 17 standby not working’ issue, try resetting network settings. Go to “Settings,” then “General,” scroll down to “Reset,” then select “Reset Network Settings.” This will erase all network settings, including Wi-Fi passwords, VPN, and APN settings.

Adjusting Screen Brightness and Timeout

In some cases, high screen brightness and long screen timeout periods can interfere with the standby feature. Therefore, adjusting these settings might help fix the iOS 17 standby not working problem. To reduce screen brightness, navigate to “Settings,” then “Display & Brightness,” and adjust the slider to a lower setting. For the screen timeout, go to “Settings,” then “Display & Brightness,” then “Auto-Lock,” and set a shorter time.

Updating All Apps

Outdated apps can sometimes cause problems with system functionalities, including standby mode. Make sure all your apps are updated to their latest versions. To do this, open the App Store, tap on your profile at the top right, and then tap “Update All.” This process will update all apps that have updates available.

Restoring iPhone through iTunes

If you’ve tried the above solutions with no success, restoring your iPhone through iTunes could help. This action will erase your device and install the latest iOS version afresh. Before proceeding, make sure you back up your data. Connect your iPhone to your computer, open iTunes, select your iPhone, and click on “Restore iPhone.”

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Switching Off Push Email

The push email feature can prevent your iPhone from entering standby mode as it continuously checks for new emails. If you’re facing the ‘iOS 17 standby not working’ problem, try switching off push email. To do this, navigate to “Settings,” then “Mail,” select “Accounts,” then “Fetch New Data,” and disable the “Push” option.

Using Low Power Mode

If none of these solutions work, using Low Power Mode could help save battery life while the standby feature isn’t working. This mode reduces the amount of power that your iPhone uses. You can enable it by going to “Settings,” then “Battery,” and toggling on “Low Power Mode.”

Contacting Apple Support

If all else fails, don’t hesitate to reach out to Apple Support. They have a team of experts who are ready to help. You can contact them via the Apple Support app or by visiting an Apple Store. Remember to describe your issue in detail to ensure you get the most effective solution.


Finding the perfect solution for the ‘iOS 17 standby not working’ issue may require a bit of patience and trial-and-error. Each iPhone is unique, as are its settings and installed apps, meaning that a solution that works for one user might not work for another. However, by systematically applying the methods outlined in this article, you’re likely to hit on the right solution eventually. If all else fails, remember that Apple’s support team is only a call or click away. With persistence and careful application of these solutions, your iPhone should soon be back to its optimal performance, saving power as effectively as ever.