How to drop a pin in google map?

How to drop a pin in google map? If you want to drop a pin in your google map for any particular reason, then you are in the right place. First, we discuss the maps, about google maps. We also discuss the history of google maps, and for what was the purpose that Google has created this application. Then we discuss some of the functions, features as well as the need of Google maps.


Also, we discuss the method of dropping the pin in google maps. Here, we have mentioned the method for desktop, android as well as for other purposes too.


In general words, a map is defined as the diagrammatical representation of physical features like landscape, topography, cities, roads, forest, etc. To prepare a map, it is compulsory to fix a certain measurement scale either in meters, feet, centimeters, kilometers, etc. Some other features are required while preparing a map i.e., a title, an index, or a legend. Using the appropriate symbol, a compass with geographic direction like North must be marked along with labeled grids of latitude and longitude and citation. 


Google map is a software designed by google for mapping and plotting of readings. It works with the help of the internet, Wi-Fi, and mobile data. There are several major types of google maps provided by a website such as; Default maps, Satellite maps. Like aerial photography in which object or surface photographs have been taken from an airplane or heightened objects. And Terrain map consists of mountains and rivers prepared with the help of contours, and after that, it can be represented on a medium scale. Custom maps are used for the addition of locations, lines, and shapes to it. Whereas after that, one can save its location or position to their google account. Above all, types of maps are included in Remote sensing, which mainly consists of several kinds of software.  


Google map consists of a compass (which comprise of deflecting needle adjusted from the center pin) used for navigation and orientation of points, location according to our cardinal geographical direction. Since, it also tells us about our current location by switching on your GPS i.e., global navigation system. GPS automatically re-route and marks our current location directions, which means it indicates our location according to geographic direction viz. North pole, South pole, East pole, and west pole, whereas after this, we can locate the point. These compass directions are shown in the wheel, allowing you to rotate the image and corresponds clockwise in North(N0⁰/360⁰), East(E90⁰), South(S180⁰), and West(W270⁰). Rarely these angles provide magnetic directions also.

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Google map comprises various modes viz. transportation or transit, real-time traffic condition, 3-dimensional, street view provide us panoramic view at 360⁰, route planning via car, bus, foot and bicycling, etc. Google map can be zoom in and zoom out by increasing and decreasing their number percentage range example 40%, 100%etc. Since, this google map feature is available in electrical gadget viz. mobile phones, laptops, and machinery, etc.

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Download Google map-

If you are an Android user, then Google Maps are installed as a default application. The Play Store download link.

If you want to use Google Maps in your Desktop, then there is an extension of Google Maps. The main advantage you get if you are using Google Maps that this application is from Google, s you can trust this application. But if you are using any maps other than this, then other apps can’t be trusted. 

So, there can be a leak of your personal data if you are using other apps for this purpose. If you are an iOS user, then you can download it from your browser.

Need of Google map-

  • The very first advantage of Google Maps is that it is very accurate, precise, convenient, comfortable, and easily accessible to each and every person at a very cheap rate.
  • It provides the layout of State boundaries, highways, cities, restaurants, parks, roads, and street views, which allow people to see houses.
  • People used google map on the web to figure out the things which help in providing information to the whole universe.
  • Google Maps gives the latest updates to the people who are up to date with technologies.
  • It helped people when they lost their location at that time; it quickly marks an oriented spot.
  • Google Maps saves location so that people can address it very quickly for navigation.
  • It furnishes us with the shortest and fastest road traffic routes.
  • According to the survey point of view, it is used to navigating their business location and place.
  • It serves us measured direction along with transportation direction.
  • It stores our maps direction while we are online, which is helpful when we aren’t using our internet connection i.e., offline.

How to drop a pin in google map?

How to drop a pin in google map?
How to drop a pin in google map?

There are various methods of dropping a pin in google map, such as: –

Dropping pin in google map via mobile

In earlier days a lot of people don’t have any knowledge about dropping a pin in google map, such things are possible not only in desktop but also in your Mobile viz. Android and iPhone. We drop a pin in Google Maps to get a more specific location. The recent version of google map makes it easier, simple, straight forward, and reliable to every person whereas dropping pin mark your desired location over your screen very fast.

  1. First of all, you have to download a google map if it isn’t inbuilt in your electrical gadgets viz. mobile phone, laptop, and computer, etc.
  2. Now, the second step is to open a google map app on your android or iPhone mobile, and at the top of it, there is a search bar in which you have to address your location whom you want to find out or whom you are interested.
  3. In the third step, google map take you over that location by showing a circle inside which a small dot is placed with some color mostly while doing this you should keep few points in your mind so that you should not be misguided by google i.e., GPS should be switched on. For checking your location nearby and far sight, tap on the desired location will automatically zoom in and zoom out.
  4. While doing the fourth step, long press on the screen for drooping the pin in google map at your desired location. Whereas at the bottom of the screen, the address will pop up, which indicates your desired location position.
  5. The fifth step of dropping a pin on Google Maps is shown at the bottom of the screen. It comprises of three option i.e., direction, save, share. Click on direction option and check the time duration taken by car, bike, walking shown by google map and if you are confirmed about your location which you have entered, then you can drop the pin and got the exact location.
  6. In the sixth step, to save your desired location on your android or iPhone mobile, you should connect it with your Google account, so that it can easily be accessible to all devices. After doing the above processer, select the option from the bottom of the screen. So that, we can further use this google map location privately or publicly and make a list of sharing it to specific groups by copy and paste. This automatically generates a short link to share it with other people such as WhatsApp, Facebook (can also share the location of dropping pin by using the internet), twitter, mail, text message, google earth pro, and HTML (by coding). Other people can also add pin and label it also in Google Maps if they are in a group list. Hence this is the simplest and easy way to find someone at any location.
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Drooping pin in google map via desktop

The dropping pin is a simple process, such as:

  • Step 1- Open the google map homepage on your desktop.
  • Step 2- Search for the location where you want to locate the dropped pin, after this right-click on the exact address you have searched.
  • Step 3- A colored icon pin will appear on the screen of Google Maps along with the information box pop up at the bottom of the google map.
  • Step 4- Click on the information box. A new bar will appear on the left-hand side of the screen for further addresses. After this, you can put a pin in google map.

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Dropping pin in google map according to survey point of view

  1. Collect all the readings viz. geographic latitudes and longitudes from the field and data location using GPS.
  2. After collecting, open google maps.
  3. In Google Maps page at the top left, you will see the heading, click their and place field, and data readings of your location i.e., latitudes and longitudes.
  4. After putting reading, you have to press enter, and then dropping pin option came, and you have press enter again.
  5. Doing this, a colored pin will show on the screen automatically, dropped it at your interested location point.
  6. After doing all this, you can save your locations and share it with several so that they also watch it.


In this article, first, we discuss about the maps and Google maps history. Then we address the purposes and needs of this application. Then we discuss how to download this application on different devices. At last, we discuss how to drop a pin in Google Maps for various purposes in different devices.