How to find wifi password on android

If you are connected with a Wi-Fi connection and searching How to find wifi password on android, then you have come to the right place. Here we discuss how to view passwords of the Wi-Fi connection using some basic operations and some of the apps available in Google Play Store. But note that other users can also do that with your Wi-Fi hotspot.

How to find wifi password on android
How to find wifi password on android

How to find wifi password on android

We know that in today’s world, the Android operating system has made its user base. Many users use Android as their major one. Although Android has many great features, there are some of the features which are not there in Android, but other operating systems may provide these features. One of these is the option of viewing the passwords of Wi-Fi in your Android device.                                                                         

Wi-Fi – Wireless Fidelity

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In Android OS, it is not possible to see a connected Wi-Fi password without rooting your Android device. But here are some of the solutions to this problem. There are many other methods available for viewing the password like you can connect this Wi-Fi connection with your laptop, and there you can see the password of that connected Wi-Fi connection.                                                                                                      

    OS – Operating System

Note: If you are using the latest version of Android that is Android Q, then you can view the saved password without using any other application.                                                                                                                                        

Android Q – Android version 10 (latest till date)

Apps you can use for viewing the password

Here are some of the methods to solve this problem “How to find wifi password on android“. Here are some of the apps that you can use to viewing the passwords, or some are the simple solutions by going through some of the steps.

ES File Explorer (Without Root)

This is simply the file explorer that gives you the direct entry to the system files of your Android device. ES file explorer comes with other advantages too. You can use this app for other purposes also. You can use it to back-up your data inside the internal storage of your device. Also, you can use this file explorer to restore the data of any application of your phone.

Also, it can help delete unnecessary data which just utilizes the space. The main advantage of using this file explorer is that it does not require rooting your Android device. In addition to that, it does not work on all devices. So, keep in mind that if you are using an Android device, then it is not guaranteed that this app will work on your phone.

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But if you want to use it, you can. Here are the steps by which you can view the password of any connected Wi-Fi.


  1. Download the ES file explorer from the Google Play Store from the link.
  2. After downloading gets completed, install and open this file.
  3. Then drag to the left side of the user interface and go to the local storage menu.
  4. After that, tap on the device menu in the list in the form of the drop-down.
  5. Go to the system menu in that option.
  6. In that icon list, go to the, etc. file.
  7. Then enter the Wi-Fi icon.
  8. Here you can enter in the wpa_supplicant.conf file icon.
  9. Open this file in other extensions if it asks you permission.
  10. Open it in the form of any text file viewer or any built-in HTML.
  11. If you enter this file, then here you can see all the passwords of all the connected Wi-Fi connection.

HTML – HyperText Mark-Up Language

Download Link: Click here

File Explorer Application (With Root)

In this app, you need to be rooting your Android device. If you had used any of the apps in which there is no need for root, then in this scenario, the method is slightly different. If we use the rooting feature, then the technique becomes very easy, and it can be done by following some of the simple steps.

The most preferred application which we can use on the rooted Android device to saving password is the ES file explorer app. The reason for it is that first, it comes as an in-built app in your Android device and the other is that it has the support of system-files in it. Also, it has access to our Android device.

If you want to view the password of connected Wi-Fi connection by using this file explorer, you can go through the steps below.

  1. Install the ES file explorer app from the link given below from the Google Play Store.
  2. After installing this application, opens it in your Android device. Note that the device in which you use this application must be rooted.
  3. Go to the root folder.
  4. After entering this menu, go to the data file.
  5. Then tap the misc folder icon.
  6. Entering it, go to the Wi-Fi location.
  7. Tap the search icon and type the text as wpa­_supplicant.conf.
  8. Then move further to a section of Network.
  9. For further process, know the SSID of your device’s Wi-Fi connection.
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SSID – Service Set Identifier

  1. Here in the PSK section, you can view the passwords of the connected Wi-Fis.

PSK – Phase-Shift Keying

  1. You can see the password of this connection in a coding form.

Download Link: Click Here

Basic Method

This is another way by which you can view the password of the saved Wi-Fi connection. In this method, you don’t need to install any third-party File Manager. Here, just you need is a laptop, your phone, and connect a USB cable.                                                                                                                          

USB – Universal Serial Bus

In the primary method, there are two requirements,

  1. ADB Tools

ADB – Android Debug Bridge

  1. Laptop

For using the ADB tools for knowing the password of the Wi-Fi connection, here are the steps that you can go through.

Connect the ADB tools to your phone

The first step is that you should have the ADB tools installed in your Laptop or PC that will be connected to your mobile phone. If you did not have these tools in your PC, then you can download them from the link.

Process of extracting the Wi-Fi password file

Now, you have to connect the mobile phone to your laptop. Then open the extracted tools folder on the computer. Now, hold the shift key and then right-click with your mouse and select the option “open command window here.” Note that it’s the menu which pops up. Now go back to the previous folder.

Just open it, and there you can see all the passwords of all the connected Wi-Fi connections.

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Password Recovery Application

This method is most simple to view the password of saved Wi-Fi connection. But there are some additional steps in this process for finding the exact file of a particular connection, of which we have to view the password. For knowing the password of a specific Wi-Fi connection by performing some easy steps and in a short time, then you can use the password recovery app for that.

If we talk about Google Play Store, then there are many applications available for this purpose, and almost every app works as correctly as the others. But here we are using some application for a demo purpose. You can download this application from the Google Play Store. You just have to type the password recovery app in its search bar, and then you can get some options.

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The use of the interface of these apps is the same. That is, you can follow the steps is given below in all apps.

  1. Download any password recovery app from the Google Play Store.
  2. After downloading, you can install it on your phone.
  3. Tap the app icon for opening the application.
  4. After entering the user interface of the app, you can see the options of many Wi-Fi connections that your phone has connected.
  5. Note that these Wi-Fi connections are with the security protocols.
  6. Just tap on any connection you want, and there you can see the password in simple text form.

Also, in some apps of these types, you can share the password too.

Download Link: Click Here

These were some of the apps that you can use for viewing the saved passwords of your connected Wi-Fi connections. You can use them for your basic needs. But note that other users can also use these apps for knowing the password of your Wi-Fi connection.


Here, we discuss the methods of How to find wifi password on android. Then we discuss some of the apps that can help us in this process. Also, after installing the application on how to perform the steps to view the passwords. Then we discuss the disadvantages of this process.