How to fix Instagram feed not showing

Is your Instagram feed not showing anything or it’s just showing a blank screen. Wondering what could be the cause of this problem? Don’t worry we are here to help you out of this situation. Just follow the below mentioned article to get out of this situation. Instagram was one of the most popular apps. Nowadays many people use Instagram as a social media platform to upload their photos and videos and other content. Instagram was like a big market for content creators as well as content enthusiasts.  It is also a big marketing platform for many brands. It is an essential tool to reach customers and build the brands. In this way Instagram has created a buzz in the employment sectors for many content creators. And also created a buzz in the business as a marketing platform for many entrepreneurs.

Making the use of Instagram in the right direction is giving heaps of capital to content creators and entrepreneurs as well as entertainment for everyone. But sometimes due to some issues Instagram feed doesn’t work. It will show either a blank screen or doesn’t refresh at all. It will create a lot of frustration among the users of Instagram. Don’t worry!! To overcome this problem, we have created some of the steps to be followed. Below mentioned were the steps to solve the problem. Follow the below mentioned steps carefully to overcome this one.

How to fix Instagram feed not showing

Reasons for Instagram feed not working

There may be many reasons for Instagram feed not working . But whatever issue may be, it will not show or refresh Instagram feed. Due to this many people may be frustrated and many entrepreneurs’ work will be stopped. There may be many reasons. Major problems were were as mentioned below:

  • Internet network connection problem
  • Instagram app is not up to date

These will be the major reasons some people may expect or may not expect. Let us see the solutions for solving the problems. These may solve the issue and will make you use the Instagram app without any problem. So why to think, let us see the solutions given down below.

Methods to solve Instagram feed not working

We already got to know about the use of Instagram. Also we know about Instagram’s major role in our lives. So why to face a problem with an issue which is a part of our lives. Let us solve the Instagram feed not working problem by some below mentioned methods.  We already talked about the causes of the issue occurring. Not only the above mentioned causes, but there will be much more. Let us see more and methods to solve the problem.

1. Updating the Instagram app

Sometimes we may not update many of the apps in our smartphones. Due to this many apps will not work efficiently in the smartphone. Like this may happen with Instagram. You may forget to update the Instagram app in your smartphone. This may not only cause you to stop the working of the feed. Not updating the app also results in many other issues with the app. So it is better to update the app as soon as possible . Updating an app means allowing our app to enable new features and make the usage of the app more efficient. If you don’t know how to update the app, just follow the below mentioned steps to update the app.

  • Open Playstore in your mobile from the list of apps
  • Now type Instagram in the search box.
  • You can see either of the two options on the right side after entering the app name
  1. Open
  2. Update
  • If it’s showing as open, then your app is up to date. No need to update 
  • If it’s showing an update, then click on update immediately. Your app will update automatically in a few seconds.
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In this way you can update the app and solve the issue of feeds not working or showing blank. Due to updating the app ,your other issues will also be solved if there were any. Updating the app enables you to use the new features.

If the above mentioned method doesn’t work for you, don’t worry we will discuss many of the methods. Any of them will surely solve your problem of Instagram feed not working. Just go through the below mentioned methods carefully without missing any minor thing. So that you can solve your issue of feed not working.

2. Checking internet connection

As I have mentioned before, Internet connectivity is a major issue. It is the most common issue. Instagram is a web based application. So these applications need to have internet connectivity to use the app efficiently and to run smoothly. If the app is not connected to the internet , then it may result in not refreshing the feed. In such cases you have to initially check whether your phone is connected to the internet or not.  To check whether your phone is connected to the internet or not, immediately go to your settings and open WIFI. In the WIFI section you can check whether Wi-Fi is connected or not. If it’s connected but not working, then try to reconnect the Wi-Fi again.

You are using the mobile data, then immediately turn on the mobile data in your mobile. If it’s not working though your mobile data is turned on, then you need to come to the place where the signal is coming. This can be due to weak signals also. In such cases try to turn on airplane mode and off again. So that signal will be refreshed. Now turning on your mobile data again may connect you to the internet.

Note: In some cases you may forget the last date of your data validity pack. Check whether your data pack is there or finished. If it’s finished , then your internet connectivity may stop  and the app will not work. So it is better to check the data pack validity.

Now, after checking the internet connectivity. Open the Instagram app again and check whether the app is loading the feed or not. Generally after connecting to the internet , the app may work and have to run the feed. Check by refreshing the app , by scrolling on the home page from top to bottom.

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3. Try to log out of the account and Re-login

Many issues of Instagram may be solved if you log out of your account and log in again. This is one of the easiest ways to solve the issue. If you don’t know how to logout of the account, go through the below mentioned steps carefully and log out of the account.

  • Firstly go to your profile in the Instagram application.
  • Now click on the hamburger icon or three horizontal lines on the top right corner of your mobile.
  • Now you can see a list of options , among them click on the settings.
  • After clicking on the settings, if you come to the below of your account, there you can see the Log out option. Click on Log out.
  • Your account will be logged out immediately.

After logging out of your account, login to your account again. So the process to login again is also very simple. Follow the below mentioned steps to log in again to your account.

  • Open the app.
  • Enter your credentials (Username and password)
  • If you have not remembered the password, you can log in through generating OTP and fetching your account will help you log in to your account.
  • Now after entering your account, scroll from the top to bottom to refresh the Instagram feed. This will help you check whether your Instagram feed is working or not.

Now if the above mentioned method works, then you can use Instagram without any issues. If the above mentioned method doesn’t work, don’t worry. Let us go through some of the other steps.

4. Check whether Instagram app is down

Sometimes knowingly or unknowingly, your Instagram app may be down sometimes due to server issues or many other reasons. In such cases you can’t do anything. Because it is the issue from their end but not front the user end. So in such cases you need to have patience and wait until the problem is solved. Actually it is the most popular app, so the server may be down sometimes. The team of Instagram will work on it and will get you back the app to use with in very less time. As many people use it, the team will work on the problem seriously.

This will happen sometimes with the Instagram app, as well as with other apps also like Facebook, snapchat, even WhatsApp . So don’t worry in such cases. Just have patience. The team will work on the issue and will come with a positive end result.

5. Report the problem

If any of the above mentioned methods doesn’t work for you , then you can immediately report to the Instagram team to solve your problem. Reporting to the Instagram team is a very easy way. The team will either revert back to you or will solve the issue directly. This will allow you to scroll the feed properly and get back to your work again. Let me help you in the process of how to report to the team about your issue. Just follow the below mentioned steps to report to the team and solve the issue.

  • Open your profile in the Instagram app.
  • Now click on the hamburger icon on the top right of your interface.
  • Now click on settings.
  • You can see a list of options, among them you will find the option help . Click on Help.
  • You can see the option Report a problem. Click on that.
  • It is one of the crucial steps , so follow carefully. Now you can elaborate your issue to the team. If you want to send an attachment, you can do that. You can select any of the options from the gallery or take a screenshot. In that way you can explain your issue to the team in a very clear manner.
  • Click on submit and it will be directly sent to the Instagram team.
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So that the report will be sent to the team and the team will work on it. They may either revert or your issue may be solved directly. If they got a list of similar issues with other people also. Then they will make changes and improve the app. The team will update the changes in the next update.

Following any of the above mentioned steps will help you solve the issue of Instagram feed not working. In this way you can solve the issue and can peacefully use your Instagram account. Mostly many issues will be solved if you update the app. Like this there may be many other methods to solve the Instagram feed not working. If you have any other methods, do let us know in the comment section. Though I have mentioned every step clearly, you may have some doubts regarding the articles. Let me clarify your doubts in the below Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s).

Frequently Asked Questions

What could be the reasons for Instagram feed not working?

There may be many reasons for Instagram feed not working. It sometimes may not work due to server down issues. Major causes for Instagram feed not working are 
Due to network connectivity
Due to not updating the Instagram app

Can updating the app solve the Instagram news feed issue?

Yes. Updating the app can solve the issue of Instagram feed not working. It can solve any other issues if they were present also. So updating the Instagram app is the very easiest way and you can achieve this easily. So make sure to check for updates if you miss any of the features in Instagram.

Can we re-login again?

Yes you can re-login to the Instagram account again if you remember the password and email id. It’s not a problem if you don’t remember the password also. As the Instagram account is already linked with your phone number, you can generate OTP and can fetch your account and log in easily.