WiFi Analyzer- The era of Wi-Fi connectivity

WiFi Analyzer– The era of Wi-Fi connectivity. Wi-Fi constitutes and represents the modern-day necessity to every basic schedule of lives. The network algorithms that we operate in our day-to-day lives are highly dependent on the setup of Wi-Fi services. Adding to the requirements, Wi-Fi tools form an integral part of the larger accessibility because they, by default, help in evaluating and maximizing the performance of the Wi-Fi. Henceforth, when a well put the performance of the Wi-Fi connection is assured, it automatically helps in the growth of organizational productivity. Let’s discuss some useful Wi-Fi Analyzer.

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WiFi Analyzer and its utility

The process of Wi-Fi analysis ensures optimization of the function of the wireless network by assembling, arranging, unifying, presenting and assessing data from it. The software of Wi-Fi analyzer performs this study in different steps. The first step includes tracing and representing “performance metrics”. The next immediate step sanctions the IT departments to observe the health of the network. Then post recognizing the problems at their initial or at their pre-existing stage, solutions are furnished and there is an attempt to reduces MTTR related problems.

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The original app of Wi-Fi Analyzer was designed for an iPhone. Its main purpose was wireless network scanning. The app got pulled down in March 2010 from the App Store because of the involvement of private frameworks. Later, Wi-Fi Explorer was introduced in the form of a desktop alternative. Of course, since the very beginning, Wi-Fi Explorer had more advances features which were not a part of the Wi-Fi Analyzer’s last available version. Recently, in 2017, a Pro version of the Wi-Fi Explorer was released marking its professional update. Its features cater to the requirements of WLAN and IT professionals as its speciality.

Specifics of a Wi-Fi with a satisfactory performance

A good Wi-Fi connection with high-speed performance would ensure the presence of following keep points:

  1. The connection between the network devices and the internet is quick and speedy.
  2. The signal all around the network is secure and well built.
  3. The existence of ability to arrange and fixate all network devices
  4. The connections are secure enough, that there are complete protections from unauthorized and pirated devices or operators.
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There are other factors too, which dictate the speed of Wi-Fi Performance, that exist outside the arena of Wi-Fi network themselves. Hence, IT professionals are employed to figure out of the best solution for such kinds of networking problems. What remains a crucial point is that Wi-Fi is not synonymous to internet itself, as it is assumed to be. Because of its ability to provide the facility of communication between devices and then conjoins them to the Internet, people usually converge it with the Internet. Wi-Fi instead represents a mode to access the internet. This distinction is very crucial in order to assess the metrics of network health.

Details of popular Wi-Fi Analyzers in terms of what works best in Business. These are just a few WiFi Analyzer tools which will help the businesses in preventing all kinds of network problems especially the Wi-Fi downtime:

1. Microsoft Wi-Fi Commander

It is available only in the format of an app only. Its features are very basic yet turn out to be of optimum use. The majority accessible target for this app is home use, but even IT professionals use it with full accountability in their metrics of surveyed spaces. The best part about it remains that it enables scanning for networks in the respective surroundings. Its accessibility is touch-friendly as it and it ensures 3D analysis of channels distributions in complete originality. The app works well on both mobile devices as well as tablets. The app promises a signal level examination in real-time. There is a provision for switching between the variety of viable channels on a quick basis. Moreover, it also arranges, filters and categorizes viable networks. Its priced at Rs. 269/- which also hints at it is worth the value. The visualization is convenient and pleasant enough.

Microsoft Wi-Fi Commander- WiFi Analyzer
Source: Microsoft.

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2. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

This software is a subtype of the larger category of Network Performance Monitors (NPM). This monitoring software, in particular, enables an easy detection, examination along with due diagnosis and eventually provides for quick solutions to the possibly detected problems and errors associated with the respective network performance. Their main function is to monitor routers, wireless access points and various other devices in terms of their performance statistics. The NPM acknowledges and distinguishes wireless AP’s as well as the controllers automatically.

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It further joins them to the existing Orion database for the user. The interface of the software is very informative and intuitive. The value that it brings to the table through its root cause analysis is invaluable. SolarWinds provides the accessibility in a paid format, it being a premium software, alongside it also gives a totally functional 30-day free trial on signup. Moreover, it also extends the facility of an interactive demo for easy and better understanding of the user. It is undoubtedly one of the most powerful, strongly compressive tools viable on the Internet with excellent scanning and analyzing facilities that it provides in a user-friendly manner.

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor- Wi-Fi Analyzer
Source: SolarWinds official website.

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3. NetSpot

It is a survey app which acts necessary as a Wi-Fi booster in the first place. It is available for both Windows and Mac OS. The app holds free and claims to be the “only professional software” for Wi-Fi management and its analysis, both for home and office purposes. It distinctively provides for two significant troubleshooting modes for Wi-Fi: Discover and Survey. Discover mode inherently facilitates scanning, analysis and therefore the fixing of Wi-Fi related problems. It allows an insight into the respective as well as surrounding Wi-Fi networks.

The availability of various filters further enables comparison of gathered data and its thorough analysis. Survey mode, on the other hand, becomes a means for Wi-Fi Site Surveys, along with troubleshooting and the discovery associated with it. NetSpot’s major key points are that it helps in optimizing one’s home network along with updating the exact status for the same. Further, it also assists in locating Wi-Fi channels that are traffic-free. The main weak point of NetSpot remains that it fails in its claims to intelligence tracking when it comes to practical use, hence debilitates the process of troubleshooting.

WiFi Analyzer
Source: NetSpot official site

4. Tarlogic Acrylic Wi-Fi Home

The Tarlogic Research brand extends two categories of the Wi-Fi analysis software that it entails. Acrylic Wi-Fi Home being the first, is an unpaid version that obviously lacks on full functionalities and hence, did not prove out to be much successful for the larger setups. Yet it does provide for a worthy scanning function that assists organizations with the inventory devices. Acrylic Wi-Fi Professional claims to be the best WiFi Analyzer which enables identification of access points as well as Wi-Fi channels. It is then clearly meant for professional use, hence commercial purposes.

Moreover, it also distinguishes and solves for incidences in “802.11a/b/g/n/ac” Wi-Fi networks on a quick basis. It makes obtaining detailed information about a Wi-Fi network easily possible. It further smoothens the technical processes like gathering details of Hidden Wi-Fi networks. Hence, one can easily take the benefit of distinctive functions, for example, the access to monitor mode which allows the analysis of Wi-Fi networks and it traffics, its speed analysis and much more.

arlogic Acrylic Wi-Fi Home
Source: Acrylic Wi-Fi Home offical website.

5. Network Analyzer

The app operates only for the iOS system. This app also, in the conventional fashion, offers two versions of itself: the first being Network Analyzer and the second, Network Analyzer Pro. The former is a lite version of the latter which then is an advanced tool. Network Analyzer Pro enables network diagnostics, helps in LAN scanning and provides the basic facility of problem detection with the Wi-Fi network setup. The special feature of the PING tool tests the reachability of arbitrary devices available. The LAN scanner, moreover, ensures fast detection of not only the network devices and but also their IP addresses.

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The Importance of WiFi Analyzer

The availability of good Wi-Fi tools ensures that IT administrators can work their way out to gather clear information on the performance of the networks and hence identify the root problems and henceforth, solutions important for them. The existing Wi-Fi tools in the market do have the provisions for the function of Wi-Fi signal analyzer already installed in them.

It helps them scan and figure out the weak points of connectivity that exist in the matrix of the network. In this case, what creates a distinction between ordinary and the best quality of WiFi Analyzers is the latter’s ability to examine the presentation and applicability along with the regular observation process that monitors the performance metrics. A regular, well-performing system that strengthens the data efficiently helps the professionals in processing the relation between data points, in understanding the development of situations and most importantly, sort out the problems of networking depending on the level of the urgency and impact associated to them.