What is SDK? Meaning in term of Windows | Android | Mobile

What is the Software Development Kit? Have you ever astonished about what SDK really is? Has it occurred to you what this technical term means? How do you identify a good enough SDK? Well, then you have come to the right place! We have all the information regarding this term, so yes, we have got you covered. Dive in this article to fill in your thirst for knowledge that has always kept you intrigued. The following article will clear your doubts about the Software Development Kits in the best possible way.

What is SDK?

What is SDK
What is SDK?

So first of all, what one needs to know is that SDK stands for “software development kit.” It is basically an erudite collection of software development tools in one elementary, time-saving, and feasible install-able package. They affluence the creation and setting up of the applications by having a compiling program, debugging system, and perhaps a far more accessible software structure.

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They are normally, in fact, more often than not, specific to a computer hardware platform and a high-tech operating system combination. In the world of technology, the experts in software development or say, the software developers use specific software development kits to create applications with advanced functionaries such as advertisements, push notifications, etc.[ref]

Platform-specific SDK

Certain types of SDKs are required for processing platform-specific applications. For example, for the development of an iOS application, the iOS SDK is required. Likewise, during the development of an android application on the Java platform needs a java development kit. A VMware SDK for integrating with the VMware platform, the user might need a Nordic SDK for building Bluetooth or wireless products, For universal windows platform, the NET framework SDK might be used.

There also many SDKs available that add additional features and can be installed in various apps to provide analytic data about the application activity, and might even be enriched with substantiation options. Some prominent and well-applauded creators of these types of SDKs include Google, InMobi, Smaato, and Facebook.

What does an SDK do?

The SDK or software development kit is a bundle of tools that fulfills the software developer with the strength to expand or organize a custom app that can be combined or attached to another program. In other words, SDKs enable the programmers to build apps using certain features for a specific program.

What are the features of a good SDK?

Since choosing a good SDK is a very crucial step, the user needs to be mindful of the characteristics that might make one a good SDK.

  • Amazingly easy to use
  • Proper documentation explaining the procedure of the code
  • Does not cause any adverse effects on the device like battery drainage
  • Works well with other SDKs
  • Fully functional
  • Robust security
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What is android SDK?

In very simple words, a software developing kit that enables developers and software experts to create applications for the Android platform is said to be an Android SDK. This software developing kit includes sample projects with source codes, an emulator, development tools, and specific libraries that are required to build Android applications for the android platform.

What is a Windows SDK?

Windows SDK or Windows Software Development Kit is a set of tools, or say, low-level frameworks for developing applications that are designed specifically for Windows. The software developers can use it for the development at ease as it is pretty easily accessible.

One of the most striking features of the windows software development kits is that they permit the users to define the components to be installed and where exactly to connect them. The data presented here can be filtered by content, for instance, dispensing only novel Windows Vista content, only.NET framework content, or displaying the content of a selected language or particular technology.

What is mobile SDK?

The easiest way to understand this is that the mobile SDK or mobile software development kits are an overall software package that provides a set of software development tools that allow working with and for a wide range of various mobile apps for smartphones and tablets. An excellent and efficient mobile SDK possesses the ability to give an app creator the tools to create complex and intricate application as well as simple apps that could be made in a few minutes at ease.

While choosing a mobile SDK, the main factors can be narrowed down to stability, capability, security, data usage, history, and performance. One needs to make sure that they have a trustworthy developer. It is obvious that a good developer will make sure your application receives the benefits of having a well written and useful code that is devoid of errors and gives a high performing application that will not wear out easily.

What is API?

So API is the descriptor for ‘application programming interface,’ which is a software negotiator that allows applications to intercommunicate with each other. To understand more, you can say that it is the interface for users or clients to interact with the system with the utmost privacy. One of the major advantages of using an API is that your application can be made to work across several devices. Some examples of APIs that we use in our daily lives include Weather Snippets, Pay With PayPal, twitter bots, etc. These have been known for their ultimate services.

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Why should one use SDK instead of an API?

Many highly experienced developers have been faced with this challenge during an integral part of their careers. Choosing the right option with regards to your needs is very important to come to a decision. APIs and SDKs are used to integrate important features like security and communications into mobile and web applications without starting from scratch. Each of them provides similar benefits. However, they tend to have their own distinct differences as well.

So what are those differences? An SDK is a full package of amazing characteristics with a pre-built functionality that facilitates more accessible and faster development. However, API, on the other hand, will require more inputs to integrate the application. Though there are obviously appropriate benefits of both of them respectively, there are specific advantages of an SDK over an API. Let’s get to know more about it!


One of the biggest perks of an SDK is that it empowers developers to launch their apps quickly without having to start from scratch and wasting your time on developing complex infrastructures or processes. SDKs are the full package, and they are commonly an all in one resolution as they do not need integration with other elements of design that might hamper the speed of the development process.


One of the key features of SDKs is that they are super easy to integrate into an app. They can simplify standard processes such as creating authorization signatures, which dramatically reduces integration complexities. The developers don’t have to have expertise on the SDKs topics to be able to use the software, as most SDKs come with the programming tools,  and sample code to ensure that they can be plugged into apps without any issue.


Perfectly secure with equal to no threats to worry about is still a dream for many users. Especially when apps and services are clearly more and more interconnected instead of independent, it becomes essential to ensure the system’s security. This is where SDKs prove their worth. SDKs provide a high bust and very strong security setup due to its ability to have deep integration with platforms such as android or iOS to give an end to end integration of services. This overall security relief is often overseen in APIs. But still, to keep your slate clear, you should definitely ensure you are using stable SDKs that are actually being developed from creators that are trustworthy and guarantee a software as secure as you need it to be.

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Whenever it is making a new program, one of the most essential factors happens to happen cost that involves the production of the application. SDKs can be an advantage here as well. Due to reduced development cycle time, the ability to vantage expertise, and the perks of complete coding, integrating SDKs instead of APIs is definitely more feasible.


The most concerning factor in today’s ever-changing world is to have a reliable application. With regularly changing landscape, users often expect new functionality and better features. However, with new opportunities comes the potential of bugs and errors in the code. The plus point lies with SDKs because they have been tested thoroughly by the software experts before the launch and also verified by several users before putting out in the market. The customers can be assured with a warranty that SDKs are reliable and ready for production use in their apps. On the contrary, APIs are not in one piece and are integrated using software written from scratch, inviting chances of errors.


The above article gives intricate information about Software development kits. People often get confused between SDK and API. It’s crucial to understand that even though they might be alike, certain drastic differences can cause significant changes to your application. The in-depth information on the types of SDKs has been provided to make it clear to your understanding. I hope this article was of help to you.