How to fix the message swipe reply on Instagram if it’s not working

Users of the social media site Instagram can post both photographs and videos. The US business Meta Platforms runs it. Users can upload media that can be altered using filters, categorized by geography, and hash tagged using the software. Posts may be shared with both public and approved followers. Users can browse other users’ content by tag and area, follow other users to add their content to a personal fee, and view trending content, such as pictures. On a mobile Instagram message, swiping left will reply; however, for desktop users, pressing the arrow button on the right side of a post will click through. Let’s now look at the numerous ways you can respond to a message.

How to fix the message swipe reply on Instagram if it's not working
How to fix the message swipe reply on Instagram if it’s not working

How do I respond to a certain Instagram message?

On a mobile device, responding to DMs is made simple by using the official Instagram app. On a mobile device, follow these instructions to reply to DMs on Instagram.

  • Step 1: After opening the Instagram app, username or email address and password is needed to be entered by the user to log in.
  • Step 2: There exists an Instagram Direct icon in the right upper hand corner of the device screen.
  • Step 3: By choosing the sender of the message, start a personal dialogue.
  • Step 4: The method to reply to a message is as follows, first you have to tap and hold it, then you have to click the “Reply” button which exists in the bottom left corner of the message. We’ll then quote from the message.
  • Step 5: Once you’re done typing, click “Submit.” button.

What are the different ways you can reply to a message on Instagram?

Responding to other Instagram users is easy. Simply take the actions listed below to respond to the user.

  • Method 1: Log in to your account at or open the Instagram app on your phone. Facebook for computers
  • Method 2: In your phone’s Instagram app, swipe right to open the messages page. You could also select the messenger icon in the top right corner. Users must click the messenger symbol in the upper right corner of the menu bar on desktop PCs.
  • Method 3: After opening an inbox, begin writing your message in the area provided below.
  • Method 4: After you’re finished, press the send button to send the message to the recipient. You can send GIFs, photographs, photos, voice notes, and videos.

How to Use Swipe to Reply on Instagram to Respond to a Particular Message?

Occasionally, multiple communications from a single person may fill up your mailbox. If so, you could decide to reply to each message separately. Simply follow the steps indicated below to accomplish that.

  • Step 1: You can either log in to your account at or open the Instagram app on your phone.
  • Step 2: Go to your DMs, 
  • Step 3: Open the user’s chat if you want to respond.
  • Step 4: To respond to each message separately, just press and slide on it to select it from a list of others. The message will be chosen by Instagram.
  • Step 5: If you don’t see the slide option then just click the arrow button underneath the message.
  • Step 6: When you’re done writing, click “Send.”
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If you are unable to see the reply option for a particular message, go to the Instagram settings, select “Update Messaging,” and then try again.

How do I turn on Messages Vanish Mode

How do I turn on Messages Vanish Mode?

On its app, Instagram last year added a vanish mode. After you activate the vanish mode, the Meta-owned programme will enable your chatbox’s incognito mode. Your correspondence with the user won’t be noted or stored as a backup either. Any messages sent while the conversation was in the Vanish mode will disappear once it is over.

  • Step 1: Open the Instagram app and navigate to your DMs.
  • Step 2: To open an inbox, simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  • Step 3: Your chat will now be in disappearance mode.
  • Step 4: Just swipe up from the bottom of the screen once again to exit vanish mode.

Instagram DMs aren’t working?

There may be a number of causes for your Instagram DMs to stop working. The actual cause, however, might be anything and could vary depending on your ISP, the condition of the Instagram servers, the architecture of your Instagram app, and more. The following are the most typical reasons why Instagram DM problems occur:

  • Reason 1: The most prevalent reasons why Instagram DMs don’t work occasionally involve server hiccups or an outage. It might impact your posts, clips, use generally, as well as your messages.
  • Reason 2: If your ISP has a history of connection issues, you might be experiencing a shaky connection or patchy coverage. Your use of Instagram and the internet in general will suffer as a result of this. Also, if you use a VPN service like Expressvpn, viewing Instagram could be difficult because it might interfere with your internet connection.
  • Reason 3: Old Build of Instagram: Instagram, like all other apps, frequently receives upgrades to maintain performance and stability. It’s possible that this problem has been resolved but you haven’t heard about it if you’ve missed too many updates.

You might not be receiving Instagram DMs for a variety of reasons, and the list above isn’t exhaustive. Depending on the issue, either one or the other may apply. Continue reading, though, to discover how to fix Instagram DMs that aren’t functioning on your iOS or Android smartphone.

How to Fix “Instagram message swipe reply not working” on Android and iPhone?

Method 1: Restarting your smartphone is method one to try if you’re having issues replying to Instagram messages on your iPhone or Android phone. Taking into account that rebooting the device resolves any minor difficulties

  • Step 1: Login once more – On an iPhone, you are still unable to reply to Instagram messages even after restarting your device. You now need to log out of Instagram and log back in with your login information.
  • Step 2: Delete the Cache in the Instagram App. Follow These Steps to Clear Your Instagram Cache 
  • Step 3 : Access settings  After descending, select Apps, then touch Instagram by typing its name into this box. Next select Clear Data, followed by Clear Cache.

Method 2: Update the Instagram app – The Instagram app on your Android or iPhone is out-of-date. Maybe indicate that your Instagram is an old version. The app also never receives updates. You may still experience the problem with Instagram swipe replies not working on your iPhone as a result. You should update your app first if you are currently having this problem.

Method 3: Reinstall Instagram after uninstalling it. Thus, you will need to uninstall Instagram once in this situation, then reinstall it.

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Method 4: Contact Instagram Support – If you have completed all of the aforementioned steps, get in touch with the Instagram Support team. You must now contact the Instagram Support team because you are still experiencing the Instagram message swipe reply not working properly.

Why am I unable to react to Instagram messages? Ways to avoid it?

Despite fierce competition from apps like TikTok, Instagram continues to maintain its lead because of regular upgrades that provide new features to improve user experience. One of these changes was applied to Instagram’s DM mechanism. Instagram’s direct messages have advanced to the point where they now offer the majority of the functionality found in standard messaging services like WhatsApp or Signal. Instagram DMs’ crucial feature of replying to a specific message may not always be available to you for a variety of reasons, including the following:

Reason 1: Check the internet. On of the first things you need to do is check your internet connection specially in times like this. Make sure your connection is stable. Check your network coverage and, if you’re using it, make sure mobile data is turned on.

Reason 2: Instagram Messaging Updates

  • Click on your profile to see your Instagram page.
  • Choose Settings.
  • You should see Update Messaging listed as a menu option here. To continue, click it. Once you’re done, just tap the Update button on the screen that appears.
  • If you cannot amend your account’s messaging, it has already been modified.
  • This should add any missing functionality to your DMs.

Method 1: Delete the cache

By wiping the app’s cache, you can get rid of any corrupt files or data that might be interfering with Instagram’s functionality.

Method 2: Applications and notifications can be tapped.

Choose Instagram from the list by tapping on Display all applications. Instagram will appear in the recent apps if you’ve recently used it.

  • Click Instagram.
  • Next, select Storage & cache.
  • Click the Clear Cache button after that.

Method 3: Updating the app

Using an out-of-date app could commonly lead to issues. To see whether there are any updates, go to the relevant app store. If they are, update your app and try again.

Method 4: Check Instagram

The next action is to check to see if Instagram is functioning properly or not. Use websites like DownDetector or the other social media profiles for Instagram to verify this. Your only choice is to wait for Instagram to be fixed if it is having a problem.

Method 5: If at all possible, log onto Instagram from a different device

Instagram may have blacklisted the IP address of your machine. In order to check whether you can prevent the problem, try signing into your account from a different phone or computer.

Method 6:  Contact Instagram

In addition, although unlikely, it’s possible that your location or certain Instagram profiles haven’t yet received the upgraded messaging features. Instagram accounts may receive different features at various times, even when a certain feature has been advertised in a specific place.

Instagram should be able to answer your questions if you get in touch with them.

  • If you want to view your profile, then open the Instagram app and click on your profile photo located in the bottom right corner.
  • To access the settings menu, hit the hamburger menu symbol in the top right corner.
  • Activate Settings.
  • Visit there to get help.
  • Tap Report a Problem once more.

What is outbound messaging on Instagram? Its uses? 

Sending direct messages, or DMs, to the inboxes of your Instagram followers is one of the finest methods to interact with them. Because Instagram is a “social” media medium, making relationships is its main objective. Sending a follower on Instagram direct message in response to their story or inviting them to join your group is one of the fastest and easiest methods to start a conversation. Businesses may now send automated welcome messages to new followers or update their entire follower list thanks to a variety of Instagram auto-direct messaging tools. As a result, Instagram direct messaging is swiftly turning into one of the platform’s least-used features.

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You may interact with your followers directly and show them the genuine, actual person behind your brand by sending them a direct message. Using automatic tools or manually texting through the app, you may generate a personalized message to send to both potential and existing followers. A personalized shopping experience, according to Forbes, can significantly improve your company’s financial results by boosting “impulse purchases,” revenue generation, refunds, and—possibly most importantly—customer loyalty. About half of customers said they would do business with a brand again following a more personalized contact, as after exchanging direct messages.


We may conclude this article with the knowledge that there won’t ever be an Instagram message issue. You can receive messages from anyone who has Instagram Direct. If you send a message to someone who isn’t following you, it will show up as a request in their inbox. Anyone who has added y ou to their list of close friends but does not follow you will get your message in their inbox.


Why am I unable to react to a certain Instagram DM?

Firstly, try logging out for a few hours from the app, then back in again if you can’t reply to a particular message on Instagram. You can also get in touch with the support staff to resolve the problem if it still exists.

Can I respond back to any Instagram DM?

You may certainly quickly respond to every message you receive on the Instagram app. All users that are able to access the platform can use this feature.