Internet May Not Be Available: Reasons And Solutions

Internet May Not Be Available

Internet May Not Be Available: Positive Internet use facilitates and simplifies our lives. The internet offers us invaluable health, social and economic trends information and expertise, and it is up to us to use our resources in a constructive way in the digital Internet.

In todays, time the net plays a crucial role in everyone’s life.

Positive Internet use facilitates and simplifies our lives. The net offers us invaluable health, social and economic trends information and expertise, and it is up to us to use our resources in a constructive way in the digital net.

While the net is used in several ways, you may use the Internet to get online training. You can use the net for online promotion of your business. The digital computer network has fundamentally changed our lives. It is on the internet that we are starving.

That’s why more than 40 percent of the world’s population is connected to the net. This is because we are connected to many lifestyle facilities and details. This is how many new people link to the net every day through their mobile devices.

Internet May Not Be Available

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Internet in our daily life

  1. In students ‘ everyday life uses the Internet in their lives Students have a free platform for learning. People aged 18 to 35 are actually among the most common net users, and the majority of these are university students. We use the net to learn new skills and also to graduate from online educational courses.
  2. Use of the net to speed up everyday tasks. It’s the first thing we do in the morning-see our e-mails and notes. The Internet-enables human activity so much that the most difficult activity is now done in minutes. It is much better to use the internet in general, regardless of the basic email, pizza order, shopping or money transfer.
  3. Web applications for industry and creativity In order to support our businesses, we do use the Web. With different e-commerce tools on the Internet, we can sell our goods. We will see new technologies and creative companies launched every day, which generates opportunities and thereby reduces unemployment. E-commerce is booming on the Internet.
  4. If we know and serve the internet seriously from our youth in India or from other nations, I think they will get a hundred job opportunities on the internet. I think Internet use in the corporate sector has built and is no longer going to hinder an exciting trend in the business world. In Internet product and service marketing, the use of Google Adwords, Facebook advertising and web marketing is popular. People always look for ways to grow their business on the Internet.
  5. Money management Internet usage is not only an advantage but can also be used to manage money. We now see hundreds of websites, apps and other tools that help us navigate daily transactions, transfers, administration, budget planning, etc.
  6. There is also an increasing use of Online banking and mobile banking. The banks all work hard to offer internet banking and mobile applications so that people can take advantage of the Internet’s power and the most recent money administration tools. Website and applications on,, etc.
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These are some of the common examples of using the internet in our day to day life. Now let’s see how can we connect to the internet

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Connection via modem, broadband

Connection to the internet with a modem

In spite of the increasing use of broadband connectivity, connecting to the Internet through dial-up (for example, a 56k modem) remains to be viable. A dial-up is, however, even more sluggish. You will consider broadband if you intend to go more than just online surfing or reading and e-mail from time to time.

Connection with broadbands

Broadband connectivity is much faster than normal 56k. Internet connections.

A phone or a cable company provides most broadband services. To see whether broadband in your area is available, call your local phone or cable service provider.

The provider can provide the equipment you need to link to their infrastructure when broadband service is available in your area (e.g. cable modem) Typically the device has a network card (connector RJ-45).

Internet may not be available

Reasons behind the internet may not be available are :

Internet May Not Be Available
  • DHCP: The phone automatically recognizes and uses those settings in the DHCP communication mode for Internet access. But, often it will malfunction and the phone does not find the right settings automatically.
  • DNS Settings: DNS settings are important for a website link. You can now use a variety of DNS servers to connect you to a domain, and if the DNS servers on the site are blocked you can also block the link.
  • Upgrades: Sometimes the devices may have major updates to install in order to re-establish the Wifi connection.
  • Interference in the program: An extra device may interfere with the mobile Wifi feature induced by the mistake. Some apps can make mistakes and make this mistake.
  • Wrong Configuration: It gives you a specific IP address and other DNS settings when you connect to a WLAN router. The default configuration is the “DHCP” mode to operate the Wifi Link, which ensures the IP is not the same and varies continuously. If the IP address varies or the router does not connect to the Wifi, the setup is null. In order to adjust other DNS or Ip setup settings.
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Connected to wifi still facing internet problem

It is fast, not metered and most modern devices support WiFi–the favorite wireless link of all to the Internet. Sadly, there is no functioning Internet connectivity several times when connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot.

This will force you to restart your WiFi router, normally. Yet what if it does not work or you can not necessarily restart a public Wi-Fi hotspot?

Attach other gadgets such as your cell phone to WiFi to see how it functions in order to detect router issues. The trouble is with your computer and its Wi-Fi router because the Internet operates well on other computers. On the other hand, the problem is most likely with the wireless router itself because the service does not operate on other computers as well.

Reboot both while the router and modem are different.

Switch off the two > Wait 30 seconds on the modem and power on the router one minute later > Wait and test for a couple of minutes.

This simple solution will solve several minor problems.

Facing Internet May Not Be Available On Smartphones

Activate your system again.

It may sound straightforward, but sometimes it takes anything to repair a wrong link.
Switches between Wi-Fi and Cell Devices when restarting does not work: Open your Settings Device Settings and then “Wireless & Networks” or “Connections.” > These options can differ, depending on your computer >Switch on Wi-Fi and cell services, and see if the difference exists. > Otherwise, shut off smartphone and Wi-Fi services and see if they work.

How to solve the broadband connection

You have to check a few items before reaching us if your broad-band link is broken-so that you can’t access every website at all, not just the one you were trying to get before you found the problem.

We would recommend that you work every move in turn. Take note of which move you reached when your missed broadband link comes back. In this way, you can take the next move if you lose it again in the next few days.

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Key points:

  • It seems simple, but this is still worth testing first, just in case. It is not easy to use the Center. make sure the power connection is stable and good. Customers with broadband modem Openreach must test if it is available. Check then to ensure the connection of the Ethernet cables. Restart the Openreach modem with a power cable disconnection.
  • Wireless links are like a smartphone signal, from wi-fi to Ethernet. Usually secure, but a lot of interference could be caused. If you should try connecting with an Ethernet cable to see if there is still a missed broadband link. You will have to look at the wireless settings on your hub if connecting directly prevents the problem.
  • If you plug something into a socket of your internet-phone, printer, modem, fax, telephone, television-before plugging it into the row port, you will plug it into a microphone filter. Often, defective microfilter triggers missed broadband links, so anyone you have on your line is worth testing.
  • To disconnect all items, you have to attach to your line and reconnect every object one at a time. Check your broadband connectivity any time you reconnect stuff.


Hello friends, I have covered all the details related to the Internet that may not be available. In this article, the best solution has given while following this I hope you will fix all the problems. Still, u r facing any kind then comment down and allow us to help you.