What is KingoRoot: Using KingoRoot

What is KingoRoot: Using KingoRoot

If you have heard of rooting, then you might have heard of KingoRoot as well. These days rooting your phone is not that big a deal and even kids do it by themselves. So, if you are feeling behind the times a little then you might wanna give KingoRoot a try. And if you don’t the first thing about KingoRoot, don’t worry. This post will make up plenty for that. 


KingoRoot is a software that has been around since 2013. Over the years, the company has released several versions of the app that now can root a wide spectrum of devices. Moreover, these folks are the ones behind some other well-known apps such as SuperUser, PureCleaner, Onion Browser and SuperBattery.

Why KingoRoot?

  • It has a great user interface. 
  • Rooting can be done with your PC’s assistance and without it. So you can pick the method that best suits you.
  • A large number of devices can be rooted with Kingoroot.
  • The rooting process is efficient and simple to bring about. It only takes a touch. 

KingoRoot on your PC

KingoRoot has a great website. Not only is it visually pleasing, it has a very simple and elegant design. In fact, the site makes sure that you don’t miss a thing it has to offer. So, let’s take a look at it. 

  • Firstly, you will notice two buttons at the main interface of the screen. One is for downloading the PC version of the app. With this one, you will need the PC’s help to root. The second one is for downloading the APK file. Unlike the former, it does not require the PC’s assistance during rooting. But you do have to transfer the file to it. 
KingoRoot on your PC
KingoRoot on your PC
  • You will see a few tabs at the top of the screen. One of them is named DEVICES. And on clicking, you will be shown all the devices that can be rooted with the help of KingoRoot. 
KingoRoot on your PC
  • Other tabs include a language setting option. You will see the available languages as soon as you place the cursor on this option. 
set up language
  • Moreover, there is a tab called PRODUCTS which will show you the apps from the peeps behind this one. 
KingoRoot product

KingoRoot on phone

You can install the APK file directly with your phone as well. But before that, you will have to open the site using your preferred browser. Open the first link and you will make it to the mobile version of the site. 

  • The first thing you realize will be the fact that the color scheme and looks of the site are pretty much the same. And like the case above, you will see a button to download the APK file. This time you won’t see one for the PC version. 
KingoRoot on phone
  • You won’t see the tabs as you did on the desktop site. But there will be three horizontal lines at the top right corner. And tapping them will open all the options as you saw earlier. 
one click android root apk

What is rooting: once and for all

Before going any further, let’s first clarify what rooting really is. It is true that rooting enhances your phone’s performance in more ways that one. But the real action occurs far from the surface. During rooting, all the restrictions on your phone, that were set by the manufacturer, are taken off. Hence, your phone unlocks several features so to speak. And now it can be used to its fullest. Though on the other hand, there are several risks coming your way as rooting also compromises your phone’s security protocols. 

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So think carefully before deciding to root your device. Put shed some more light, here are a few pros and cons of rooting. 

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How rooting can up your game

1. New apps

It becomes possible to install apps you previously couldn’t. Furthermore, you can install free versions of paid or premium versions of apps. 

2. Pleasure of deleting preinstalled apps

After rooting, you will be finally able to uninstall all the apps that were preinstalled on the phone. There are some apps in there that you never ever used. 

3. Making apps ad-free

You can banish all the ads that annoy you while using any apps online. 

4. Custom kernel and ROM

Modified software can help boost your phone’s performance and improve its battery life. 

5. Better skins

There are a whole lot of other looks you could give to your phone’s interface. And this is far beyond what you can achieve in conventional phones. 

6. Exciting updates and reliant backups

You will be able to get your hands on updates much before average phones and you might score some bonus features. Also, you will be able to back up info of even your apps smoothly. 

How rooting can backfire

1. End of warranty

By commencing a root, you are doing exactly what your manufacturers doesn’t want you to. So from that point on, you will lose the warranty of your device and all other services. 

2. Some apps kick you out

Rooting will remove all the restrictions on your phone. Unfortunately, some of these were meant for your device’s safety. There are a few apps that require these safety protocols. These are mostly apps that handle online cash transactions.

3. Your phone might end up being a brick

A failure during rooting or not doing it properly can lead to the system files of your device crashing permanently. This can take place right then or sometime in the future. Hence, know what you are doing or let someone with brains handle it. 

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4. Update failures

Usually, rooting will give you access to test versions of updates and a whole lot more. But contrarily, there can also be cases where you wind up not able to update the device. Sometimes, the system files needed for updates end up damaged. 

Some measures before rooting

1. Make sure that you backup everything

While you root your device, the other obvious thing going on is that its memory is being cleaned. That means that you will wind up losing all of your data. And you surely don’t want that to happen. So take the time to secure every last bit of your info before rooting. 

2. USB debugging

You will find this setting within the Developer Options of your phone. USB debugging is very important when it comes to rooting with a PC. As enabling it is required to let your the software detect your phone. 

USB debugging
3. OEM unlock

This is another setting that remains within the Developer options. And performing an OEM unlock will let loose the device’s bootloader, a software that prevents modification of the phone’s core software files. 

OEM unlock
4.Developer mode

Usually, you can only use the settings under Developer options only if the Developer mode has been enabled. But the procedure for enabling it varies from phone to phone. Though generally, it involves taping the build number of your phone 7-8 times. And you will find this number in the About Phone section of your settings.  

5. Battery needed

Rooting is time-consuming. Therefore, it is a very exhausting process for your phone. Alas, it needs to power its way through it. Hence, make sure that your phone has a 60%-80% charge before rooting. 

6. The method suited to you

These days rooting can be done through your phone as well. And that is convenient for several users. However, PC assisted rooting has a higher success rate. So make sure which method of rooting you want to follow. 

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Rooting with the help of KingoRoot

Method 1: With PC’s aid

  1. First thing is first, you got to download and install the app on your PC. So go to its official site and then click the button to download the software on Windows. 
  1. Go ahead and open the app on your PC.
  1. Now bring in the USB cable. Use it as the intermediate between your computer and phone. 
  1. Your USB driver will be installed either by your computer or by Kingoroot. 
  1. Get to the developer settings of the phone. Do not that the method varies in each model. 
  1. Now turn on the option called USB debugging. And this will let Kingoroot detect your device. 
  1. There will be a big ROOT button in the middle of your PC screen. Click it. 
  1. After the process finishes, you will be shown a message about the same. Furthermore, you will see a DONATE option at the bottom of the screen. Feel free to choose it if you appreciate the team’s effort. 

Method 2: With the APK file

  1. Download the APK file on your PC and transfer it to your phone. Else you can download it directly on your phone itself. 
  1. Install the package on your device.
  1. Open the app right then, or pick it up from the menu. 
  1. Just like before, you will see a ROOT button in the middle of the screen. Give it a gentle tap to begin rooting. 
  1. Wait it out till the end. 
  1. The app will display the good news on the screen if the app is successful.
  1. And that is it. 

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With that, you probably have a good grasp on all things related to KingoRoot now. So if you are going to give rooting a try, consider KingoRoot. But before rooting consider the risks of rooting as well. And don’t forget to back up your stuff. Good luck.