Android Process Media Has Stopped

Android Process Media Has Stopped

Android Process Media Has Stopped: can be an uncommon problem, caused mainly by two programs, the Download Manager and thus the Media Server, and can be avoided by


I would suggest you make an attempt at the following methods because it has succeeded for several until we decide that without the assistance of a technical person this can not be resolved.

Clear Cache & Data

  • Participate in Configuration > apps> Control devices and check the presence of everything under the tab. Scan down, locate and clear the cache and details of the Google Services Platform.
  • Scroll down and search Google Play afterward. To this one, tap on it and also clear cache+data.
  • Click the rear button and pick from all settings> Force Stop > Clear cache > OK Google Services Platform
  • Google Play is now opening from your app drawer and clicking OK if an error occurs.
  • Through pressing the facility button, shut the computer and press Shut and then Open. Switch the device back on and go straight to applications, then re-connect Google’s Services Platform, and then check to see if a problem is resolved.

Resetting App Preferences

  • Open your Settings on your phone.
  • Browse for the product manager or the business manager. The names can always vary as different telephones are different.
  • You can now have through devices in front of you. Check the menu without adjusting something (many telephones have it on the upper left and some people will locate it on their smartphone after clicking on the button).
  • Find a “Reset User Preferences” alternative here. Click it and you’re safe, potentially, of all issues.

Clearing Contacts and get in touch with Storage

This may delete your contacts, so before using this tool, please back up them. A couple of us have to deal with this problem because they need to merge their Google contacts. Although it seems to be nothing, the phone is tamped and you can see the message fired.

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PRO TIP: If your computer or laptop / noteBook is having a problem, then you should try Reimage Plus to scan and replace corrupted and missing files with the repositories. For certain instances, this happens where the problem stems from manipulation in the system.

By clicking here, you can download Reimage

Enable the phone’s settings.

Browse for the product manager or the business manager. Specific phones allow the name to change from time to time.

Check for the client “Contacts” from all the applications mentioned. Please click on it.

A choice for “Housing” can be found here. Click on it. Click on it.

You’ll be fine to fly now, Clear Data and Clear Cache.

Disabling the Media Storage

Enable the phone’s settings.

Browse for the product manager or the business manager. Specific phones allow the name to change from time to time.

Check for the highest-right choices and press “View Configuration” before you continue. If it’s not already available, you can consider Media Storage from the apps folder.

Check for the “Data Storage” function from all the mentioned apps. Please click on it.

Fully disable it with the Disable button.

Check Google Sync & Media Storage Settings

Android Media File

Before using this process, make sure you have a complete backup of images.

Avoid syncing with Google. Go to Password > Personal > Google Cloud > Uncheck the checkboxes and clear all media Server data. For this function, try Preferences > Downloads > All Applications > Media Space find > Clear data > Remove and delete the data from your Download Manager by using the same tool.

Pack your computer and trigger it after that.

Despite this, the message does not serve to ensure the Update Manager, Google sync and File Manager are used as before.

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How to Fix Android.Process.Media Has Stopped

You can know in this article that the Android. Process. A media error stoppage is encountered, how data loss can even be avoided, as a fanatical tool to solve the problem with a single click.

Android does not have a fair share of issues like any other technical device. If you have this question recently, you don’t have to panic, this text discusses what causes this mistake specifically and how to fix it safely.

Why does this error emerge?

There are many explanations that this error will arise frequently, and the several explanations that this occurs are worth remembering in order to stop the matter in the future. Including a variety of the most common:

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This mistake will occur if you switch from one custom ROM to another.

Failure to patch the firmware may also lead.

This error, among many other things, can end with an infectious assault.

Additionally, a significant reason is to recover devices with titanium backup.

Fired other programs such as the update manager and hence media storage.

Backup your Android Data First

Android Media File

It’s always an honest idea to back up your data, particularly before you try to fix a computer problem. This way, just in case something goes wrong and you lose all of your data do you still have your data with you. Backup (Ios) can support the Android system back-up quickly. The app helps you to back up what the computer wants.

dr.fone – Phone Backup (Android)

A one-click limited backup of Android data to the device.

Preview backup to any Android computer and restore it.

Supports apps running Android 8000+.

No loss of any type of data that was restored.

Follow the following steps to learn how your phone can be backed up in steps.

Step 1. Download, install and run the program

To request the installed program of your device, click on the download link above. Run it instead.

Step 2. Connect your device

Then attach your system to your computer and check that your machine is also identified. Instead, on dr.fone’s toolkit, press “Phone Backup.”

Step 3. Choose the file type and start to backup

Check the kind you have to back up when your computer is shown in the window of the software and click on the Backup button to continue. The rest of the program will be completed.

The road to repairing Android Process Media “Error”

You must now launch a project to correct the error with a complete backup of your Android device. There are many methods for fixing this error. Three of the most common strategies have been outlined here.

Delete cache and data from your system

Step 1: attend Setup > settings > Applications Management and Google Services System Finding.

Phase 2: Next, find the page for the manage apps for Google Play.

Step 3: Tap thereon then Tap on clear cache.

Step 4: Click back on the backbone, then select Stop force > clear cache > OK Google Services.

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Test Google Setup & Media Storage

Step 1 for Settings > Accounts and Personal > Google Sync. Both checkboxes can be opened to discontinue Google Sync.

Phase 5: Next you want to open Google Play and press OK if you’re wrong

Step 6: Turn it on and turn it off. Switch it on. To return to the Google Services platform and to assess if the issue has been resolved.

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Step 2: Under Settings > Apps > All devices deactivates and deletes all media storage data. Check for Media Storage > Clear Data > Deactivate

Phase 3: To clear the Download Manager data by using a similar method

Step 4: close your computer and turn it on If you permanently clear the error message.

Repair the error by using a special program dr.fone repair system

dr.fone – System Repair (Android)

Repair Android process media stop the issue of Android app repair issues, such as black mortality screen, app ID, etc. The fixed android process media has stopped. Industry’s 1st tool to restore Android with just one button. With no loss of data.

Supports all of the latest Samsung products such as the Galaxy S8, S9, etc. Not involving technical skills.

Start Download

Click “Device Repair” from most windows after starting dr.fone.

Then attach the correct cable to your Android computer and select “Android Repair” from the three choices.

Please note to choose the right details on the system GUI. Then click on’ Next’ to confirm the alert.

You want to type in “000000” to continue, in order to confirm that the Android repair will delete all data on your computer.

Get the App: Click Here

In Repair mode, fix your Android app.

Read the guide here in Download mode for your Android app.

To continue installing the firmware, then press “Prev.”

The repair process can take a little time and you will have a cup of coffee to attend.


We are hopeful that you will not be overwhelmed in the face of this very common mistake. Perhaps this is a very mild problem, as we saw above can be easily fixed. In case anything else fails, you should be ready to repair a factory reset on your computer.

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