How to create an Android app without coding

Let us take a deep dive into the world of Tech, where you can build the best. Tech offers diverse fields to work upon, and one of them is Android. This word is not new to us; we all know many deep tech insights linked to it, like gaming, making phone calls, using social media, and using it in our day-to-day life. The company faced many difficulties when it was afresh launched, and the main issue was “How to create an android app without coding.”

Many such activities were not possible in the olden days. But as the research techniques developed, computers were produced. After that, slowly, technology moved from the keys of the keyboard to the fingertips of the people, and smartphones came. As we know, after every new invention, we get a solution to a problem, then also some new problems and difficulties make their way. The same happened with Android in its starting days.

A short intro to android

   Android came into existence on the 23rd of September 2008 under a startup called Android Inc. It is a Linux-based operating system that was specially developed for touch screen mobile phones and named as Android Operating System. This OS developed the applications which are called as android applications or Android apps. The idea behind this invention was to create software that can replace older mobile phones, which didn’t have many features, into mini-computers, so that a user can access multimedia, internet, browse data, and can do most of his/her tasks on a handy, lightweight and easy to carry a device which is called as a smart-phone.

   But in the beginning, the creation of android applications was not everyone’s cup of tea, so the organization faced many difficulties related to funding, development support, etc. In the meantime, Google stepped forward, and after that, Android Inc. worked under Google, and the first android phone named HTC Dream was launched in the market in September 2008. 

 Android app development

   Smartphones are wonderful devices. In general terms, android applications are those interfaces that run on the Android Operating System. Every application has its unique functionality and features. Some apps are designed for mathematical calculations, some are designed for playing games, and some are made as internet browsers and search engines, and many more.

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   But behind the creation of all this excellent stuff, complex coding is involved. This is the main challenge that all are facing, which is “How to create an app without coding?”

Regardless of the experienced and professional developers, most of those people who want to develop android apps do not want to go involve themselves in the coding process. 

Coding involves learning programming languages and many more things, but everyone is not interested in that, and there the sailing ship is lost in the storms of confusion.  

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How to create an Android app without coding?

   Now, the question comes to mind that “how to create android apps without coding?”, this question forced some of the intelligent software developers to design such kind of software toolkit that can help to create an android app with no coding also involved they can provide deployment of the created apps in online markets with an easy click of a mouse. So here is a list of such software that can help you build the apps of your choice:


It provides you a preview screen on the right side, which shows the real-time development of your app as you add features and functionality to it. Not only app development, but it also provides options such as website developmenttest automationFor software testing, etc. If you want more info about this tool, visit this site.

Let us go through a quick start guide for your app development journey:

Here is a simple tutorial about how to start creating the android application using AppsGeyser:

AppsGeyser is free and open-source software that makes the development of android apps easy peasy. You can literally make your own app within a couple of minutes!!!

Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Visit appsgeyse: There is no need to log in as you can start directly. But, if you want an account, you can begin to instantly by clicking on Create app for free:
how to start creating the android application using AppsGeyser
  1. Click on Create app:
Click on Create app
  1. Choose a template of your choice:

You can choose from various templates from the interface provided; also, do not forget to select whether you want to build an app for business or an individual purpose. Because AppsGeyser provides two template options which are Business and Individual.

Choose a template of your choice
How to create an Android app without coding?
  1. Click on any option of your choice:

The next window will appear, and then you can proceed and customize your app. just keep on adding features as guided by the software and observe the app getting ready in the preview screen in real-time:

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Click on any option of your choice

Appypie (paid/free):

  • The complete online app builder comes as a treasure box. A combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript supports you with features like music, blog, website linkages, browser support, and many more. To know more about Appypie, visit the site.
  • Paid plans involve:
    1. Standard rate: $9.99 per month.
    2. Professionals pricing: $29 per month.
    3. Business: $79 per month. Enterprise: $199 per month.

Andromo (free/paid):

Creating an online startup and need an app that can make a quick kickstart? Then Andromo is here! This is made for professionals as well as beginners. Unlike other app development platforms, Andromo is only used for the creation of an app online, and uploading of that app to Google Play Store is not supported. First, you have to create an account, design your app, and then after creating it, the website sends the app.apk through email. You will get more info about Andromo. Visit the site.

If you want support from Andromo, then you need to pay some bucks:

Pricing is in 3 categories:

  • For beginners:
    • $8 per month. Allows you for 30 projects and 2 GB of data. No hosting provided.
  • For professionals:
    • $21 per month. Permissions for 300 projects and 10 GB of data.
  • Ultra plan:
    •  $36 per month. Gives 100 GB of space with apps development and deployment on Google Play, Amazon.

GameSalad (free/paid):

If you want to create an android game application, then this is the correct choice for you. Built for the android game developers and those who are interested in gaming. Game salad is a beginner-friendly tool that can be downloaded free from its website. This tool mainly focuses on learning the technology by creating android games. It makes development easier with an app previewer. It is free, but you can get a premium version for $299 per year.

There are three pricing categories if you wish to buy:

  1. GameSalad basic plan:

 $17 per month with the privilege to publish the app on the Game Salad marketplace. Create on GameSalad Creator Desktop.

  1. GameSalad home Edu plan:

$8 per month with app development tutorials with the testing facility.

  1. GameSalad Pro:

$25 per month that provides all the privileges, including creation, testing, publishing your app. Get more info, visit the site.

All these platforms are straightforward to operate, and you can get most of them for free. Some of them come with a trial period of one month, and some need to be purchased, but crack versions are also available. The paid ones come with some more advanced features that are required for real-time development and a continuous updating process. 


   So, I think that you must have got the answer to the question “How to create an android app without coding?” You too can build your android apps, and it is now your cup of tea. I hope that this article will give you an idea of how to build an Android app without any coding. The world is waiting for a unique and game-changing app for all! So I hope that you will be the personality who is responsible for the creation of that app. Best of luck with your no-coding app development campaign.

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   And one more good news! This software is gaining popularity because they are eliminating the tedious task of performing Coding related operations. So, perhaps in the coming years, app development would be done without coding.

FAQ: How to create an Android app without coding

Sometimes, new solutions aren’t fully understood by people. So to make ‘how to create an android app without coding’ more clear, here is a list of FAQs:

 Is it easy to develop apps using these online tools?

These are total beginner-friendly tools that help you throughout your app development journey.

Can we give updates to our apps just like the other commercial apps once they are released on the online app market?

Not sure; you can check or read the about info about those online tools on their websites or just google it. But most of them have a feature to give an update to your app.

Can we add our own custom features like website linkages, profile URLs, etc.?

Yes, you can completely edit that app’s features and functionalities at your own choice and pace.

Is paid software for app creation give more features than free software?

Specifically, the answer for this is no because there are more than a dozen software on the internet, and every software, whether paid or free, has its unique qualities. But for your basic understanding, some tools released are open source (free for everyone) while some are closed source (need to be paid).