Security log agent – 2023

The Android operating system reads security data using the Security Log Agent system program that is pre-installed in Samsung android smartphones. Understand SecurityLogAgent better. It is what? What exactly does the Samsung SecurityLogAgent do? Which authority does it possess, and how could the SecurityLogAgent error affected by unlawful acts be fixed? Let’s look for solutions.

On Samsung Android smartphones, a system app called SecurityLogAgent is pre-installed as well as responsible for checking and reading the smartphone’s security logs. To monitor the safety of your device, the application interacts with KNOX Security as well as KLMS agents for Samsung. The application, which was created by Samsung, may contain a Package ID

Security log agent

What is the purpose of SecurityLogAgent?

On Samsung Android smartphones, which include the Samsung J7, Galaxy S7, Galaxy s6, Samsung Note, and more recent variants such as the Galaxy S10, S20, and S21, there is now a pre-installed system program called SecurityLogAgent.

This Samsung KNOX security system offers a secure log that is monitored and accessed using SecurityLogAgent. When a security flaw is found on the smartphone, this application is now in charge of alerting the user via a push notification.

  • Name: SecurityLogAgent
  • Package Name:
  • Developer: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Supports: Android 7.0+

A program known as a “log agent” or “logging agent” gets to read logs through one site and transfers them to some other location.

The main purpose of SecurityLogAgent is really to inform the user via Samsung Push Service when any security flaws were found on the smartphone. The application alone doesn’t offer any protection for the smartphone, however, still it works in combination with KNOX security, an additional security agent for Samsung phones.

The security log agent app: is it secure?

Data security and integrity violations are becoming more common as a result of technology’s constant improvements & positive contributions to society. Several people suffer whenever their sensitive data is mistakenly disclosed to third-party companies or exploited for illegal purposes. Unfortunately, certain applications, particularly those from third parties, have been connected to similar behaviors. For example, a worker could be going to download business information until he receives a request to download any specific application. Even now the action of simply carrying out such a command could infect a device with something like malware. Given that aforementioned, users have a tendency to be dubious of applications, particularly ones that don’t even use frequently and do not have any knowledge regarding, just as security log agent android application and skmsagentservice.

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What makes the securitylogagent crucial?

The majority of built-in programmes, such as BBC agents or security log agents, operate in the background without usually requiring your attention. Users begin to consider what functions it performs on your Android smartphone.The fact that the software works inside the background makes it essential for the device’s security. This checks all security logs and alerts the user if something discovers any unauthorized access. Additionally, a message will appear on the device’s screen. Unauthorized acts have been discovered, according to the standard security notice message. In order to reverse any unauthorized changes, restart your device.

Unauthorized Activities Were Found in SecurityLogAgent

Unrooting the smartphone is the most effective way to resolve those Unwanted activities that Have Been Detected by problem messages. These techniques can be used to correct faults.

Turn off OEM Unlock:

If somehow the Unwanted Operations Have Been Discovered error still appears in your Samsung even though it isn’t rooted. Most likely, users unintentionally turned on OEM Unlocking. Make absolutely sure you’ve toggled it off if users want to resolve the issue. Here is how to turn off OEM Unlock on the Samsung smartphone.

  • From the Application Drawer or perhaps the Notification/Control centre, launch the Settings application.
  • After that, go to System Settings.
  • Scroll to the bottom to Developer Options at this point.
  • Lastly, select OEM Unlock and slide it switch it to the left to turn it off.

Unroot your smartphone

The issue typically arises after rooting a Samsung smartphone. This mistake is actually brought on by rooting, which turns all of the smartphone’s security features. Manually unrooting the smartphone will solve the issue. To unroot the device, follow the steps:

  • Download or install a SuperSU application.
  • Activate the SuperSU application.
  • Find the Settings tab by navigating.
  • Click on the “Full Unroot” option by swiping it down.
  • Wait until the procedure is finished and then follow the on-screen directions.
  • Your smartphone would be unrooted as well as the security warning must be gone after just a reboot.

Remove SecurityLogAgent With ADB

With ADB, users may launch a Unix shell or issue commands to the Android smartphone directly.  In a Windows PC using ADB.

  • Click on settings > System > About phone.
  • Enable Developer Options, and press on Build number 7 times.
  • Access Developer Options, 
  • Return to the primary Settings menu & tap on it.
  • By clicking on it, USB debugging is enabled.
  • Install ADB on your computer.
  • Extracted the ZIP file into a folder.
  • Open this folder after extracting this Zip archive.
  • Right-click in a blank space while continuing to hold down the shift key.
  • “Open Powershell window here” should be clicked.
  • Put the command in.
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adb devices        

  • Utilize a USB data cord to connect your Smartphone device to the computer and select File Transfer from the USB option.
  • On the smartphone, a USB debugging notification will appear; click OK to permit debugging access.
  • Use the command again.
  • The serial number of your smartphone must now be displayed on the Powershell window.
  • Execute the command

adb shell pm uninstall –user 0

  • Wait a short while. The application has been removed from the smartphone, which you can see.

Turn off SecurityLogAgent By use of Package Disabler

On such a rooted smartphone, users can use package disabler applications to remove bloatware or system programs. To completely resolve the issue, disable the SecurityLogAgent software just on a smartphone using Package Disabler Pro. all steps are listed below;

  • On the Samsung mobile, download and launch the Service Disabler application.
  • Lookup for “SecurityLogAgent” by tapping the search icon on the top bar.
  • Press the Disable option after choosing the SecurityLogAgent program.
  • By choosing “OK” or “Yes,” users are confirming their choice.

Factory Restart your smartphone

Users can also perform a factory reset to repair this issue with the Samsung smartphone. However, be mindful to create a local and cloud backup of your information on the smartphone as you proceed. All information on the smartphone will be deleted if the smartphone is reset to factory settings. All steps are listed below:

  • Switch off Android.
  • Hit or hold both the power & volume down buttons simultaneously at the same time.
  • Release your grip just on the power button as soon as you see the Image on the display.
  • With all this, Android will start into recovery mode.
  • Just use the volume keys to scroll through the options here.
  • Hold down the power key to select “wipe data/factory reset” after navigating there.
  • This will begin the process of hard resetting your Android operating system or tablet. Await the Smartphone to start up.

The list below contains a few effective solutions for the “SecurityLogAgent Unwanted Activities Have Already been Detected” notice problem on Samsung phones.

Can you turn off the app?

Even though users are aware of the capabilities of both the security log agent software mentioned in this article, users may still decide to disable it due to a system slowdown. Although what users do is entirely up to users, users should keep in mind that their smartphone may miss out on certain things if users disable or remove the application. For example, it won’t access security logs, therefore it won’t be able to identify security concerns.

How can the Android security log agent application be disabled?

It must be noted that because the security log agent is a system application, users cannot generally deactivate it as they would with third-party apps. This procedure frequently calls for root access, which users can obtain by adhering to the instructions inside the android rooting tutorial. Each of the subsequent methods can be used to disable the security log agent:

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Utilizing the package disabler application

Specific system applications that can’t be deactivated easily can be disabled with the use of package disabler software. To follow this path, root access is required. Once you’ve gained root access, install a package disabler program on your smartphones, such as service disabler and package disabler pro.

  • Just use the searching bar after opening it.
  • Find it by typing “security log agent.”
  • Choose “disable” from the menu.
  • In verify your action, select “yes” and “ok.”

Using titanium backup

Utilizing the titanium backup, which also needs root access, is yet another option for turning off the security log agent. After you’ve obtained root access to the mobile device, it needs a few steps.

  • On your Android smartphone, install the Titanium backup application.
  • Start it.
  • Find it by typing “security log agent” into the search bar.
  • To disable the application, select “Freeze.”

Does SecurityLogAgent have any permissions?

Every program on your Smartphone needs a specific access authorization to utilize the corresponding service. These have the authority to do the following, according to the SecurityLogAgent “Mobile Accessibility” However, users could also check the application’s access permissions by simply going to settings>apps>show system apps>SecurityLogAgent>permission and selecting it.

SecurityLogAgent drains the battery too quickly

On such an Android smartphone, every one of the system applications is constantly operating in the background, using a sizable amount of battery power, CPU, or RAM. There isn’t any proof that SecurityLogAgent uses up far too much battery power on the gadget. However, if you’d like to see which application uses the most battery life on a smartphone. The list of all of the applications using the phone’s battery may be found by going to Settings > Battery.

Final Remarks

The majority of Samsung devices come with such a system application called Security Log Agent. They can read security records or identify unauthorized acts with the aid of the application. Users may verify that the programme is running in the background by looking at Google Activity. Many people are concerned about it being a dangerous programme, so you might feel relieved to learn that securitylogagent is completely safe. Although deleting it isn’t advised, you can disable it. Users may utilize package disabler applications such as the service disabler and package disabler pro application or titanium backup.