How to fix no sound on YouTube

Are you searching for how to fix no sound on YouTube, Why does my uploaded YouTube video have no sound? Facing sound issues in android as well as the iPhone youtube app, then no-worry you are at the right blog, just by following our tips and tricks you can easily fix the issue. We have already covered activate Youtube via

Technology has come a long way. From some simple planes to highly sophisticated huge cargo planes, and from huge cell phones to tiny smartphones, this journey had been an amazing one. We can fuse two different things into one with the help of technology. One can remain updated about the happenings at a place that might be thousands of miles away from them. The whole world has been unified into a single virtual nation, though there may be hundreds of countries out there. Every person is now able to remain connected with one another.

These are just some of the facilities and privileges that have been given to us by the world of technology. We can view the whole world with a flick of our finger by using our tiny and intelligent smartphone or tablet. The entire world is in the control of our hands. One another facility provided by technology is the fusion of audio and visuals. Yes, the “Videos” we watch or see have been provided by technological advancement. The development in the field of visuals and audio has led to the emergence of extremely impressive video quality. Now, we have HD (high definition) videos at our disposal.

How to fix no sound on YouTube
How to fix no sound on YouTube

We can make any video by using the same tiny smartphones and then upload it to any platform. Then we can keep track of the likes it had got and comments it has obtained. But as we know, nothing is perfect. Everything needs development, constant and effective advancement to make the thing better in every way. Like all these things, we can expect some problems in the videos also. One of these is the problem in its basics. A video is a fusion of audio and visuals. But sometimes, the audio might be damaged; and without audio, the nature of video gets changed entirely.

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What is YouTube?

The videos we make will be of no use if they cannot be watched. So, it is equally important for them to be capable of viewing. We can simply watch the videos on our phone or share them with someone other through a messaging service. But what if we want to share the whole video with the whole world instead of some specific people only. For these, we would need some special services or platforms so that anyone can view them.

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These can be social media sites or some specific apps. However, when we start talking about videos, a name that might come to our minds is YouTube. YouTube is a video-sharing service that is currently developed and provided by Google. On this, we can share videos, upload videos, and even make them. We can also conduct live streaming of videos and also broadcast an event on this app alone. This app also provides dozens of other features that can be used by a user within the app only. Some of them are:

  •    Downloading videos for viewing them in offline mode.
  •    Changing the playback speed and quality of the video.
  •    Make our own YouTube channels and make our collection of videos.

It also has some in-app purchases such as the YouTube premium that gives access to various new features and ad-free entertainment. Do you know about: How To Block a YouTube Channel-What’s the Need

The sound issues in YouTube

Sometimes, due to an issue or problem in the system settings or a malfunction in the setup can cause some changes in the videos. Thus, the user or the viewer will be able to just watch the video. But due to the problem, there will be no sound and the user will not be able to listen to anything. In this case, the whole enjoyment and entertainment will be spoiled as there will be no audio and the videos might not get understood by anyone. We can easily compare the situation of no audio in a video, with that of a movie without any dialogues or sound. Sound is the only reason that horror and thriller movies tend to scare us.

You might have experienced this situation when we watch a horror film without any sound effects. Therefore, any problem with the sound of a video can take away the fun of watching it. For you might not be able to understand anything. Sometimes, the same problem is faced in the videos that are uploaded or watched on YouTube. The user might not be able to watch any video that has sound in it.

Even the creator might not be able to listen to the contents of the video, though the sound had been added originally. This can be due to a faulty change in settings or some unauthorized access or some permission that has yet to be provided by the user. The problem might also be faced due to a problem in the web browser if YouTube is used through a browser. There are many ways to treat and resolve the problem. After following some steps, you might be able to listen to the contents of the video again.

How to fix no sound on YouTube

There are many ways to fix the no sound issues faced by the users on YouTube. There are various reasons behind the problem and by removing those reasons the problem will be solved itself. So, there are many reasons behind the problem and equally, there are different methods to resolve it. All the methods are easy and can be performed by anyone. But we will be starting with the easiest of them, as your problem might get resolved without many efforts.

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Fix 1: See the volume that has been set on your phone

First of all, you should check the volume level of your phone. Maybe, the whole system is fine and there is no problem with the web browser you are using. And the problem might be presented just because you might have muted your phone. The volume might be down and thus, you will not listen to any sound. So, you should start by seeing the volume level of your phone. If it is low, then raise it and try using YouTube again.

Fix 2: See if the video is muted by you

YouTube also provides the in-built feature of muting the video. If we enable that option, then the sound that is there in the video will not be presented and there will be no production of sound. So, you should also see if the video is muted or not. If it is, then just unmuting the video will resolve the whole problem in a single second. But

 sometimes the problem might not be removed. If it is so in your case, then you must try out the other methods that have been told below.

Fix 3: Use the audio troubleshooter in your system

There are different ways to use the troubleshooting processes in different systems. Troubleshooting is an option that has been designed to automatically lookout for faults in the system and find a solution to them and then fix it instantly. Because there are dozens of methods to use the troubleshooting, it is difficult to list all of them. So, here the method for troubleshooting in windows is talked about. For this, go to settings or search it. After opening it, search and open “Update and security”. Then choose the troubleshooting option. In it, find the option of troubleshooting for “Playing audio”. It will automatically find what is wrong and execute the solutions. After the process has been completed, try to use YouTube again.

Fix 4: Use another web browser

The problem might also be presented due to a fault in the web browser. So, there are two ways to treat it; either to fix the browser or change it. The second option is an easier and better one. So, if the above methods do not work, try to change the browser you are using. If you are using chrome, you may switch to Yahoo, Firefox, or any other you like. This might be able to fix the problem and your videos might start playing in the normal state. This will fix no sound on YouTube.

Fix 5: Use a private window or incognito window

There is an option of using a private window in many web browsers. The activity you perform in this window will not be recorded and will not be added to browser history. By using this, you will be going to another set of changes that the browser will automatically perform. Then you should probably try to use YouTube again and might be, the problem will be resolved and your app will start working normally. If it is so, then you can either use YouTube in the private window only. But if you find it difficult, then you must try fixing the issue in the browser. To do this, try to find the options or settings, most probably denoted by a dotted symbol. Click on it and try to find the option of ‘New private window’.

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Fix 6: Fixing the adobe flash player

Our browsers might be using the adobe flash player for streaming the multimedia content. Adobe flash player is a tool used to watch videos, preview content, and play audios. The problem of no sound in YouTube might be presented due to an older version of the Adobe flash player. So, if it is so, then you should probably delete the older version of the adobe flash player and then re-install the newer version of the player. Due to the new version, the problem might get resolved and your videos might get their lost voice back.     

Fix 7: Clear the browser cache

The cache is a type of data that is temporarily stored by our system. This data is related to websites, apps, and services we use. The data is used by our system to load and then operate the websites and apps in a faster manner. To do this:

  •   Go to settings and find the apps option.
  •   Then find the browser’s icon and click on it.
  •   Then go to the storage option and click on the “Clear cache” option.

This cache might be coming into the way of YouTube. You can also try to clear the cache of YouTube. Then after the process has been completed, you must try to use YouTube again to see if the problem of sound has been resolved or not.


The videos are a combination of audio and visuals. It is very entertaining and exciting to see. But sometimes, due to various reasons, one of the fundamentals of a video might get damaged. Either the audio or the video might not be presented properly. Here, we have talked about the problem of no sound in YouTube videos. You have also seen the various methods to resolve the problem of how to fix no sound on YouTube. You should start with the easiest one and if that does not work, then try out other methods also.